At The End of the Day

me11117(2) Spring is having a go at the springing thing here, but it’s not exactly in the Zebedee class. My hawthorn hedge looks as if someone threw some wholemeal flour at it, and the periwinkles are flowering – but half-heartedly. Percy and Pam Pigeon are back, as are a few wagtails. But the Simian beasts are still sleeping soundly under various piles of leaves.

Spring 2018 is, you might say, blowing hot and cold, which is the same with President Pin-up Macrony, the “centrist” helmsman who has awarded himself the task of cutting taxes and increasing wages. One day he likes the trade unions, the next day he likes the banks. He was employed for many years by Rothschilds, so your challenge tonight is to guess which ‘like’ is the real like.

Like Emmanuel Macron since his election, we’ve had a few bright days, and the temperatures are back in double figures from time to time, but mainly it’s been precipitating. You could say it’s been precipitating precipitately, or raining cat’s and dogs, or as the French have it, “Comme les vaches qui pissent”. Like all trainee Messiahs, Monsieur le Président is struggling to graduate. “There’s only one called Jesus,” as the footies fans don’t chant.

It’s not so much the regularity with which these False Gods appear that disturbs me – you can see most of the buggers coming from a mile off – it’s the ease with which the blotting paper of European youth soaks it all up. But please don’t dismiss me as a nasty old yoof-hating git: for twas ever thus. In 1933, a creature of the military industrial complex in Germany persuaded 33% of Germans that he was a socialist.

Plus ça change, et plus reste la meme chose.

Summoned to the House of Commons today, the serial shagger and bottom-sitter upon nasty things implicating the Conservative Party Doris Jobsdone told those MPs not in the bar:

‘Although it would be wrong to prejudge the investigation, I can reassure the House that, should evidence emerge that implies state responsibility, Her Majesty’s Government will respond appropriately and robustly…’

He was referring to the allegation that Russian double agent Sergei Skripal was poisoned by agents of Vlad the Lad Rasputin. It is entirely probable that the Russian leader approved the killing, but the following might have made for a more honest and entertaining statement:

 ‘Although it would be right to prejudge the cover-up of inappropriate sexual indiscretions by both myself and my wife on the grounds that we are bang to rights having been caught banging away in a variety of public places, I can reassure the House that, should evidence emerge implying any personal responsibility, Her Majesty’s Government will respond robustly via the Attorney General to ensure that such matters of State security remain hidden in deep mine shafts for the next 75 years”

Boris is of course another counterfeit deity, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the watermark in his craven image does not resist immersion in the cold water of reality.

But let me end tonight with this quote from a journalist reporting for The Local on the subject of the Italian election. It remains, in my view, a great source of information on the ground in the eurozone:

‘For Europe, there is the near certainty of conflict between an incoming government and the Brussels institutions given that both 5Star and the League have built their remarkable successes on growing Euroscepticism. For those Italians who are comfortable with the cultural changes of globalisation, in sympathy with the left’s internationalist themes and now the bedrock of what remains of the left, the outcome of the election will have been a very sad one indeed.’

Amen to that. A bas les fontionnaires de Brussels. A bas des globalistes. A bas les ideologues de gauche et droite. Vivent les citoyens!