At the End of the Day

me10117 Electricité de France just sent me an email suggesting I try to conserve energy. One of their suggestions was that I move over to doing all my business with them electronically. You have to wonder at times what percentage of their customers are awake.

One of the Calais ‘children’ now stands accused of the botched Parsons Green attack. Yvette Cooper was not available for comment.

An educated idiot called Kallum Pickering has written a piece in the Telegraph saying we should enjoy the good times: there will be no bust at the end of this boom, because it isn’t a boom. It’s hard to know where to start with this one. Mr Pickering’s logic appears to be that nine years of serial lies about stock valuations, QE, Zirp, currency valuations, inflation, fiat corruption, gold output, eurozone liquidity, auto loan quality and upside down fundamentals will have no bad consequences at all. No sirreee, Bub: the only thing to fear is a boooooom…..even when the one we have is a lie too.

It could be that Kallum has only recently emerged from the light-blocking horizon of a Black Hole. If so, he has my sincere sympathy.

The UK Daily Mail has just revealed the “shocking” news that 55.6% of cabbies in India admit to drunk driving. Living in India for the time being, I fail to see the shock in this revelation…..see previous Slogposts for more on this topic.

1980s anti-Establishment satirical icon Rowan Atkinson’s son is at Sandhurst. Rowan went on from Not the Nine o’clock News to create vapid international mime twerp Mr Bean, a character about as funny as Grant Shapps. The trip here is that one starts by making a bit of money and generating fame by being outside the tent pissing in. Then one makes a lot of money laughing at somebody whose emotional incontinence doesn’t fit in. And finally, one uses that money to join in by selling out.

The Mirror reports that Sophie McGrattan, 21, was taking her dog Bella out for a walk when she was “horrified” to observe the pet chewing a sex toy. As I type, this is the lead item in Britain’s last remaining Labour-supporting tabloid. I cannot adequately describe the hypocritical gullibility and Famous for Five Seconds nature of this utter perversion of journalism….I can only suggest you go there yourselves.