A POST-BREXIT BRITAIN: yes, of course it will be hard work.Why are we suddenly afraid of that?

me1511172 Lying was a central feature on all sides of the 2016 EU Referendum in Britain. Lying has played a central part in every General Election there since the Second World War. There will, very probably, be no Brexit in the real sense of the term, ie, Sovereign Brexit. But if there were, it would not be easy. It would not be the human disaster predicted by Remainer hysterics, because the SME share of our economy remains strong. But it would require a totally new vision of rebalanced gdp in the UK – away from City services and mass immigration, and towards more focus on high margin manufacturing and food self-sufficiency. As FDR famously said in 1933, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.


I will try and get two facts up front at the outset today. First, as I told several of their movers and shakers at the time, at the last General Election UKIP made a catastrophic mistake in standing aside and putting their faith in the word of the Tory Party re delivering “real” Brexit. Not only did it give Corbyn a success story upon which his credibility is still largely based, it also sent the Kippers spiralling down into irrelevance. Today their level of support is 6%….low, but higher than the 2% of six months ago.

The bottom line is, with no Farage and a weak UKIP, only direct “strike” action of some kind by The People is going to deliver any kind of Sovereign Brexit. I hear daily reports of a Tory grassroots putsch being planned to oust May. We shall see.

The second fact is designed to put an endless moan to sleep on the grounds that it would represent a mercy killing, not a little of the mercy heading in my direction. The Remainers lied about the depth of horror that would face post-Brexit Britain, and the Leavers lied about how easy it would be to live without the EU.

Nobody told the truth – that we will not become a 1941 siege centre of mass starvation and shortages; and neither will we be millionaires living fat off the savings made by no longer being under the rule of distant bureaucratic wastrels with delusions of Imperial glory.

Churchill lied about Labour tyranny in 1945. Macmillan lied about British decline in 1959. Wilson lied about the Pound’s value in 1966. Heath lied about price cutting in 1970. Thatcher lied about cuttting unemployment in 1979, and again about education/NHS investment in 1983. Major lied about raising standards in public life in 1992. Blair lied about everything in 1997, especially education. Cameron lied about cutting national debt and immigration in 2010, and yet again in 2015. May lied about Brexit meaning Brexit in 2017.

In 1975, the pro-EEC referendum winners lied about the Federalist intentions of the European Commission. And both sides lied in the 2016 re-run.

Politicians lie to prevail and take power. The Remoaner insistence on nullifying the 2016 referendum because politicians lied is rather like wanting the England semi-final defeat reversed because Croatia turned up with eleven players. It is insanely illogical, cynical, and – as always with LibLeft élitists – based on the unconscious belief many of them share that “the voters” are unutterably stupid and must be saved from themselves.


Having thus established that the referendum result must stand but isn’t going to be converted into meaningful action, I want if I may to put that extreme likelihood to one side and examine, if Brexit really did happen, what our chances of success would be.

Frustrated Leavers would say, “It all depends on whether Parliament’s heart is in it”, and I accept that to an extent. But really, it depends mostly on the citizens themselves. Do we Britons really still have a culture of resourcefulness, or have two generations of unwarranted self congratulation, globalist power and forced egalitarian education erased the entrepreneurial spirit forever?


My unequivocal answer is that it is mainly the Remainer élitists in the LibLeft  phalanx who believe in their power to change human personality by cultural structures and infinite amounts of pointless legislation*. 

A generation is coming through at the moment where sloppy education and haut-bourgeois parental influences have produced some archetypes usually lumped together as “millennials”. But the vast majority of those born in the UK since circa 1990 have matured in a world where “ordinary citizens” truly are on their own because no part of government (elected or otherwise) does anything to help young, sick and disabled people any more.

In that context, far from being in decline, Britain’s small business sector is in very good shape – despite globalist lobbying trying to wipe it out. There were a record 5.7 million SMEs at the start of 2017….an increase of 197,000 since 2016, and 2.2 million more than in 2000. (A staggering 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2017 were small or medium-sized [SMEs]). Their combined annual turnover was £1.9 trillion, which represents 51% of all private sector turnover in the UK.

However, a lot more can be done for such vibrant entrepreneurs in terms of simplified tax returns, reduced business rates, and help to focus on lucrative export (especially Asian) markets beyond the EU. A Conservative Party of the ideologically neoliberal globalist process mindset – a dominant feature of it today – is not going to be able either mentally or financially to provide that help….and I entertain worrying near-certainties that Corbynista theologians wouldn’t know such a thing is even necessary, let alone which way to hold up the product involved.

A real Brexit would at last force the UK to accept that a 70% services economy is a recipe for disaster, as and when financialised faux-capitalism starts to self-destruct. Our manufacturing output is now down 8.5% of gdp, and our agriculture at a near microscopic 1.65%.

Despite this, however, switching to much higher margin craftsman-made manufacturing targeted at the developing Asian middle class would transform the nation’s trade deficit very quickly; and putting far more investment into farm training and land use would make the United Kingdom largely self-sufficient in food at a 3% gdp level providing mass immigration is at last brought under control.

The formula isn’t rocket science, it just requires focused will. All the elements, in fact, of genuine as opposed to counterfeit Brexit: control of our fishing, more investment in agriculture, reducing our dependence on the London City, more faith in entrepreneurs, bigger tax contributions from globalist business and banking, sophisticated marketing to extra-European markets, and training of our home-grown youth as the far better and blatantly obvious alternative to lax rules on immigration.

The two Establishment Parties at Westminster – and the entire Whitehall class – would be implacably opposed to such an approach.

Join up the dots, and get real: either they go, or we’re going down the S-bend.