MEMO TO THE HATE-SPEECH POLICE: ageism is by far the most pernicious form of it in 2017

me1511172 In the Leftist ranks of divisive demography, among the worst elements of the self-obsessed young virtue-signallers, for many minority narcissists, and throughout the upper echelons of hardline corporate fascism, the elderly in our societies are reviled and neglected. It’s high time the baby-boomers fought back.

Orange has just sent me an abrupt letter saying I owe them €90 for a month’s service, during which I had no service at all. The contracted amount was actually €64, but that’s the sort of detail that has rarely been known to bother multinational business. As I was silly enough to fire them in favour of SFR, the letter was quick to point out that failure to pay would result in bailiffs hammering at my door….as this was their “final demand”. It was also their first demand, but there I go again being pedantic.

As part of the relentless onward march of ageism, Orange in France has now stopped allowing TIP payments (easy for the customer, far too slow for their rapacious cashflow needs) and tells users they can pay by text on G4, by going to the website, or by dialing a premium number and letting their shovel go straight into one’s current account via the debit card. Not many people still using a landine in my area are going to be au fait with those options.

Anyway, I’ve sent the cheque by post to the address the nasty “client liaison director” put at the top of the letter. It wil take ten days to get there, and involve her unfortunate staff in then sending it on to the pay centre. Both in France and England, I am still within my rights to do that, but it won’t last.
I’ll be 70 in February. I could demand a recount, but it won’t get me anywhere. I’ve no idea whatsoever how I got to that age, but my sense of direction has never been that good. However, it’s not as if I’m one of a small number: 1948 was the biggest lump in the biggest baby bulge UK history has ever seen. Personally I blame the parents, but nowhere near as much as I point the finger of culpability at seven decades of political Excutives and Whitehall pinstripes who did absolutely nothing to prepare for the idiotically obvious inevitability of pensions and care needs.

The State Care Home system in the UK is already in under-funded meltdown, and if you’ve never seen one of its “homes”, I can assure you that a cardboard box under the arches looks inviting by comparison. The vast majority of privately-run establishments are pretty awful too, and yet woefully beyond the financial reach of 90% of those currently aged under 50.

Everyone in the media and the Establishment is looking away even at this late stage – perhaps because no solution would be anything other than fiscally disastrous at, um, this late stage. We have already seen Whiteminster ignoring the plight of over half a million Waspi women, the last two Governments having blithely embezzled money they promised just 60 years ago. But I do wonder what they’re going to do when the steady rise of incurable dementia starts to leave oldies dead in the streets and A&E departments of Blighty….their children impoverished by humungous care fees.

It is far too late for a medical miracle to solve the problem. And the Left using the disaster for political ends isn’t going to help one jot: this came about on their watches too, and they have no more idea about a practical solution than the Greedgoyles across the corridor who simply don’t give a toss. For this – like almost every social plate hanging in the air these days – is an ideo-cultural problem, not a genuine Party issue. It is just another symptom of the diluted competence of a failing civilisation.

The lack of respect or compassion for senior citizens is a sure sign that Homo sapiens – a pack species benefiting from demographic cooperation and accumulated wisdom more than most, because it has language and media – has lost the plot. The ignorance of what the plot was in the first place began in the 1960s (a puerile decade that I enjoyed immensely, but now feel guilty about) and the ignorance has gathered pace alongside its bastard child arrogance ever since.

It’s not just the flagrant ageism of hitech, banking bailouts, Zirp, packaging, creativity, employment and transport that gets to me: I’m a big boy now, and I’ve come to realise that being retired puts me in the pigeon-hole marked ‘useless farts’. Rather, I’m terrified by the assumptive nonsense young commentators  spout about “services”, the Law, economics, the EU and surveillance; I’m fed up of them whining about sexual identity, how we’ve stolen their future, and how everything is someone else’s responsibility; and I’m aghast at the naivety in their choice of heroes, blind belief in media content, and desperate need to be thinking the same banal, superficial thoughts as everyone else they know.

A good proportion of people under 50 do in fact feel strongly about stuff, but there are often two problems with their concerns; first, they lack the ability to hierarchise social priorities; and second, they’re content to be led by activists and herd reactions rather than actually do something themselves to put community dysfunction right. In short, they lack discrimination and initiative.

Yesterday I posted a piece about LGBT that, I’m sure, most people under 40 found offensive; but that reaction is the knee jerking, not the brain working. The ludicrous extension of the acronym into LGBTIQQRPA is so clearly self-obsessed, to me it is childishly obvious….and – as with identity politics generally – innately divisive. But the media coverage it gets compared to bigger issues is every bit as obscene as all the major UK media going Aaaaaah because a perfectly nice but unimportant Royal member has decided to get married.

The lack of initiative thing – a veritable loss of yearning for enlightenment – was finally summed up for me eight years ago, when I mentioned Kafka to a 2nd year Cambridge politics student. She looked blank and asked me, “Is it on the syllabus?” This is of course more the fault of their educators, but it doesn’t make the development any less threatening to the survival of liberties.
They don’t know what they’re about to lose, because they’re mostly too young to remember what we used to have. To get back what we had – and defeat the corporate dictators who can’t wait to remove what’s left of it – the single most important weapon the citizenry has is the ability to discriminate between the genuine and the counterfeit.
Discrimination has of late become a word that interests me more than most. Ever since the 1960s, it has been an increasingly Bad Thing, because of the original term racial discrimination. What is now usually referred to as racism has not reversed the backward progress of the word ‘discriminate’: in fact, the single word racism has been expanded in its application to mean actions and beliefs that do not represent racism. Ironically, our culture has thus bred a trend towards there being zero discrimination in relation to the word discrimination.

We’re in deep waters here, but it seems pertinent to swim on. The dislike of certain ethnicities based on bigotry is deplorable, as is holding back their desire to progress in society on the same basis. But suspicion of certain cultures based on empirical evidence and longterm personal observation is not racism at all; it is rationally applied discrimination. Emotional racism and rational discrimination are, unfortunately, both quintssential human features: in my opinion, the first is to be discouraged, the second encouraged.

What “liberal” Western sovereign States do now is insist that they’re both the same thing. They clearly aren’t, but it serves a purpose for the Left in that (a) it shuts down debate and (b) it enables them to smear enemies. It also works for the Hard Right, in that its cadres can hide behind what they claim is rational observation….whereas in fact it’s a Trojan horse for out and out bigotry.

All of this is incredibly unhealthy, but one of the most disturbing features is that ethnic and cultural minorities themselves, on the whole, flatly refuse to recognise the difference between justifiable criticism and ugly racial hatred.

When the police themselves start to work on the same basis – ie, “all diversity is good, period” – then the host culture really has a problem… indeed do minorities themselves, for they in turn fail to see the inevitable backlash coming. The type of discrimination I applaud is a dimension of realism: as local Government and immigration policies have refused to take on board the realities of social anthropology, nasty racism has been has been given a leg up. It is an ever-decreasing, ever more vicious circle.

I spent seven years living just off the Front Line in Brixton from 1977 to 1984. The Brixton police (known among senior Met officers as The Animals at the time) hadn’t a clue when it came to sensitivity. But on the other hand, the rabble who hung around on Railton Road drinking Red Stripe from midday onwards were up to their eyes in drugs and vice. Some morphed into the gangs of later years, and a prime reason for that was the dysfunctionality of some West Indian familial structures….where kids kicked out by feckless fathers became Yardies because of the attraction of gang leaders as father substitutes.

That truism is today widely accepted among community leaders….but not by the auto-accusers on the white Left.

Across huge swathes of Yorkshire and down as far as Rotherham, the blind eye to unpleasant elements of Islam has produced rape scandals at an unprecedent level. Across several UK cities now, denialism in relation to the realities of Jihadist violence and hate-preachers has brought to Britain huge costs in containing terrorism. The fact that most commissioners in Brussels are even more denialist about the dangers of mass migrancy was without doubt a driver for the Brexit majority in last year’s referendum. The reaction of the Left is to dismiss such voters as “Little Englander racists”.

It gets silly enough at times to be worthy of a new Swift novel – perhaps entitled Gullible Travels. I’m thinking particularly of Yvette Cooper’s ridiculous insistence on “the danger to small migrant children” among rampaging Calais gangs, even after an audit conducted by the French government showed that women and small children were under 3% of those present.

Inevitably however, much of the fantasy is constructed on the demographic hate campaigns that now typify British ageism: old people are unrepentant Empire loyalists, they are ignorant, they are poorly educated, they are the last vestiges of foul racism, and they have Let Britain Down.

Clearly, my lot have much to answer for: at one and the same time, we appear to be in the way of progressive thought, balancing fiscal budgets, harmonious multicuturalism and Britain’s continued dominance of financial services.

Such is the dominant form of hate speech in the West today – so poisonous of serpent tooth that it has no need of ripping claw. Excuse me, therefore, if I find it difficult to join in with Groupthink mob mores that seem to me nothing less than covenient bigotry.