OUSTING MAY: how you can help get rid of an Enemy of the People this weekend

me1511172  If you are a disappointed Brexiteer, don’t expect “somebody else” to remove the unrepentant, lying Remainer Theresa May from office. You have a direct opportunity this coming weekend to help Conservative opponents of the Chequers Proposal to bring it down in the Commons on Monday.


The Conservative Party is an odd cove at the best of times, but its rules about electing  leaders are something of a maze that can, if you’re cunning, be avoided by acclamation “for the good of the Party”. When somebody (for the sake of argument, Theresa May) needs to be urgently removed for the good of the country, it’s even more difficult a process without taking very high risks.

If a group of people want to be shot of someone who ought to be shot (for the sake of argument, Theresa May) they can no longer rely on the pre-Major system whereby a few corpulent blokes took the person to one side and said, “Please go now with dignity, otherwise we shall be forced to humiliate you”.

In 2018, 15% of Tory MPs need to send a signed letter to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, currently the Manchester MP Graham Brady. That means the rebels rounding up 48 MPs virulently opposed to the despised leader (for the sake of argument, Theresa May) in order to set up vote of No Confidence in that leader.

But here’s the rub: if the the leader wins the vote – and 51 to 49 would do – then the cuckoo at the top (for the sake of argument, Theresa May) cannot be challenged for another year. By which time, the UK might have been annexed by Germany. And just to heighten the risk still further, the No Confidence vote doesn’t extend to the wider Church of Conservative Party members; so even if the Alt State stooge (for the sake of argument, Theresa May) is viscerally hated by the Party’s grassroots……hard luck.

In a rare wise move, therefore, the Johnson/Davis/Rees-Mogg ginger group have eschewed such a shit-or-bust route. Instead, they have chosen (along with biggish beasts like Owen Patterson) to sign and table four key amendments to the Chequers Proposal. Their defeat would, at a stroke, chops the balls off the May Plan.

Given the Labour (whipped) policy of voting down the Chequers capitulation, parliamentary arithmetic suggests no majority for Mrs Pillowcase when the bill comes back to the Commons on Monday next.


This is how we can get back some of the democracy that’s been stolen from us: 

Email your Conservative MP and make it plain that you expect full backing for the amendments, and the early departure of Theresa May from 10 Downing Street. That will ensure that MP concerns about the Prime Minister are relayed to the Whips, and then via them to the PM herself. (If your MP is from another Party, send your email to the local Conservative Party Association).

This is one of very few windows left to us as a means of stopping the conversion of Britain into a vassal State. Please – grasp it with both hands.