BREXIT: Why the only thing for Britain to do now is get a shit like Boris Johnson 100% personally involved

me1511172Within the last ninety minutes, Chancellor Merkel of Germany has given yet another example of the world-beating ability of the Berlin and Brussels élites to talk out of two sides of just the one facial orifice or gob at the same time. The only man is Britain as mendaciously self-effacing as these gargoyles is Boris Johnson. The Foreign Office is itself a nest of defeatist vipers; BoJo should ignore the FCO, and be seconded immediately to take command.

The “beide seiten Maul” thing is a remarkable facility, honed by the Sprouts and the Doughnuts* during various stages of the rape of Greece. When told by Papendreou of the debt problem, Wolfgang Schäuble told dim George he should exaggerate the number “to get the attention of the French”. Then a month later he went on French television to say that the sum involved “was a disgraceful calumny”. When Papendreou then decided on a new election in Greece, Schäuble flatly (and illegally) forbade it. Throughout, the Germans insisted that they would “lose money” as a result of the crisis; they made money on the debt as ECB shareholders….having helped NATO to cause it in the first place by refusing to cancel the €150bn German subs Athens was armlocked into buying (only one of which ever arrived).

When Mario Draghi brought QE to the “robust” eurozone, Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann had an attack of the moral vapours, ranting against how many articles in the EU constitution the ECB mafia boss was breaking. But when Greek Fifth Columnist Janis Stournaras at the Greek central bank fraudulently connived with Draghi to remove all liquidity from Greece….Gott in Himmel, the silence from Weidmann was like a full-scale tank attack in the Western Desert.

So this is what the former DDR Jugendführer and allround Communist turncoat had to say today at her joint press conference with Theresa May:

“I’m not frustrated at all, I’m just curious about how Britain envisages this future partnership……we need to have further exchanges but frustration doesn’t at all describe it appropriately – we deplore the British decision to leave, but we very much look forward to Britain again setting out its ideas.”

Um, I’m not frustrated I’m curious, no hang on a minute, I’m not frustrated I deplore it. Which surely means I’m pissed off….but, I’m looking forward to finding out more.

So: I’m sort of looking forward with intense interest to hearing what these traitors have to say while at the same time hating them and iggly piggly oogle bingbong my left foot is a toothbrush hand-crafted from frozen bratwurst.

Angela Merkel deals in cynical cosh and cigarette negotiations the way the rest of us lower ourselves into a heated swimming pool. Sadly, the British side of this vain attempt at Greece2 are utterly clueless water babies.

Meanwhile, Geli’s greatest cheerleader and Referendum loser Nina D Schick tied herself in knots wonderfully on Sky News today by banging the drum for Germany. She told us that Angela Merkel “is never going to agree” to Britain’s cherry-picking of “rules” in the EU (even though France and Italy ignore 90% of them) because that simply isn’t “in Germany’s interests” and if the UK wins such a thing “then the entire EU will unravel”.

Ah. Right. So if I can just put into words what German citizen (but University educated in Britain) Nina said:

  1. Germany’s interests come before those of the EU. Surely not?
  2. And yet Germany gains advantage from a united Europe. How on Earth might that be?
  3. Germany’s trade with Britain means that any change in it would harm the growing economy that keeps Frau Doktor Würst in power. She doesn’t mean….that Britain has a trade deficit with Germany? But the Remain campaign flatly denied that. So they lied. And there we were, thinking only wicked, racist scumfascistbigot Little Englander Leavers lied.
  4. The EU will unravel. Did she really mean to say that? For as we know only too well, the EU “is irreversible and immutable”.

Could it be that Schickie is a UKIP double-agent? I think we should be told.

Footnote:  Four months ago on the Daily Politics, Fraulein Schick asserted, “the idea that Chancellor Merkel is worried because German car manufacturers fear lost sales to Britain is a complete fantasy”. On the other hand, €120 billion is a very great deal of money. Even in the European Union.

The UK insurer PetPlan currently has a commercial on air in the UK featuring a dog called Boris. Boris has apparently swallowed a tennis ball in some kind of dare, and suffers at the same time from inherited behavioural problems. But the ad tells us that PetPlan has come to his owners’ aid with financial help.

PetPlan must be doing well if it has a rolling contract with the City, Rupert Murdoch and the Barclay Brothers to spend money making Boris electable. The lad ‘isself is on the record as saying, “My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.”

Mind you, the Member for Uxbridge is a cunning little terrier. He invites people to underestimate him, while persuading unelected donors otherwise. Step forward BoJo, the unutterable shit…..Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man. Ignore the FCO snakes and focus on personally telling the European Bunion what’s what.

* President Kennedy referred to himself as “Ein Berliner” when he went to the city in 1961. In local parlance, a Berliner is a type of doughnut.