BREXIT: As May backs down, the EU’s broader crisis hots up

me1511172  All Theresa May needs to do at the moment is hold her nerve and prove the EUnatics wrong. If she continues to water down British independence, she will go down as the Prime Minister who snatched EU defeat from the jaws of Brexit victory…as, to all intents and purposes, a traitor. This is strong but appropriate language.


We all know, do we not, that Remainers never lie about the European Union? They never lied about the nature of people who voted Brexit either.

But a year after the Referendum vote, they were shown unequivocally to be liars en masse. And ironicallly, it was that European Union they so adore that – probably unwittingly – provided the proof for this.

Their running Omnibus surveys of UK attitudes to immigration show conclusively that, far from unleashing “a fury of racist abuse”, the Brits have become calmer about migrants since the Big Vote Remainers Deny. Word for word, the study concludes

‘UK attitudes towards immigration and free movement are noticeably more positive than before the referendum on June 2016……compared with Spring 2016, the number of respondents who consider immigration to be one of the two most important issues, both on an individual basis and facing the country as a whole, has halved’.

Vince Cable alleged that Brexiteers “embrace ‘nostalgia for a world where passports were blue, faces were white and the map was coloured imperial pink”. He lied. Polly Toynbee alleged that Brexit voters were “unleashing racist hate they are unable to control”. She lied. Tony Blair said that Brexit voters were “far more likely to be poorly educated bigots”. He lied.

The entire ‘wave of abuse and hate’ (Guardian) and ‘rising tide of racially motivated attacks on migrants’ (Independent) was a counterfeit. It never happened: there was a tiny blip immediately after the Referendum: but as the EU survey says, “those feeling ‘very negative’ about migrants fell from 19 to 11% in the year to November 2017.

No police force has been able to show any real evidence beyond the blip – noted by just four areas – and the majority of that data was based on unsubstantiated claims.

The whole thing was fake news from end to end. But of course, Remainers never lie; you see, “only the bad people voted Brexit”. It beggars belief that “educated” people of retirement age could come out with that sort of crap, but I heard it again and again in the weeks after the vote.

Only 21% in the latest poll were solid Remainers. A solid 7 out of 10 Brits now just want to get on with it. And Qualitative Research conducted by Tory Remainers suggests strongly that the behaviour of European Commission members during the negotiations has been a factor in moving  Remain into the Leave camp.

Even immediately after the vote, the Remoanoids were calling 52/48 “a draw”, and referring to themselves idiotically as “the 48%”. Yet as I posted at the timeonly the murder of Jo Cox made it that close: there is no question that the murder acted as a boost to those calling UKippers “f**king terrorists” on the streets after the killing. EU chief Verhofstadt (himself a corrupt carpetbagger) called the Brexit campaign “directly responsible for her death”. Yet regularly before her death, the Leaver lead stood at 56-44 – a very clear margin of victory.

The reason for a “terrorist” trial of her killer has never been anywhere near satisfactory.

But of course, all the bad people voted Brexit. Only the truthful, well-educated people voted to Remain.

Yet the incredible reality is – just as Theresa May engages in helping the fantasies of Euronuts come to pass on several levels – in Brussels itself the signs are that (as I have written before) already Italy is being seen as a bigger problem than Brexit. The anti-Euro feeling there is replicated in Poland, Hungary and other members of the former Eastern bloc. As Jeremy Warner writes in the Telegraph: 

‘an uncompetitive exchange rate, monetary union has made an already dire condition very much worse. Almost unbelievably, the economy hasn’t grown in nearly 20 years, a hiatus whose duration is unprecedented in the modern age.’ 

Remember: the same unholy mixture of idiots, fanatics and gravy-trainers who want to defy the electorate, water down Brexit now – and then reverse it later – would’ve welcomed the euro with open arms.

The Alt State didn’t want Brexit. The Mad Left didn’t want Brexit. Neither MI5, the CIA or Federica Mogherini wanted Brexit.

The holier-than-thou Remains want to turn the Referendum hiatus into a Neverendum. In doing so, they are allied with the mad, the bad, and the ugly.

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.