JEREMY CORBYN: denying the past doth not a future hero make

methoughtful Jeremy Corbyn’s carefully Momentum-constructed image as a higher order of honest, egalitarian and pacific political leader is well and truly busted. Those who cling to him as The Last Hope will never accept that reality. But to those with an open mind, he is a fringe politician with a long history of nurturing extreme causes, minority interests and violent protest. Just because the media are out to get him doesn’t mean he’s innocent.


Now that everyone is at the game of redefining words and normalising the abnormal, it’s good to see that – after a lifetime of cleaving only to tiny minority fringe groups – Jeremy Corbyn has at long last joined the mainstream truth-benders. Throughout the three years since he ran rings round the Milibrown Tonies (not to be confused with the Blaircam Tories) Jezzer has both redefined and normalised his entire career. As if his life was about to end, Mr Corbyn has seen his whole life flash before him…..and “changed” just about everything in it.

Let’s get something upfront at the outset: there is no doubt in my mind that the Establishment press has been out to demonise Jeremy of Nazareth from Day One. The Murdoch Group in particular has smeared him at every opportunity, ditto the Express and Mail…with the Telegraph piling in whenever it was ordered so to do. There is an issue of freedom of speech (and the right to hold unpopular views) which is at the core of every healthy democracy. But my problem with Jesus of Islington is threefold.

First, he is now part of a popularity contest, and he is hard at it. He has directed and approved the attempt by Momentum (an organisation not even affiliated to the Labour Party) to present him as the Messiah who comes with factory-fitted loaves, fishes, wine transmutation and tickets to Paradise. In following this present path of populism, he is now forced to keep wriggling out of his past. This is not the action of an honest and principled man. To first of all insist on his democratic rights, and then pretend he never used them to fraternise with undesirables, is a double hypocrisy.

Second, I keep seeing the standard foulmouthed, spittle-hurling from Corbyn’s followers on Twitter about “a witch hunt”. This is fair enough, because that is indeed what the majority of British and global media is engaged in. The problem is, it seems highly likely that, based on his track record, Our Jeremy is, um, a witch. Corresponding with Oliver Letwin on the subject of Andy Coulson a few years back, I felt obliged to point out that the flaw in his defence was guilt. (More of the new JC’s guilt follows)

Third, it is hard to reconcile the way Jeremy Corbyn began his Labour leadership with the man we see before us today. He said he wanted more dignity in politics, for PMQs to be more in tune with ordinary people’s concerns, and to increase the level of public trust in the truthfulness of Parliamentary debate. But what he has shown, sadly, is a willingness to emit bromides about Royal weddings, ignore people’s concerns about immigration, and be scurrilously opportunistic in his attempt to ride bandwagons like Grenfell Tower, Windrush, Votes at 16, and the Brexit negotiation shambles.


Let us us start where we end, in fact: at Brexit, and the sorry history of our sovereign relationship with the European Union. I have yet to write to, talk with or simply ask a single MP (existing or former) in the House of Commons who believes that Mr Corbyn feels anything other than undiluted enmity towards the EU. From Kate Hoey downwards (and it really is downwards after Kate Hoey) they have all said the same thing: “When it came to fringe groups and public gatherings opposed to the EU, Jeremy was an ever-present and voluble critic of everything Brussels stands for”.

Now he simply evades discussion of the topic. He claims he voted to Remain, which is a pretty disgraceful abandonment of core principles; and if he lied about that, then the same judgement applies. But his attitude to the EU will catch up with him if Britain stays in, because several of his policies wouldn’t fly with Brussels. Further, if he continued with Brexit when in power, Labour too would be in crisis. Meanwhile, he’s very happy for the Tories to take all the flak and face an irreparable split on the issue. Because he’s a politician.

Throughout his public life, JC has claimed his democratic right to speak out. He has always supported a more direct form of democracy, and the last system likely to deliver that is the existing FPTP constituency system. Yet now he supports FPTP. Why? Because a move to PR would vastly increase the number of seats held by (and the appeal of) a new Centre Party and UKIP. So Jeremy defends the indefensible….in return for power. Because he’s a politician.

That he befriended (and approved of) violent enemies of the British way of life cannot be denied by calling the UK media set biased: it is biased against him, but matters of public record with strong photographic evidence are facts, not smears. He was a supporter of the IRA, and never once condemned their use of violence. He refuses to condemn the Hard Left Venezuelan leader’s huge curtailment of Opposition freedom. He refused to condemn Momentum when it reversed its pacifist stance. He never criticises Recep Erdogan, because the Turkish leader is virulently anti-Israel and a pretty obvious Islamist. And now, of course, we have the ever-changing tale of his attendance at a remembrance for the Jihadists who murdered Jewish athletes at the German Olympics: “I didn’t know it was a remembrance…..I didn’t lay a wreath, oh hang on, there I am moving the wreath, er…but I didn’t inhale”. He denies the obvious nature of his past, because it’s unpopular with everyone beyond his clique. Because he’s a politician.

I would think it extremely unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn is a “real” anti-Semite. But he doesn’t recognise the State of Israel, he supports the appeasement of Iran, and he does have many in his circle who are Petrified Left haters of all things Jewish. For the British Left to deny that tradition really is the ultimate in redefined normality: they have always hated financiers, and such people are overwhelmingly Jewish compared to the tiny percentage of the UK population they represent. Alan Sugar understands this perfectly well, which is why as a lifelong Labour voter he is so anti-Corbyn.

As usual, the Jewish lobby is being hysterical about it, but then the Islamic lobby is also demanding that Boris Johnson be thrown out of the Conservative Party and undergo some form of ideological lobotomy….simply because he wrote an article against banning the Burka, while admitting he thought it a ridiculous garment. Corbyn is with the Mob on that one, because BoJo would be a more difficult leader to beat than Theresa May – and Jeremy now has the scent of power in his nostrils. Because he is a politician.


The Labour leader is where he is today because Ed Miliband thought it would be a good idea to ‘democratise’ the Leadership voting franchise to include all Labour Party members. But for many decades now – all the way back to the People’s Republic of Lambeth – Labour members have been dominated by activist infiltrators from the extreme Left. Joe Stalin said, “History is made by those who turn up”, and activist wonks never fail to turn up when there’s a chance to vote. Sadly, wonks bear no resemblance whatsoever to the mass of Labour voters. For the great majority of them, Owen Jones is a silly little pillock of no importance who knows Fanny Adams about how they think and what they feel.

Jeremy is also where he is thanks to the crass decision by UKIP to stand aside in 2017. That brought a windfall of former Kippers back into the Labour fold – on the basis of “Anyone but May” – but they too have nothing in common with the clique that has hijacked the Party, and is now busy trying to purge it of “revisionist” elements.

Mr Corbyn has little freedom of movement within either the PLP or the habitual Labour voter, who is (I understand) appalled by the decision to deselect Kate Hoey. He also must – whatever Smoothie McDonnell says – accept that the Alt States running the planet will give him zero room for maneouvre: at the first sight of Soviet Socialist thinking being put into practice, Wall Street, the CIA, MI6 and Mossad will all be on his back, the financial community will rack up Britain’s cost of borrowing, and the currency dealers will crucify Sterling. But it’s an academic question: every single poll since he became Leader has told the same story: mathematically – and with more effort from UKIP plus the SNP and Scottish Tories – Corbyn Labour hasn’t a hope in Hell of forming a majority Government.

Ultimately, JC has none of the credentials to lead Britain into the future with a fresh attitude. He is a 1960s IS radical preserved in amber, and thus unable to move on…or indeed, move at all. He has been fortunate enough to face foolish enemies and naively desperate voters. But that won’t last: if the media Right and the anti-Brexit Blairites don’t get him, then the immigration question (and his chequered past) will.