NHS: Hunt and Corbyn working in concert

me1511172At PMQs today, Jeremy Corbyn somehow managed to ignore the seventh example in three years of the NHS being caught in flagrante handing over millions of words of private information about patients to the private sector, insurance interests and those seeking to insist that tobacco did not play a decisive role in cancer deaths.

Instead, the Islington Nazarene chose the more populist subject of the Carillion collapse. There was no need to harp on this one: it is now obvious to even the most fish-brained smuggy Tory voter that Carillion is being saved with taxpayers’ money because, yet again, the government’s wide-eyed dealings with private sector suppliers have resulted in seven figure write-offs. In choosing it as his cause célèbre, Corbyn is going for the jugular of a gerbil.

The bigger prize by far was the Head of Hunt….and with it the end of public health destruction via a million tiny toxic injections. But Jesus of Momentum lacks the balls to be a Huntheader: for he knows only too well that some of his own tribe are Fifth Columnists.

For a start, he knows that civil service union members are involved.

And he also grasps from published data how many Labour MPs get consultancy wads from advising private insurers.

So by Christ, Corbyn the Messiah isn’t going to push the issue.

Jeremy Corbyn, People’s Champion? Don’t  make me laugh. He will twist every which way to ensure nothing gets in the way to his path to power.