Trump, Juncker, Olly Robbins and the coup d’état against Brexit

metoday4The meeting between POTUS and POTEC today had all the makings of an oil and water session. But Theresa May’s typically insensitive coup against the British Leaver majority leaves Dominic Raab as an oily rag, and installs Olly Robbins as a Noilly Prat in charge of licking the unmentionable parts of EC depravity. In order to avoid total rage, The Slog takes a generally hilarious view of the duty dereliction involved.


The temperature hit 38° here today, with very little humidity and no clouds to offer respite. I spent much of the morning shouting at Bosch’s repair centre near Paris (the French workforce take their annual holidays en masse from mid July until the end of August, and every year this comes as a surprise to the business sector) half an hour ringing the woodman (he hadn’t turned up because some drunken lunatic driver collided with him head-on) and then nearly two hours after lunch trying to get a fronded tree to avoid collapsing under its own weight. It was not so much weeping as having a full-on arboreal breakdown.

I had to jack the branches up half a dozen at a time with step-ladders, and then lasso them with green rope, secured by hammering an old steel pole into the ground. If it sounds like tremendous fun to you, it felt like total dehydration to me. Afterwards, I went for a brief siesta that turned into what most people would call a half-decent night’s sleep. I have not as yet been brave enough to remove the step-ladders and see what happens: could be a case of the first ever launch of a rusty pole into orbit, I cannot at this juncture predict, as such. Stay tuned.

This intro explains why today’s Slogpost is late.


Before all these chores gobbled up my day, I had the joy of reading that J-C Juncker – one of the greatest economic protectionists in modern history – was about to meet the President of the United States….in order to berate him for his protectionist tendencies. I shook my head slowly on reading the “build up” to the Big Moment, which probably features on Trump’s daily schedule as a brief gnat’s bite on his capacious backside, but one easily treated with just one brief spray of ozone-depleting pain relief.

I was also reminded by the increasingly unreadable Maily Telegraph that, as from tomorrow, all British MPs go away on hols until September. Not many jobs come with that perk, but then that’s legislators for you. However, it seems that the Cabinet has been excused family holidays (trebles all round) because Cap’n Theresa of the Mayflower has decreed that all those faithful to the Vichy collaborationist cause must careen about the UK and Europe explaining why an abject surrender to anything Brussels wants is in fact a clean, soft, real, red white and blue Brexit, or whatever else Olly Robbins might be calling it next week.

The common factors between these two news stories are as follows: trade agreements, the EU, and power-crazed bureaucrats.


Jean-Claude Juncker is, as most of you already know, the unelected President of the European Commission. There is no elected President of the European Union, because to allow for such a thing would tempt the 28 EU electorates to make all kinds of silly mistakes, for example President Trump. The functionaries who designed the EU did not do so in order that The People would have a regular chance to dismiss their fantasies. The Pilgrim Fathers designed the US Electoral College with the same view in mind….but spookily enough, this was the part of the accepted US general election structure that The Donald won hands down. Ever since, America’s self-appointed pram-dwelling Opposition has been refusing to accept it. In 2020, I doubt very much if this will be a good look.

Mr Juncker – unencumbered as he is by accountability – nevertheless has a serious back and locomotion problem that causes him to slap colleagues across the face at regular intervals, and then fall over after a few pints of Bouchard Pere et fils Vosne Romanée. As Prime Minister of Luxembourg he oversaw – with commendable diligence – broad scale tax evasion by refugees from Russia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, China and the US corporate sector.

When this hugely successful sovereign tax-haven strategy began to be threatened by little EU member Cyprus pulling the same stunt, Jean-Claude and his new best friend Mario ‘Coffin’ Draghi moved in to destroy the Cypriot banking system, and suggest to those affected by this piracy that they shuld return to growing potatoes. (Not before, I hasten to add, warning the EC’s Russian oligarch friends of what was afoot).

Now you might say that this makes J-C Juncker a cast-iron EU Approved steaming drunken hypocrite. For myself, I can only say that – in dealing with a protectionist maverick – Mr Drunker came to the meeting with President Trump better prepared than most.

Prior to the White House session, Donald Trump engaged in his now familiar tactic of addressing the public via social media, pointing out in relatively restrained terms that he was less than impressed with the EU as a trading bloc. Whatever you might make of the curate’s egg now occupying the Oval Office, Trump is a master of placing opponents on the back foot.

For once, he is also clinically accurate in his assessment of the EU/US trading relationship: while Brussels’ exports to America are massive (it is the biggest German export market by far) in global terms US exports to the EU are minor league.

The British Establishment lacks The Donald’s guile in such matters. It also has no finger at all on the pulse of popular opinion. Nothing illustrates this more effectively than developments in the UK Brexit saga over the last 36 hours.


In comparison to both Trump and Juncker, the British “team” taking over negotiations with the good burghers of Brussels has no discernment whatsoever about negotiation theory in general, and the true nature of the EU mindset in particular. All they (or rather, two of them) know is the art of the political chest-stabbing coup d’état.

On Tuesday afternoon, the decision was taken by the British Alt State to formalise the final victory of Remainers in the battle to ignore the Brexit wishes of the electorate in favour of the demands of all Globalists, be they of Left or Right persuasion. The Department for Brexit has been disbanded, and the negotiating process taken over by Cap’n May herself, along with her newly appointed (ie, equally unelected) very uncivil servant, Oliver Robbins….and the newly-corrupted former Leaver Dominic Raab.

Never in the field of political conflict have so many million voters been betrayed by so few opponents of liberal democracy


What does all this mean? Just this: with ClubMed and Eastern EU member States in various stages of fiscal failure and rebellion, the arrival of a protectionist POTUS makes the Brussels position perilous in general, and the future of its single currency something close to living-dead Zombie status.

In brief, the UK has the European Commission over a barrel. But instead of exploiting that in the furtherance of national self-determination and genuine electoral democracy, the Cabinet + Whitehall viscerally anti-Brexit cabal has chosen the route of siding with remote, globalist illiberal élitism.

This tells every discerning Brit that there has not only been a coup d’état against Brexit; there has been a more profound coup against the principle of elective democracy.

There is no getting away from this, no matter how Alastair Campbell, Baron Adonis, Angela Leadsom, Tony Blair, John Major, Hilary Benn, Philip Hammond and the majority of the British LibLeft try to spin public opinion. The fact is, public opinion was given its chance in June 2016, and elected to leave the European Union.

This directive has been ignored by the political class. Now – not next week, not soon, not in March 2019 – the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit need to put the defeat of dictatorial hubris before annual holidays

Next Sunday marks the beginning of Newt Week. Before you start clambering over each other in an attempt to celebrate this event, however, it behoves me to remind you all that the French laptop keyboard places w next to x.