IABATO: “It’s all Brexit and that’s Official”

me11117(2) We’re not being offered complete Brexit, we’re being offered complete bollocks


A statement from earlier today (Monday) from the Media Johnnies in the Cabinet Office:

“We are about to enter into a negotiation with the European Union on the end state, and achieving that partnership the prime minister believes will be in the interests of the UK and the EU, so it will of course be clear what the UK is seeking to achieve.”

Ah, right then: this must be why Michel Barnier has just issued a statement saying the UK will not be able to veto new EU laws during the transition period. Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva  said the guidelines were adopted less than an hour into a meeting of European affairs ministers, adding, “we hope an agreement on this with the U.K. can also be closed swiftly.”

I’m told the decision took twenty minutes to reach. The media was told about this profoundly superficial diktat by the Deputy PM of Bulgaria. One wonders what her ancestors were doing on D-Day.

All of which leaves me wondering about phrases like ‘the end state’, ‘partnership’, ‘the interests of the UK’, and ‘what the UK is seeking to achieve’. Chiefly, I wonder whatTF if anything all this Mayflower tosh means.

The British Chancellor today said he foresaw a Brexit that would do little more than create “a modest” difference in our relationship with the EU. I’m not sure I give & monkey’s chuff what the Hammond Organ foresees. What the UK electorate was given in 2016 was a straight choice: in with the Cosa Nostra, or out of a federalist horror fantasy made more nightmarish by a Living Dead currency. The electors chose “out”.

Flipflop Hammond is obviously unwilling to accept that decision….a disdain he shares with Momentum, Mandelson, Blair, Campbell, Clegg, Juncker, Draghi and all the other unspeakably unaccountable trying to dilute our liberties.

Tonight, Westminster is awash with Tory survivalists insisting that All Is Well. But the number of scared MPs from all Parties is on the rise. They don’t have nothing to lose; but their view is increasingly that they have far too much to lose.

We are drifting into a nothingness attempting to please everyone. As is so often the case, it will wind up pleasing nobody. May’s position is nowhere near as secure as some think.