BREXIT EXPLOSIVE: Black Friday looms as May runs out of can-kicking road

methoughtful Theresa May is a girl who likes to please. She tries to please the House of Commons, the House of Lords, both wings of the Conservative Party, the EC negotiators in Brussels, and the 17.4 million majority voters who put a cross next to ‘Leave’. It could be called a collaborationist attempt to embrace The Many Not the Few. In reality, it is the same cowardice as that displayed by those who collaborated with the Nazis in Europe after May 1940.


Leaks from several sources – on Twitter, at the BBC and in Brussels – are suggesting that Theresa May has signed an EU Council document granting the UK the right to stay in the European Union and keep its MEPs after March 29th 2019 if no Brexit “deal” has been achieved by then.

If you’re naive and suffering from primary senses deprivation, you will see this as a sound insurance policy to fall back on. If you’re a Remainer, you will see it as a massive victory. If you want to “Leave” the EU, then the only thing you should see in this news (if confirmed) is a large flashing red light.

A degree in human nature is not required in order to ask the following highly pertinent questions:

  • Is this an open invitation to Brussels to keep on keeping on with its policy of rejection alongside raising questions nobody can solve?
  • Does this give carte blanche to every Baron Adonis to keep on repeating that it is OK to ignore the People’s Will?
  • Is this another excuse for everyone from Belgium to Finland to turn down any “agreed” deal for gratuitously spurious reasons?

The reality of this May signature – and I think we now need a categorical denial from Number Ten if it’s just another baseless rumour – is that it delivers exactly what the EUnatics want: a continuing inflow of UK contributions into infinity while every proposal is debated to destruction.

This recent Matt cartoon makes the point with amusing clarity:


During the last eight years of Theresa at the Home Office and then in Number Ten, I think we have established beyond any reasonable doubt that she is a stranger to the linked values of liberty, clarity, judgement, bravery, decency and compassion necessary if we are to rescue and restore what’s left of our democracy.

Above all – coming down to Earth here – the conclusion on Mrs May has to be that she is more slippery than snot on a glass doorknob. You’d have an easier job lassoing ether than you would tying her down to a meaningfully consistent policy objective.

But in a little over 36 hours, she will face a Cabinet Crunch meeting. Foolishly, she has trailed the document for discussion (on our future relationship with the EU) as “the best of all worlds”.

When it comes to real Brexit, there is no such thing. Whatever she proposes, it cannot please Remainiacs, purist Brexiteers and Brussels bullies all at the same time.

Only a change of Government without an election is going to achieve that. Such a government would be in a doomed minority in the Commons….and therein lies the truly insoluble brain-teaser Theresa May faces: the UK political class is woefully out of touch with the British electorate.

Nothing and nobody can hide that for much longer.