In a Slog special today, the blog turns tabloid due to force majeur: events are now moving so quickly towards disastrous action, time is of the essence if the Decency Resistance in Britain is to be mobilised behind Truth and doubts that the Government seems happy to bend, crush or ignore. These islands are now closer to dictatorship than at any time since 1640.

Following last night’s Slogpost reporting the OPCW summary on Skripal and the YouGov study showing only 20% support in the UK for Syrian strikesthe Cabinet met – when most citizens were asleep and Parliament was in recess – to give the go-ahead to proceed with air-based attacks on the Assad régime.

During that time, more digging has taken place and more expert opinion found by The Slog and others to place yet further doubt on the credibility (or necessity) of this headlong dash into brutality:

A lifelong chemical analyst correctly challenges my opinion on what appeared to be a silly statement in the OPCW summary. His conclusion is dynamite:


The two key points here fresh and pure. An original sample of the nerve agent from three weeks ago would not be fresh, ie, not degraded. And no nerve agent produced in a factory could be free from impurities, ie it was prepared specially in a laboratory.

The obvious conclusion from this is that the OPCW was given false replacement samples to test. It made the free from impurities statement probably as a sign to the cognoscenti that the samples were fake.

Does the OPCW have any history of having its arm twisted? It most certainly does.

As long ago as 2002, Washington illegally bulldozed the organisation’s director-general, a Brazilian diplomat called Jose Bustani, out of his post. The reason? He got in the way of the preparations for the Iraq War. So: despite having an impeccable record of total objectivity, he was fired. Bit like Blair, Campbell, David Kelly and the BBC, really. You can read the full history of US ruthlessness in this affair here.

The man who led the charge against Bustani was John Bolton….now President Trump’s Secretary of State.

May has said this this morning that there is “no doubt” Assad launched a gas attack against his own people, and French President Macron claims to “have proof” that Assad was involved with Russian knowledge.

They’re not sharing with us just how on Earth they can be so certain, given that Russians and Assad supporters have now liberated Douma, and claim no physical evidence of any chemical attack is to be found.

Of course, they would say that; and equally, if there was any evidence in the first place, it will now have been expunged by the liberators.

But that does not negate my point: the OPCW is not on the ground there, nor is the Red Cross, and neither are the UN, the US, the UK or the EU.

So can they be so sure? It’s ridiculous codswallop.


It’s merely a question of rounding up the usual suspects. Do not underestimate how much Theresa May and Boris Johnson want this blatant cooperation with the Alt State to go through smoothly – she for survival, and he for future power in that Corporate dictatorship:


The British, American and French People opposed to this action are not dupes of Vladimir Putin. They and I know that Putin is a ruthless man who enjoys his power to influence events. He too has dictatorial tendencies. They’re resisting the UK action – and that Resistance will grow – because:

  1. They are deeply suspicious of the Alt State narrative
  2. They feel sympathy for the plight of the ordinary Syrian
  3. They deplore things rushed through in the middle of the night, when the media are asleep, and while Parliament is in recess
  4. They know that the lunatics in the Executive are going into the Syrian melée with 8 out of 10 of their citizens either opposed or doubtful

For a British Government to tell 50’s born women there is no money for the pensions they were promised over 60 years ago, and then take on an incalculable military expenditure in this manner, is obscene, undemocratic and dictatorially illiberal.

I warned when the Home Office/MI5 creature May became the unelected Prime Minister that she was Alt State through and through. I warned seven years ago that Boris Johnson was the most dangerous man in UK politics.

These people must be either opposed tooth and nail, or they will remove our Citizen Rights forever. We are at a critical moment in history. For the decent-minded, doing nothing is no longer a morally defensible option.