CUTTING THE CRAP: how and why banks and government are preparing to save themselves with your money.

me1511172 In the UK, the eurozone, the Middle East and Asia, it is Game On for restricting bank withdrawals by customers, sorry, creditors…..hahaha, silly me. I can’t speak for other global regions, but the internecine incest of global banking is now such as to suggest that it is highly likely they’re all at it. If you think this is madcap conspiracy drivel, read the logic of this brief post. You never know, it might change your mind.

Why aren’t more people noticing that the cash they can take out is being restricted?
Because their money is banked and spent electronically.

Slowly, slowly boily lobster.

The object of every capitalist sovereign finance minister ought to be ensuring that the greatest number of citizens have money in the bank on a regular basis with which they can consume goods and services, thus keeping the economy in good condition, and the currency both strong and competitive.

Ergo, when banks start restricting how much cash you can have (in societies where cash is still an important medium of consumption) then what they’re doing MUST be economically anti-social, if you follow the mix therein.

They do it for two reasons – one longer-term, and one immediate:

1. In the longer term, to make all ‘money’ electronic, so that tax evasion becomes impossible. In short, the government is in that case using the banks to feed its own fiscal incontinence…..NOT for the wellbeing of the majority.

The banks want to do this so they can grab the money effortlessly at the touch of a button the next time they screw up.

It is the ultimate unholy alliance between Mammon and the Devil.

2. In the immediate term, to get their ducks in a row ready for the first stages on the inevitable bailin. The sole reason to do that is to – yet again – save the hides of the banksters. And as Government cannot survive without the trickery banks get up to and the tax they pay, the legislators and bureaucrats are more than happy to go along with it.

The money men and the politico-bureaucratic class of bottom-feeders work for each other. “Us” is not a consideration for “Them”.

This really is not a political issue: it is a constitutional crisis in which any last semblance of power over their own destinies is being removed from The Citizens. Constipated ideology just gets in the way.

Never Trust an Ideologue