RUSSIA & PUTIN: let he who is without guilt cast the first stone

me1511172 American geopolitical hacking and concerted EU/UK media manipulation are no better or worse than Russian espionage adventures: they are exactly the same in their unelected sociopathic tendencies.  

When it comes to the MSM and their “analysis” of threats to Western democracy, I think two factors are in play. The first is that those churning out the propaganda (and their more influential target audiences) are selectively blind to the more objective state of affairs. The second is the now three-generations-old indoctrination of the terminally dim as regards the “science” of Kremlinology and geopolitics.

I am the first to accept that Vladimir Putin is a borderline sociopath now acting out his Secret Service role on a larger canvas. But I also think that Vlad the Lad is a patriot and a topnotch chess player capable of running rings round Western military tactics…..if only because he does this over and over again.

Now Russia is back in the poison pen/umbrella stick and radioactive death horror news, we’re once more on a self-righteous track that insists “They Do This and We Don’t”. Quite frankly, words like explosive cigar attacks on Castro, the Bay of Pigs, the slaughter of JFK, the Iraq Wars, WOMD, false flags in Syria, bank system pressure on Iran, the poisoning of Yasser Arafat, and Chile in 1973 spring to mind.

Ah but ah but yes but no but, insist the Western security agencies and politicians bought by the arms business, they do other underhand stuff via the media. 

Yes they do….and so do we.

A collection of NSA tools were leaked onto the internet in 2016, with many others following since then. What can now be verified is that they represent an accurate snapshot of the mentalities at work in the NSA – now recognised by secret service geeks on all sides as the most ruthlessly skilled hackers on the planet.

It’s terrifying to me how – whenever I defend Viktor Orban – I am buried within hours in a blizzard of robotic emails from the US presenting the Hungarian leader as pro-Kremlin, anti-democratic, crypto-fascist, anti-gypsy and suppressionist in his domestic policies. Orban is far from perfect, but there is not a politician anywhere in the world (including Putin) who has predicted the mass migration into the EU – and the folly of the anti-Assad NATO war in Syria – with the accuracy of the man who has inflicted a crushing defeat on his former Soviet apparatchik opponents in the last two Hungarian elections. And in turn, no EU politician is so honest and reasoned in relation to the threat from radical Islam.

Every year, the manipulation and gathering of information becomes increasingly sophisticated. For some time now, the Hungarian security researcher Boldizsár Bencsáth has focused on a piece of NSA software, called “Territorial Dispute”.  Developed to detect the malware of other sovereign nations hacking “enemy” computers the NSA has already penetrated, the tool has recently been enhanced to warn all NSA hackers to exit from any activities that might give away the US Surveillance State’s lead in the field.

Read that sentence again (you probably need to) and this is what becomes clear: the much-vaunted “cyber lead” allegedly enjoyed by Putin’s Russia is akin to the “missile gap” that Pentagon sources fed to Senator John F Kennedy in 1959 during his bid for the Presidency. When JFK got into the White House, it was quickly obvious that the ‘gap’ was in fact an 18:1 advantage for the US.

But there is more in there: the ‘other sovereign nations’ engaged in hacking Russia are almost entirely allies of the US and in many cases full NATO members. Five years ago, we looked on as rampantly illegal espionage against the German secret service by the US was revealed. Now the US – paranoically suspicious of even its allies – routinely minimises the chance of those friends sharing in American geopolitical snooping.

You see, you always know where you are with the US AltState: it looks after itself, and nobody else.

I think it is also time to get real about the “military” threat to Western Europe from Russia. The NATO missile bases currently aimed at 1,300+ targets in the Russian Federation are 200-450 miles closer to Moscow et al than they were during the Cold War. Vladimir Putin is effectively surrounded by some 27 Cubas, if one were to put the real situation into some kind of sane historical context.

But the outrage being expressed in UK media needs to be specifically addressed when it comes to the disgraceful skulduggery involved in the contemporary field of foreign policy.

The BIJ has just revealed that a UK diplomat is working for the firm behind a multimillion pound Saudi PR drive while still employed by the Foreign Office. The revelation comes as Saudi Arabia’s dictator Mohammed Bin Salman arrived in Britain this week for a Red Carpet meeting with Theresa May.

Jolyon Welsh was deputy head of Middle Eastern FCO operations, but was given special leave in 2014 to become a senior director of Consulum, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The communications firm was founded by former executives from Bell Pottinger. Oh look, there’s that name again.

Such permission to work for the private sector is only given if “directly and closely related to a specific FCO area of interest [and] in line with our strategic priorities.”

So “our” priorities in the secret world come higher than any other considerations – even if Saudi Arabia pursues a barabaric policy towards free speech, female freedoms and most of its neighbours. Whaddya mean “we”, paleface?

But this is the worst (albeit unsurprising) aspect of the whole affair: the Foreign Office told the BIJ that there are now 34 officials such as Welsh, working in the private sector while maintaining their Foreign Office status.


Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. Just over half a century ago, I arrived at University to study for a Joint Honours degree in History & Politics. Eighteen months earlier, I had spent an unpleasant night in an East German jail, and several trips into East Germany via Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie. That knocked any starry-eyed vision I might have of the radical Left out of my system: I’d seen enough to suspect the KGB and the Red Army of being the vanguard of IS Communism. The files released after the fall of the Berlin Wall largely supported that view.

But this is a million light years away from the situation today. Russia is no longer Soviet, the EUNATO axis has extended its reach into former USSR territory, and Russian nuclear capacity is a joke  compared to both the defensive and offensive leaps made by that deadly American military industrial complex so eleoquently condemned by President Eisenhower (a Republican) in 1959.

Those who would divide we, the 97%,  are the authors of those media misrepresentations that would confuse us. There is a very odd mix of passive Establishment acceptors – from Left Labour to Right Tory – who buy into the idiotic idea that Western ‘liberal democratic’ spooks are somehow nicer than Sino-Korean-Vietnamese-Russian spooks. They are not: they both work for identically-minded egos obsessed with World Government.

The One True Universal Truth is what drives these lunatics. It is the job of individual citizens to defeat them…..however overwhelming the odds might at first sight seem.