At the End of the Day

me11117(2) I was talking earlier this evening with a good Hungarian friend, in the light of the UK & US Left’s concerted social media campaign to dismiss the George Soros goal as “conspiracy theory”, and demonise Hungary as “a dictatorship”. The idea of Hungarian leader Viktor Orban as a dictator is just another example of the contemporary Libleft’s obvious (and increasingly tedious) attempts to shift the fulcrum of socio-political discussion further and further towards their own view of life.

You voted to leave the EU? You’re an uneducated Little Englander. You voted UKIP? You’re a racist and you killed Jo Cox. I use those examples because the Daily Telegraph today (in a rare show of what it used to be good at) led with a story alleging that Soros has donated £400,000 to the campaign to derail Brexit. We had a vote, the Remainers lost, Soros the NWO nutjob lost….so now he’s using his unelected munnneeee power to try and subvert a democratic decision. In this manner do you wind up being described by the New York Times as ‘a great philanthropist’.

The leading arrogant, truculent and all round Useful Kerensky Idiot in British society today is without doubt Owen Jones. This was his opening salvo this morning:


Oh dear: a member of the purist Left lecturing us about anti-Semitism. But if the only gay in the village  wants to mince about calling solid financial evidence a smear, Hungary a dictatorship, and dislike of neolib sociopaths as ‘dog-whistle anti-Semitism’, then he too needs to be called out for the infantile dupe he so obviously is.

Viktor Orban has won one UN-monitored election election after another. George Soros has only ever used money – never votes – to get where he is. Clearly, he is a model Socialist.

But the use of “Theresa May’s ex chief of staff” smacks of gratuitous smear from the Little Red Schmuck who confuses smear with serial evidence of deranged power-meddling from a Jew who sold out Jewry during the Second World War. (Watch the Bloomberg interview by Charlie Rose in which he airily admits it)

The unerring ability of the Left to find the Wrong Side of History with almost clinical precision is legendary, and the current US/UK Antifa/Momentum Labour/Democrat spectrum typifies it splendidly. I am not employing stereotypes here, I’m highlighting archetypes. There is a big difference between the two….which of course the Armies of the Unnatural strive to blur as often as possible.

Projection of their own faults onto opponents is a classic Leftist ploy. The Left invented the term “settled science” (the oxymoron of the new millennium) and quotes that same bogus science against views opposing an ideology that hasn’t admitted new thought since 1958. It screams “fascist” at every naysayer, while maintaining an authoritarian attitude to political pluralism. It talks of critics “weaponising” issues while using every event as a weapon in the most risibly opportunistic fashion. The Left would rather spit in the face of natural allies than create a Front of decency against the materialist sociopathy of neoliberals in general and UK Conservative fanatics in particular.

So my Hungarian chum and I discussed this parlous state of the planet – where almost every nation State is split ideologically down the middle – and then we traced the history of George Soros in relation his attack on Sterling, his support for Antifa, his support for Catalonian rebels, his hate campaign against Orban, his donations to the ex-Soviet Opposition in Hungary, his enthusiasm for (and bankrolling of) every subversive group encouraging destructive EU migrancy, his support for Calais thugs, his tentacular network of agitprop across the world. And we marvelled at how this serially documented history could be positioned by the International Socialist Left and the Globalist Neoliberal Right as conspiracy theory.

George Soros is a severely damaged human being happy to fly in the face of anthropological fieldwork and neuroscientific disovery on the subject of Homo sapiens. He does this because he craves the destruction of natural community in favour of a nightmare vision of remote global government. Given that he betrayed his own community all those years ago, you don’t have to be a Freudian fanatic to join up the dots.

Owen Jones doesn’t understand any of this because he is young, untutored, blinded by the light of the Socialist vision, and lost in the darkness of his own parochial onanism. As Milan Kundera pointed out 34 years ago, criminal régimes are created not by criminals, but by enthusiastic babies.