At the End of the Day

metoday4Goodness me. We seem to have established that Whitie Leftie doesn’t like Jews, and Whitie Rightie doesn’t have much time for negroes. Mind you, Filipinos don’t like the Japanese, the Japanese don’t like the Chinese, the Chinese don’t like the Indians, the Indians don’t like the Pakistanis, West Indians are either way about Africans, Muslims aren’t keen on Christians, a lot of Catholics don’t like Protestants, Sunnis don’t like Shias, the rural French don’t like Parisians, Lancastrians don’t like Yorkshiremen, and Dixiecrats don’t like liberals….while everyone hates lawyers, politicians and tax collectors.

So here we are –  a ‘human race’ united only in our dislike of those we do not know, those who want to tell us what to do, and those who want to take our money. Imagine that.

And we are disturbingly easy to persuade that every other tribe wants to do all of those things.

We are a tribal species with a ready supply of  insulting terms for other tribes: niggers, Prods, kikes, spicks, yids, honkeys, fangwois, Japs, chinks, kaffirs, goyim, queers, Yanks, Limeys, frogs, Eyeties, Krauts, micks, Lessies, Jocks, camel jockeys, Gyppos, Reds, Nazis, Rosbifs, Dagoes, Coconuts, jungle bunnies, shirtlfters, shonks and towel heads.

But supposedly intelligent thinkers around the world are convinced the only answer is to make our tribes bigger and bigger: so we are formed into the Dollar Tribe, the European Union, The People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, the Progressives,  Islam, SEATO, NATO, and even the Globalist NWO so beloved of bankers and George Soros.

So the propensity for suspicious hate could be enjoyed by all on a bigger – hopefully nuclear – scale. Well for Heaven’s sake, what on Earth could go wrong?

In the last quarter of the 20th century, the big drive was to dilute the hatred by putting us all together into the Multicultural Society. This followed an attempt by the Left to force us all – through rehousing and social architecture – to become the Classless Society.

None of it has worked.

None of it has worked because painfully few among the various élites, ideologues, ists and other assorted theorists of near-zero emotional intelligence  – bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, globalist businesses, diplomats, teachers, urban planners, economists, forecasters and engineers have the first idea of what social anthropology tells us about Homo sapiens…..and the very limited potential for perfection it has.

Everything really important in the physical world is about close study of the natural, and how to avoid the unnatural or dysfunctional side of human behaviour spoiling society for the 85+% of beings who will cheerfully go along with fair ideas that lead to a positive culture of stability and creativity within a civilisation based on compassion and personal responsibility.

It’s a doddle to define. But my God, it’s a bastard to try and create it.

Because we are such a curate’s egg as a species – intelligent, but capable of the most appallingly thuggish bigotry – the best bet is almost certainly to acknowledge the imperfection, and stop promoting unrealistic expectations of the citizen.

Most Tories I’ve met would rather exploit that imperfection for their own ends. Most Socialists I’ve met would rather bully the imperfection into obedience to a system that limits liberty unacceptably.

It is crazy that these found-wanting models are the only ones on offer. But until we change the way we choose, monitor and judge our legislators, that system will keep on and on and on screwing up until there’s a revolution.

The history of revolutions is not encouraging.