OPINION: The half-hearted warble of a Florence Nightingale may well have sealed Britain’s fate

me4 The British Prime Minister’s determination to sell out on Brexit is really an acceptance of geopolitical realities as her allies see them. The window available for voters to have their will prevail will be closed….after their Rights have been tossed out of it.

There were only two phrases uttered by Theresa May yesterday of any interest to the 68% of Brits who now want Brexit to go ahead….and who tend to add in research, “So can we just bloody get on with it?”

Mrs Mayormaynot told her audience she wanted “a treaty with the EU”, and that come what may, “The British People are in control”. The first contradicted the second, and the latter is a lie anyway. Nobody has asked us whether we want a treaty with the EU (for myself, I emphatically don’t want any treaty at all with illiberal control freaks) and if the People were in control, we’d have left by now in all but name. Yet Mrs Maykeweight seems determined to make us wait, and gaily called for “a two year transition period”….after the two years notice. Perhaps we should then have a ten-year bronze level membership, followed by twenty years of guaranteed free trade. That’ll take us past 2050, after which we might try for fifteen years of rapprochement prior to rejoining the European Empire as Western Saxony.

It’s time for another dose of radical reality, starting with this simple question: do we have the confidence be rid of the EU, and trade alone with the rest of the World, or not? It’s a question the Greeks never had the guts to face, and they have paid for it by being robbed, bullied and humiliated.

We do not look or sound confident in these negotiations, and Brussels can smell the fear from a mile off. Let us return to some simple power facts, and ignore the non-stop fear-goading trotted out by the likes of Nina Schick, Guy Verhofstadt, and Michel Barnier: the effect on the eurozone of a quick, clean break suffused with bitterness will be far more of a disaster for the Union than for us, because (a) it enjoys an €92 billion per annum trade surplus with the UK (b) the eurozone is still stagnant and most important of all (c) it will shift the fulcrum of power in Europe away from Brussels and towards Poland, Hungary, Catalonia and Italy.

The medium-term effect of that will be to reduce the euro to lavatory paper by the end of 2019.

The reasons why Mrs Maypole sounds so wishy-washy are equally clear. She herself is equivocal in private, her unpleasant Chancellor is dead against the idea, Whitehall is implacably opposed, and a clear majority of Commons MPs (again, too gutless to say so in public any more) would rather stay – but in a slightly redefined role as “associate members” or some equally nonsensical concept.

The British 52% did not vote to Leave (and then become 68% in the face of Brussels truculence) because they wanted a mealy-mouthed exercise in brand positioning. 

But this is what they are being asked to accept, and I can tell you what some of the less obvious reasons are. First, Trump says he’s all for a UK departure, but the Alt State in the United States is in control, not the President. Second, the UK military are under extreme pressure from an EU-US majority cabal in NATO to bluff their way through to an in-and-out fudge. Third, neither of the British security services want to lose the level of cooperation they enjoy with their EU partners in crime – despite the result of all that being an unsustainable level of migrants in Europe and Jihadists in the UK.

Finally, the completely unaccountable nature of the European Commission, Eurogroupe and European Central Bank in general is reflected in the actions of Mogherini, Schäuble and Draghi respectively. These people work primarily for illiberal globalist banking in concert with US militarised neocon foreign policy. The idea that the military-commercial complex (so justifiably damned by President Eisenhower sixty years ago) would ever let go of that “model” is preposterous.

If the ideologically constipated Left and the naively ignorant Youth of our country want to shuffle meekly into the geopolitical gas chamber, that’s their affair. But it can only end in one result: the poisonous asphyxiation of their liberties, access to democratic process, and earning power in very short order.

I am on the record many times – both before and after the Brexit vote – as asserting that the UK “will not be allowed to Brexit”. It took me years to grasp what influential American and European citizens began trying to tell me seven years ago: screw how the People vote, this is bigger than you realise.

Theresa May is a frightened, dithering and largely bought woman whose pimps are now telling her what tricks to turn. They were caught on the back foot by both the Referendum and Trump’s election, but they’ve recovered now. Soros, Blair, Campbell, Whitehall, Wall Street, the Pentagon, Berlin, Macron and Bankfurt all work for these sick dictators. A third of all MPs are at least in part subsidised by them, as are over half of all Congressmen. Boris Johnson is throwing another of his many hats into the Tory leadership ring, but he’s part of the same evil crew….creatures of Murdoch, banking, the Bourse boobies, the Drivelbleom failures and a former DDR Jugendführer with a penchant for food-stuffed fridges.

Some hoped for bold singing from the Florence Nightingale. What she gave us was the squawk of a flightless turkey. We are perilously close to disaster. I really do wonder if the British People – now being so flagrantly ignored by the 3% – are up for the fight ahead. Disillusion, disunity and apathy all at the same time; it is not a good look.