BIG ISSUE: Why Labour’s power struggles will render them as divided as the Tories.

me1511172 With vicious power struggles going on in both the Conservative and Labour Parties, British democracy is in greater danger than at any time since 1940. Rigid ideology, fanatical entryism and exhibitionist minority pleading are in the process of rendering our system dysfunctional, and diluting our liberties along the way.

The fight for the position of Labour General Secretary took an odd turn three days ago when Jeremy of Nazareth rang to ask Momentum founder Jon Lansman not to stand for the post. Bear in mind we are talking about Corbyn the Incorruptible democrat here – no backstairs deals, Man of the People and all the rest of the IABATO* – trying to get an ideological extremist to keep quiet about what the Corbyn/McDonnell ticket is really about…..viz, rigidly ideological International Socialism circa 1968 and let’s throw some street cobbles at the flics.

The thing with controlling belief systems like Islamism and communism is that they are forever splitting up into schisms. The terrifying aspect of neoliberal economics and neoconservative foreign policy is that they don’t….but that’s an essay for another day.

Let’s start by considering Jon Lansman, and just how close he is historically to Corbyn.

His “career” has all the standard hallmarks of a bourgeois far-Left Labour intellectual-cum-firebrand: Independent School education in Highgate, degree from Cambridge, Masters degree at UCL in History and Politics, early Bennite supporter and organiser, rabid opponent of Neil Kinnock in his struggle against Militant, later organised Benn’s campaign in the 1988 Labour leadership election challenging incumbent Neil Kinnock – which saw Benn consummately trounced.

Lansman is too young to have been a Militant Tendency member….but both his parents were: they met while working for Militant – an openly Trotskyist organisation led by the Scouse scally and later property-developing hypocrite Derek Hatton.

Jon (below) was described in the Seventies/Eighties as “in a position to work day and night for the cause without pay” – ie, independently wealthy  – and “quite prepared to see a right-wing breakaway as the necessary cost of swinging the party in what he saw as the desired direction”. Last but not least, he is in favour of automatic selection reviews once an MP has been elected…aka, purging the old social democratic Labour Party out of existence.


In short, a fanatical ideologue. And the founder of an organisation that fifteen months ago – with Lansman’s endorsement – dropped its commitment to peaceful means:  the driving force behind the amendment to Momentum’s constitution was executive committee member Jill Mountford, a leading supporter of the Trotskyist Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

Momentum, by the way, is not affiliated to the Labour Party.  There are good reasons for this: Mountford was kicked out of the Labour Party, Corbyn prefers “deniability by non-association”, and the last thing the Nazarene wants is the right wing media and gobby bloggers crawling all over the illustrious Hard Left history of the man now standing for General Secretary of the Labour Party.

The other factor preying on Jeremessiah’s mind, of course, is the tricky bit of taking the side of an ally in a contest where the other runner is Leftist Jenny Formby of the, um, TUC….which is most definitely affiliated to the Labour Party, having given birth to it.

With utter predictability, the eclectic forces of Momentum call their goal for the Labour Party “democratisation”. Having the founder of a radical and potentially violent Leftist force unaffiliated to the Labour Party as, er, Labour General Secretary is a tad quirky….but hardly democratic. Having both candidates as Hard Left in a social democratic political Party is, in turn, deficient in the choice of SD candidates.

Some months back, I attacked the naifs supporting Antifa – they include Lady Hackneyed of Abbott – and pointed out that Antifa entryism in turn into Momentum is also under way. This is Antifa UK’s logo:


Nothing like a black man throwing a petrol bomb to keep those race and class fires burning brightly for democracy, what?

As I have posted several times now, this is the only era in living memory where we have seen both “major” Parties not only split several ways on various issues, but unable between them to persuade anyone beyond two thirds of the electorate to turn up and vote in their favour.

It has become fashionable among Remoaners (who don’t seem to grasp the idea of losing a democratic vote) to place the blame squarely on Brexit in general and David Cameron in particular. While I am always deleriously happy to heap dollops of blame onto Avid Scameron, Brexit is a catalyst, not a cause. The cause of our political dysfunction at the minute is, basically, three interrelated factors:

  • Ideology. Started by Margaret Thatcher on the Right, copied by Scargill and Foot on the Old Left and now revived by Cameron, Johnson, Hunt, Corbyn and Momentum, it has gone international thanks to the viscerally illegal actions of Brussels-am-Berlin in ClubMed, especially Greece, as the bureaucrats plough ahead regardless in their onanistic dreams of a federal Europe.
  •  A retreat into extremism as many voters view neoliberal economic lunacy with a mix of frustration and desperation, and find themselves out of love with any of the three main Parties. As Thatcherism was a reaction to Union gangsterism in the Seventies, so too Corbynism is a reaction to “New” Labour’s collaboration with deregulated employment and the increasing fanaticism of those around May and Hammond
  • Exhibitionist minority narcissism. With nothing to unite a democratically radical mainstream reaction to oppressive government, we have seen the concomitant rise of populist Identity politics which are, by definition, divisive rather than uniting. The attention paid to sexual ‘abuse’, genderism, and LGBT ad alphabetica nauseam grabs millions of column inches at the expense of much bigger and more deserving injustices – such as the plight of the disabled, and the embezzlement of Waspi State pensions by Major, Brown, Osborne et al.

The constitutional impasse is thus a divided opposition to wealth transfer into capital, a UK divided by opportunism from Scottish Independence to Brexit diehardism, and both these things playing into the hands of an Establishment kept alive by an 18th Century voting system. Add to that witches’ brew a Hard Right and Left who spit at all detractors, and you get….a complete bloody mess.

So “next time” (whenever it is) as things stand now, I shall once again be recommending all right-headed British electors to turn up to vote, and spoil their ballot papers by writing “none of the above”. The Turkeys will never vote for Christmas: but they are going the right way about creating either thinly disguised corporate or communist fascism.

*IABATO   It’s all bollocks and that’s official