ANALYSIS: Sainsbury profits, Priti Patel, and the coming coup de monde

me11117(2) I intend to cover a couple of high-profile ‘news’ points this morning, but there is an obvious linking thread between them. The link is ‘matters sovereign’. They may look and smell like politics, but they both involve the expanding role of unelected power in the contemporary world.

Sainsburys profits fell by 9% over the year, even though sales by volume were up. While there have been some business investment costs and a weak Pound behind this, the overwhelming reasons for profit loss are smaller margins, shoppers buying more special offers, and fewer impulse purchases….in short, enormous pressure on household budgets.

I’m among thousands of other bloggers and commentators who’ve been stating the obvious for five years now, viz, the dicounters are gaining share and margins are shrinking because real unemployment, underemployment and wages have shrunk significantly during the new century.

Bonkers Tory monetarist austerity has made matters worse, but don’t be fooled: as I pointed out a fortnight ago in a 3-part series, the data has been rigged for the best part of thirty years, and thirteen of those were spent under Labour. In fact, the gigantic nature of power transfer from labour to capital has been hidden by most Western politicos in a bid to show that the key popularity measures – unemployment, spending power and inflation – seem better than they are. (In the US, both Clinton and Obama were as culpable of the smoke and mirrors as the Bush dynasty.)

Labour will of course blame this on the Conservative Government, and the Remainers will blame it on Brexit. The reality is that they are the consequences of diluted sovereignty.

In a nutshell, globalist business and central bankers have hijacked control of economic policy, while our membership of the EU has upped real food prices.

One only has to listen to Mark Carney interfering publicly in fiscal policy at every turn, and Mario Draghi briefing (aka telling) politicians in secret that they have to suppress wages if they don’t want EU prosperity to be permanently damaged. Or in the US, watch the Fed Reserve hiding the slow abandonment of QE tapering, while speeding up on the issue of raising rates. These people are looking after the interests of the powerful, and thus massively restrict action by political strategists.

The process is a transfer of sovereignty from elective democracy to corporate dictatorship.

We are not forced to buy food from the EU, but we are restricted in our ability to buy it cheaper and without tariffs from elsewhere. Unelected Brussels agricultural policy (aka, French farmers) has increased the cost of European foodstuffs…and every multiple supermarket buying basics and exotica from other continents simply makes our trade deficit worse. This is exacerbated by Sterling’s weakness, which in and of itself is a reflection of neurotic currency markets and blatant Euro support from the ECB.

Once again, we see sovereignty being transferred from elected officials to bourse traders, sleazy EC bureaucratic deals, and banking firms.

On now to Priti Patel, who’s not looking pretty in pink this morning, having just lost her job. It must be obvious to even the most casual observer that we are not being told what has really been going on here. But what has happened, I’m fairly sure, is that Ms Patel has been caught out playing neocon businesswoman in Israel for the sale of arms and certainty of oil supply.

Somebody leaked the unofficial meetings aspect of it, and now Priti is on the back benches. It was leaked variously to destabilise the Tories further and to get Patel out of the Cabinet, as she is rapidly building a support base with which to challenge Mother Theresa. That much is politics and nothing new.

The question arises, however, of where PP’s ultimate loyalties lie. It’s obvious from the career and activities of both she and her husband Alex Sawyer that their sympathies lie 100% with globalist business, and support for Israel as a key ally in the energy game. She worked for a while on the “image management” of multinational tobacco and alcohol companies, while Sawyer advises large international groups about marketing law and policy. She is persistently rude about workers’ rights globally, and outspoken about the “laziness” of British workers. Last but not least, she argued consistently (before being given her department) for its emphasis to be changed from aid to trade.

I’m not being sanctimonious here: different people have different ideas in these areas, and Ms Patel has never made any secret of her views. But the degree to which she “went freelance” in Israel is breathtaking. As well as building support in the Conservative Party, she has also been currying favour with international power brokers. Both Netnayahu and Mossad will now see her as someone to promote…as will the powerful, solidly globalist wing of the Tory Party.

Priti first of all lied, saying Boris Johnson knew exactly what she was doing. This is untrue, and in a later statement she was forced to admit that. But look at it this way: May now faces plotters of the same ilk, whose concern for democracy and sovereign electors is far outweighed by the ambitions of the City (Fallon), dealers in arms and anti-social products (Patel) and globalist media/banking interests (Osborne).

Theresa May is, of course, just like them: right wing Remainers keen to hand over the world to the 3%. The point is, the people they represent see her as weak, and likely to cede power to labour….in the shape of Corbynista throwbacks.

Israel and the EU work for big business and NATO. NATO in turn works for Texas, the Pentagon and the State Department. All of them are salted generously with CIA operatives, and all of them see Wall Street as an important ally-cum-bankroller. All of these people wanted Hillary, not Trump. Their forerunners killed Jack Kennedy. And above all, they support the discord and sovereign weakness apsirations behind the numerous acivities of George Soros.

None of this is politics. All of it is about the accelerating takeover of Planet Earth by an anti-liberty axis of corporate-surveillance-energy-bureaucrat-military interests….what Arthur Conan Doyle might have called The Three percent Solution.

There is no future in neoliberal and socialist politics, because they have both been employed extensively in the past, and left chaos behind them. What we witness daily now is not a coup d’état. It is elective citizen civics being nibbled to death by a few hundred thousand monsters.

The collapse of the USSR and the abandonment of Maoism by China have enriched only the few. Worse still, both events have handed hegemony to the misanthropes of Might is Right within the financialised military industrial complex.

It is an anarchic coup de monde working for the triumph of insane wealth and power at the expense of mass personal freedom. The very fact that it is not an active conspiracy makes it all the harder for narrowly educated intellects to discern.

But it is there: and the current political settings can only help rather than hinder it. The divisive ideologies, narcissistic identity demands and religious fanaticism involved play only to the strengths of those who dream of global control.

The very sovereignty of human philosophy, families and compassion is at stake. We all ignore it at our peril.