Funny Peculiar: the necrophilia of Grenfell Tower, and the quirkiness of Kate Hoey

Me4518ECU “Roll up, roll up, get your genuine Grenfell political cudgel ‘ere, ‘it a Tory wiv it, smash the Boss Class, condemn any & all reporting of subletting, air b&b use, false claims for rehousing & hillegal himmigrants among the death toll….free Windrush victim with every cudgel sold, what’s that? Millions of cheated pensioners? Nah sorry mate, don’t do that line, no call for it….what? Robinson moved to an Isamist prison….serves ‘im right, bloody fascist….Roll up, roll up….”
I’ve been on the side of the bullied and an opponent of unequal legal rights all my life. I live in the eurozone, I’ve lived in Communist countries, I’ve worked in the US. I’ve had to jump out of a death-trap fire, I was nearly killed in a privatised Rail disaster.
I should be putty in Labour’s hands. But I would no more vote for ANY Party frozen in a controlling ideology than go to live in Zimbabwe. And the last Party in the solar system I’d vote for is Corbynite Labour.

Here’s why: hypocrisy; cynicism; ignorance; John McDonnell; Owen Jones; David Lammy; Diane Abbott; EU adoration; radical feminism; commercial naivety;  Momentum; Antifa; but above all, the truly sociopathic way in which Labour will use, twist and big up every minority-group and/or Labour Group tragedy, while self-censoring the plight of Britons they sense will not vote Labour.

Corbynista Labour is a globalist, reactionary and crypto-Stalinist engaging the acquisition of power by stealth.

As of course is the globalist, reactionary and crypto-Friedmanite “Conservative” Party. The British political class is a gigantic tribute to Dorian Gray. It is suffering from necrophilia by proxy:

There are some noble and notable exceptions to this rule. One is the Labour MP Kate Hoey. Today in The Guardian, Zoe Williams headlines a vicious attack on Kate, headlined ‘Kate Hoey’s quirks are no longer funny – she should resign’.

You see, Ms Hoey is an object of fun and “quirky” because she supports Brexit. Zerobrain Zoe commences her article with a staggering fiction: ‘The Labour Brexiter is completely out of tune with anyone who votes for her’.

Kate has been the member for a socially eclectic and pretty tough London seat – Vauxhall – for thirty years. It is one of Britain’s most ethnically diverse constituencies. Since 1989, she has increased her majority from 9,100 to 20,200 votes. Throughout Labour’s wilderness years and since, Kate Hoey has moved Vauxhall on from being a solid seat to an unassailable Labour fortress. But she has done this by the dignity and common sense of her policy stances – not by mutating into just one more robotic lump of Lobby fodder.

To be so out of tune with what The People want and one of the most popular Labour MPs in history is indeed a remarkable achievement. Somehow, she has managed to transmute quirky eccentricity into popular (not populist) appeal over three decades. Oh what the mediaeval alchemists wouldn’t have given for a sorcerer in the same class as Kate. If, of course, you accept the view of Zoe Williams.

A little background is in order here. Over the last ten years, the circulation and readership of The Guardian has dropped like no other medium in the British newspaper business. Zoe’s phrase ‘completely out of tune with anyone’ is by far the most obvious reason for this: Big G is reduced to a begging-bowl policy online not because it has no paywall (a surreal excuse at the best of times) but because it has increasingly alienated every free-thinking, decent and practical voter in the United Kingdom. It employs scriveners like Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee and Zoe Williams. It invites its fashion editor to dress Jones up in designer clothes…somehow imagining that this is of the remotest interest to anyone firmly grounded to the Earth’s surface. It is in fact The Guardian that is “quirky and no longer funny”.

While Guardian columnists were engaged in communal onanism during Kate Hoey’s thirty years in Parliament, this is what the Ulster-born MP has been up to:

She has supported Roots & Shoots, a vocational training centre for young people in Lambeth ,  the Outward Bound charity, stricter controls on immigration, tougher welfare reform, withdrawal from the European Union, the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association, English votes for English Laws, grammar schools, marriage tax allowances, and free schools.

She has opposed the government of Robert Mugabe, EU federalism, the Good Friday Agreement, calling it “unsustainable”, BBC anti-Brexit bias, Lycra-lout cyclists in London, the Iraq War, and the replacement of Trident.

From where I sit, I’d say very few MPs could match that record of independence, prescience and sound judgement.

But Zoe has decided Kate Hoey is beyond redemption because, ‘…never once have I heard her sound remotely in tune with anything that was important to her voters….[she) waved away the Good Friday Agreement like someone on a radio phone-in who only just woke up and can’t remember Tuesday, let alone 1998….[she is] shamelessly unabashed by the fact that she represents no one in whose name she takes her power; it is without principle.’

So: Hoey is out there on a moon of Saturn, a braindead phone-in addict and completely unrepresentative. It’s just that – by sheer bad luck – the Good Friday Agreement has morphed into a crock, Robert Mugabe raped Zimbabwe, the EU is a neo-corporate State, people are clamouring to get their kids into Grammar schools, the Iraq war was based on lies, and the entire Vauxhall electorate went utterly tonto and (for some reason we cannot fathom) more than doubled Kate’s majority.

Crawl on your belly, Kate Hoey. What a horrid unprincipled bitch you are. Your constituents want liberal women beheaded, but you ignore them. My God, how can you live with yourself?

How the Guardian became history by ignoring history