Getting off the gridlocked superhighway


me23617In the context of Charlottesville melodrama, I posted this on Twitter yesterday in the hope of getting the last two Leftist friends I had to see what I think is a genuinely objective view of this, our contemporary world of political polarisation:


It didn’t work. I also posted this:


The American LibLeft today is trying to turn the same exploitative trick with Charlottesville as the UK LibLeft did with Jo Cox’s death: make a ludicrously unsupported link between a handful of loopy-loos and their hate figures – Trump and Farage.

I don’t like Trump and I’ve long had doubts about Farage. But The Donald has zero links to the KKK, and Farage has none to the English Alliance. Equally, the idea that either of those “Parties” is a threat to western democracy is risible.

Ever since the Anti-Nazi League of the 1980s (formed to combat non-existent Nazis in Britain) the Left has used the invention of extreme right “influence” bogeymen to help justify their intolerant catechism, “Socialism is the only answer”.

In the same way, disguised propagandists like Paul Mason and Owen Jones insist that the problem with the world economy is “capitalism”.

It’s all bunkum. The problem is Establishment ideologies like globalist neoliberal monopolism, superstate wage destruction, insanely leveraged financialisation, Big State neocon geopolitics and the collusion of both Thatcherist Right and Looney Left in all of it. 

GlobalsuperBigstate trampling on responsible, disenfranchised citizens is the problem. Blinkered ideological thinking is the problem. Creeping radical Islamic fundamentalism is the problem. Appeasement of all three is the problem….because this Unholy Trinity offers a fast lane to genuine dictatorship – not the faux threats of a few social misfits. The Reichstag Fire at least had an iota of credibility. The Left’s attempts at arson-spin are cynical weapons of mass distraction. They float along the same polluted news stream that brought needless death and destruction to Greece, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria.

How has the Western Libleft wound up both targeting small-fry and following the lead of rampant neocon geopolitics? I think the answers are simple: first, they need to inflate the importance of what they see as good propaganda copy; second, they share a love of all things big and global with the very forces of Mammon they so detest; and last but not least, they are incurably gullible.

Most US Democrat-leaning media commentators buy the Russian Menace narrative from the first baseless assertion to the last full stop. Most Left-leaning UK journalists and TV news hounds treat EU Leavers as old fart racists and nationalist retards. All of them swallow the anti-Athens EU debt line to the letter, believe Putin shot down the MH17, and are convinced that Assad bombed his own people with chemical weapons two months ago.

Yet they cannot seem to grasp that it is the American military, NATO and Brussels fascists who nurture these Paper Bogeymen on behalf of the usual neoliberal 3%. For sure, the high priests of Right and Left are fortunate in the enemies they face: to varying degrees, none of Trump, Farage, Assad, Saddam, Putin and co are the kind of folks you’d like to move in next door.

But look at the friends travelling in concert with “liberal” campaigners: Blair, Juncker, the Clintons, Schauble, Dijesslebloem, Mandelson, Draghi, Venizelos, Macron, Goldman Sachs, Obama, Branson….and of course, Soros the great puppeteer. Jeremy Corbyn detests all of them – but he is Yoof’s hero. Go figure.

An intolerant Left antidote to hard Right dispassionate monopolism is no more the required medication we need today than the Thatcher revolution was the cure for hard Left Union bullying in 1979. Extreme solutions create extreme alternatives. The vast majority of citizens are not extremists: they are bored by politics, and yet wind up the slaves of wonks who think it is everything.

We are back once again full circle to the very real concept of self-interested, unrepresentative groups destroying the lives of those who actually have a life.

The 3% at the top with all the money and power

The 0.1% in the military, globalist neocon camp who work for the 3% neoliberal financialist strategy class

The 2% politicised media/police/legal classes who follow and propagate whatever the Establishments’ line is, because they are bankrolled by it

The rabid 5% of grassroots activists concerned about everything minority from radical feminism and LGBT to censoring the internet and banning criticisms of corporate behaviour

The historically habitual 25% who vote to protect ideologies and wallets.

Add all that together and then lob in the appalling 30-40% figure for electoral abstention. Result: the Establishment ideologies always win… matter how devoid of clothes they are.

I have, over and over, argued against ideology and for new ideas; against lobbying and for State funded political Parties; against politicised and target-manic education and for a far more socially holistic curriculum; against our antediluvian electoral system; against big centralised government and for much greater devolution; and above all, for small creative against Big process.

But I’m tired of repeating myself, frustrated by the social media distractions that keep me from realising other ambitions, and sick to death of catechismic braindeath.

I want to do what I do in other ways now. I’ve written this several times before, but now at last I have a much clearer idea of how to go about it.

I will continue some blogging here, but the content will be very, very different. I will continue posting at Twitter and Facebook, but with far less engagement.

I’ve set out my stall, and the archives are there for anyone interested to see what I’m on about. I have – it seems to me now – little or nothing new to say in these fields in online and social media.

Huge thanks to those who showed loyalty, support and tolerance of my temperament.