SKRIPAL: Race-card games at Westminster as 81 Novichok patents found in the US.

methoughtful Labour in Old Race Scandal, Tories in New Race Scandal. What started as an observation about Jeremy Corbyn’s embrace of anti-Semitism in the past (service ball via Tory spin HQ) has been returned by a Labour volley blasting what Mother Theresa did as Home Secretary to West Indians. Meanwhile, thanks to some solid investigative journalism, Russian claims that more Novichok is available in the US than the RF have been proved correct.


The old masthead at The Slog used to say everything now is distortion and distraction. Not much has changed in the eight years since.

What should be the top news story today will be ignored completely by the old Western media, because it fires yet another torpedo into the Skripal hoax, which was of course the ‘Sarajevo moment’ that led to the Missile strike against Assad.

We’ve already seen in these columns how 70 out of the 103 missiles fired at Syria landed on Assad’s airfields and armed forces, not on “chemical weapons factories”. Now the site True Republica reveals – through extensive desk research – that there are 81 existing patents relating to Novichok and its delivery systems in the United States. Which is exactly what the Russians said at the OPCW summit – and what every Western newspaper ignored.

One patent plea example says:

The projectile as set forth in claim 1 wherein at least one active substance is selected from nerve agents, including, but not limited to, organophosphates , such as G-agents, including tabun (GA) , sarin (GB) , soman (GD) , cyclosarin (GF) , and GV, V-agents, including EA- 3148, VE, VG, VM, VR, and VX, Novichok agents, and any combinations thereof.

Once again, we see clearly that, in the defence community, Novichok was a familiar quasi-generic term for nerve agents, freely available in the West. The May/Johnson argument that it was “clear” the Skripal agent originated in Russia was obviously a lie: nobody could be sure. Johnson – a lifetime multiply proven liar – told Die Welle that Porton Down had left him in no doubt. That also was a lie, as Porton Down tried hard to point out. The OPCW identified the substance using almost the same words as Porton Down; the British press plastered ‘Novichok’ across every article and headline – on no basis whatsoever beyond lazy, thumbscrew agitprop journalism. The OPCW left a clue in the summary report that was released to the media, referring to their samples as “extremely pure”. This hinted at laboratory, not factory, production. (aka, ‘There was no signature….it could’ve been made anywhere”).

Why would Putin risk the World Cup by poisoning two obscure double agents no longer of any strategic value, specially made just for them in a laboratory? How and why have the Skripals recovered? Why are they going into obscurity with new IDs directly under CIA protection? Why has no interview with them been allowed? Why did the UK’s Court of Protection Judge lie about the inaccessibility of Skripal relatives in Russia? Why would Assad use chemical weapons when he was winning without them? Why did the White Helmets hot foot it out of the Damascus area just before the ‘chemical attack’? How could a missile strike on any chemical weapons facility or factory not result in an appalling regional disaster? Why did two-thirds of the missiles in the eventual strike hit conventional Assad forces and infrastructure that had nothing to do with chemical weapons?

I’ve written from the outset that the RF may well have carried out the Skripal attack. But the British Government turned a routine event in the daily business of espionage into an international incident. Why? I have now seen enough evidence to strongly doubt any Assad involvement in the Douma gas attack. President Macron said he had proof, but never showed it. Why? Both Assad and Putin publicly predicted that there would be a staged ‘chemical attack’. Why?

Here’s another piece of delicious EUNATO ‘logic’: Putin has used a nerve gas to try and kill two double-agents on British soil… the answer obviously is to, within three weeks, bomb Assad who lives on Syrian soil in order to make it clear we disapprove.

And as luck would have it, Bashar Assad is a peabrain and Vladimir Putin is an insane nuclear nutcase gagging to start World War 3: so Assad ordered a suicidal attack, and Putin didn’t stop him. Well I’m blowed: the things these thick camel-jockeys and Russkie peasants get up to, eh?

And that probably explains why Putin has strengthened his forces in the area but not retaliated in any way. You know, the way you don’t when you’re a complete headcase.


You could collate all this evidence for averagely bright 12 year olds, and ask them in an exam to deconstruct the Western narrative. It would be yet another sign that exams are nowhere near as hard today as they were forty years ago.

It is the mediocre, badly-constructed, half-arsed equivalent of a geopolitical sieve. But this merely reflects the people behind it: MI5, Boris Johnson, John Bolton, the CIA and the 55 Labour MPs and 105 Tories and Liberal Democrats who sat on their hands, playing Westminster games with diluted motions when they should have gone for the jugular.

After the distortion came the distraction. Labour is an anti-Jewish neo-Nazi Party. Er, right….Tories are anti-Black neo-Nazi Powellite racists. That’s another hard day at the office….fancy a subsidised pint in the Members’ Bar, Charlie?


I will conclude if I may by staying within the evil Russian sphere of influence when summing up on the British political scene as follows. What we the Sovereign Citizens face at the next election is a choice between Tsar Nicholas II and Stalin.

Good luck with that one.