THE SATURDAY ESSAY: the Truth may create crises, but lies lead to catastrophe


me4 What the internet has brought to the exposure of species flaws is the twin threat of rapid and ruthless information clampdown on the one hand; and equally rapid communication among media-savvy revolutionaries on the other. In 2017, we do not have a war in which the first casualty is Truth: rather, it is an all out war on Truth per se.

When you type ‘FREE PC TUNE-UP SOFTWARE’ into Google, and choose a “well reviewed” product because it claims to be free.

When you download a pc speed tune-up system, and it arrives with everything except the speed-up bit.

When you read (after paying for the ‘free’ product) that to activate the speed bit, you need to dial a Canadian number at full rates.

When the man in Delhi (not in Canada) activates it for you, and you then discover you’ve been billed twice.

When you email support to complain, and there is no reply after three days.

When you do get an email from the supplier who says he hopes everything is fine, and on the email it says ‘no reply’.

When you can’t install the driver updater because the installation driver in the pc is out out date.

When you square the circle through ingenuity, but then the driver updater won’t open because the pc’s speed is low.

When the pc’s speed is low because the software you downloaded to speed things up is 5 Zillabytes in size, thus slowing it down even more.

When you can’t just bin all of it because the relevant files are hiding to stop you doing just that.

When you “upgrade” to download a pc repair kit as ‘the guaranteed solution’ to all these problems, and it downloads at the speed of dialup on tranquilizers.

When you leave the pc on all night to complete the download (set to Cancel Powersave) and arise the next morning to find Microsoft overruled your setting, citing User Error Detected, thus ruining the download.

When the repair kit does solve a lot of problems, and so you can at last open the driver updater….which you have to activate by dialing Mr Canada in Delhi.

When you now realise that a fully working version of the three-in-one free product has cost you three times the original not-free price you were told about after being told it was free.

Then you know you have been told a string of bare-faced, inexcusable, fraudulent lies.

There needs to be regulation of the internet, but not of free speech on the internet…or “hate speech” as the mad people call anything that punctures their belief systems. No: rather, we need to regulate lie-speech in the selling space, hiddenmotives-speech in the advice space, grooming-speech in the weird-sex space, disguised ad-speech in the editorial space, and fraudulent pharmacy-speech in the Afro-Asian-South American space.

Government (the “authorities”) have taken no effective steps at all to ease out fraudsters, cheats, dangerous perverts, identity thieves….or, to give it the collective noun, criminal mendacity. Those who eight years ago evoked from The Slog the banzai-cry against all of this – IABATO! – It’s all Bollocks & That’s Official. 

Those who, in fact, gave the site its name – Slog – short for Bollockslog.

Nope. These are the two ways our Leaders want to regulate the internet:

  1. To give privileged speed access to information/news feeds so that spinners and content manipulators can see it before we do. (This is what the Net Neutrality cause is all about..if you don’t know about it, you should)
  2. To stop People like us saying rude things about gargoyles like them.

    A bill to ban verbal abuse of political figures is being debated and drafted in the British House of Commons right now; and in the US, those driving the advance to liberal-corporate dictatorship are almost through the tape.

If I pay an honest Pound, Euro or Dollar for a product or service, I should have the Citizen Right not to be misled, scammed, and left devoid of after-sales attention

If a pay my local and central government taxes, I should have the Citizen Right to assume that the government will put the defence and fulfilment of the Greatest Number of its citizens before any other consideration

If I do not break the law in relation to taxes or indeed any other dimension of social existence, I should have the Citizen Right to vote, to influence political policy directly through that Right, and to be allowed access to free-speech media at all times

If I sign up to responsible membership of a community, I should have the Citizen Right to Equality before the law, and access to affordable legal assistance.

Now we all know that none of the above apply in any Western sovereign State today. And we all know that power has shifted away from the electors to the very rich, the privileged, the financiers, the globalists, the surveillance goblins and the neocon military axis. And we all know that the internet is a safe haven for every known criminal personality type.

But the Governments and their allies don’t want to address any of this. Hell, no – they don’t want to demolish the Club: they want to gentrify it…..make the membership even more exclusive, and stifle any criticism of it.

Because the last thing they want is an end to the lies. Without lies – incessant, hourly and persistently pernicious self-interested lies – they would fall to Earth with a hugely satisfying thud.

General observations (however obvious) like those above do not just apply to the West, of course: Russia, China, Pakistan, the Arab Middle East, most of Black Africa, huge areas of Indian life and a majority of South American States are at the same game: privileged access in an information-dominated world alongside the stifling of criticism.

There is a simple Truth here that the ideologue-naïf tendency cannot seem to grasp – be they conservative smuggies or libleft control freaks:

Although élite leaders tend to be beneath contempt, all they ever want is to be above the Law

However, for the blinkered beleeevers everywhere, the very generalised nature of this essentially species-related problem itself makes it easy to wave a hand dismissively and say “That is not what I see on the ground”, “This is just chippy cynical rage”, “It’s just activist exaggeration”, “The other Party is the problem, not us” and fifty other shades of grisly denial.

So the best bet, as always, is to provide an avalanche of news events and stories that back the claims up. And remember: this is the bit they want to take off us.

Let’s start with this morning.

Boris Johnson says his latest Brexit intervention just before the Tory conference is an attempt to put country before Party, not a personal leadership bid.

Bollocks. Boris didn’t jump onto the Brexit bandwagon until the very last minute. His primary sources of influence are in the City, and the Barclays-to-Murdoch media axis. He is on the side of the former and using the latter to take power.

Johnson & Johnson says it is passionate about product quality and social justice, and will mount a successful defence of the Class Action global suit against its vaginal grill products.

Bollocks. 35,000 cases are at Law right now, and the medical evidence of serious damage to patients is overwhelming. J&J was hit two weeks ago in the US with a $57.1M verdict of culpability in the pelvic mesh implant scandal. In the UK, more than  800 women are suing the NHS after their vaginal meshes caused damage. And a leaked J&J email from 2004 suggests suggests very strongly that it was aware of the problem back then.

‘Labour accepts the referendum result, and a Labour government will put the national interest first,’ says the shiny new 2017 Corbyn Manifesto.

Bollocks. The Labour Party in general and Momentum in particular do not want Brexit: it wants what the Tories Hammond and Hunt want – a fudged Brexit. The claim that it is putting “the national interest first” is ridiculed by the manifesto promise that follows: ‘We will scrap the Conservatives’ Brexit White Paper and replace it with fresh negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union’. Starting all over again is not going to be in anyone’s interests.

Buckingham Palace has been discreetly leaking the “information” that, far from being a commoner, Prince Harry’s latest squeeze Meghan Sparkle has “strong connections to British royalty”.

Bollocks. She had a great-great Aunt who was a maid at Windsor Castle. It’s just part of a softening-up exercise prior to Meghan becoming a Duchess.

‘We support athletes in their game, their life, and their world’ Adidas announced proudly on Twitter five days ago.

Bollocks. In the US, an investigation led by the Department of Justice and the FBI has resulted in Jim Gatto, the head of marketing for Adidas’ basketball division standing accused of using the company’s money to pay college-bound players to ensure they went to Adidas-sponsored schools and signed deals with Adidas. The DoJ substitutes the word ‘bribery’ for ‘support’ re this one.

“Caught in the act,” as they used to say in the crime melodramas. But let’s observe what happens when the totally unaccountable members of the 3% casually hide stuff, and the appalling failures of investigative journalism let them get away with it.

Let’s talk Mario Draghi, and his penchant for disguising the lack of Dollar liquidity in the eurozone. Or Greek Fifth Columnist Yanis Stournaras, purveyor of critical information to the ECB that helped tame Syriza. Or Guy Verhofstadt, and his carefully forgotten personal interests in Greek privatisation programmes. Or Rupert Murdoch, and his involvement in the perversion of justice at London’s Elm House Care Home…and the help he got from Boris Johnson in that regard. Or Peter Mandelson and his connection to pro-Soros homosexual elements in Hungary.

Or equally valid, look what happens when the privileged few do get caught in the act of incompetent hypocrisy. Diane Abbott – sends son to private school, turns up to media interview woefully unprepared, gets taken apart by the MSM and internet. Result? Plays the “racism” card, drives the campaign to rein in online abuse. I agree there is no excuse for abuse; but Abbott’s definition of abuse is, to say the very least, eclectically dishonest.

Now put all that into a near future where it’s (a) easier for the privileged to delay information, repackage and reissue it; and (b) increasingly difficult for the ordinary citizen to investigate, attack or ridicule the antics of the privileged.

What starts at that moment is the beginning of the collapse of order

Every serious student of history knows perfectly well what follows: all links between the élites and the citizen are broken. There is zero reliable feedback. And thus there is no limit on the assumptive arrogance of those On Top.

The Bourbons after 1786 in France. Tsarist Russia after 1894. Nazi Germany after 1934. Mao’s China after 1947. The Soviet Union after 1968. And the European Economic Community after 1993.

Or, try the banking community in the US, Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy after 2008.