At the End of the Day

mesmile It’s a long time since I used to hits-watch, and then post something – anything – to keep the averages up. It’s a phase all sound bloggers grow out of…..once they realise that the truly loyal core of followers prefer quality to quantity.

It’s nearly 48 hours since I posted anything, but having covered preferred sources over that time – and engaged yet again in the never-ending search for now perspectives – my conclusion is that the holiday silly-season is now in full swing: there is little or nothing to add.

But tonight, I want to raise (not for the first time) an issue in relation to the redefinition of reality

It’s a tricky area: in the USSR, people who disagreed with the Party Line were frequently confined to mental institutions in an alleged bid to “correct” their personal definition of reality. In fact, this was nothing more than a way to persuade the West that Soviet apparatchiks did indeed have compassion. It stands today as an example of the criminally insane trying desperately to signal virtue in relation to free-thinking human beings they were mad enough to see as criminally insane.

“Nothing is real” say the Buddhists, and they may well be right. But in the day to day existence that does not consist of trying to hear the sound of toenails growing, there are many physical realities on planet Earth. These include:

  • Men do not have periods. Not even tranny Men
  • Men cannot have babies. Not even tranny Men
  • Male homosexual behaviour need not be abhorrent, but mathematically, it is aberrent
  • The EU is not without illegality in its actions, and dictatorial tendencies
  • JFK was not mortally wounded by a bullet from behind, because human brains assaulted by such missiles do not spill out their contents backwards
  • If in 45 years out of 46, a trading nation makes a clear and objectively documented loss on its interaction with a free-trade bloc, something is very badly wrong
  • Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin disapproved of power transference based on family genealogy, and so they would have excoriated the North Korean regime
  • Satellite photography proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Earth is a sphere, not a disc
  •  The UK’s Wilberforce Act of 1833 abolished the traffic in negro slaves. African slave traders continued to supply the US Confederate States for two decades more
  • Labour Hard Gay Owen Jones was born in 1984, and has never smashed an armed Nazi in his life.

And yet, 3D humans existing in the only 3D Universe we know of continue to argue that the above are debatable points.

They continue to argue, for example, that only Caucasian humans are racist, that the benign adoption of the mores of another culture represents appropriation by theft, that there is no such thing as a money tree when every central bank prints new leaves daily, that excusing the political violence of allies makes a person worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, and that “helping” an EU member nation involves leaving it with even more unrepayable debt than when “help” arrived.

This is no longer the world as advertised when I came into it seventy years ago.


Much of my time in the communications profession was spent learning and then practising the principles of market research. If there is one major thing missing from our social landscape in the World today – for are we not told our planet is a Global Village? – it is a solid quantification of how many human beings buy into these illusions offered to them by the Alt State prestidigitateurs.

The time for conducting such a study is long overdue. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of Russians, North Americans, Europeans, South Americans, Australasians, Indians and Asians outside China and North Korea would find such beliefs risible. But that a horrifying percentage of Westminster MPs, Washington legislators, Brussels bureaucrats, Whitehall prigs, Wall Street movers, African leaders and Central Bankers would endorse whole tracts of such insupportable codswallop.

As the late but little lamented News of the World used to write, “I think we should be told”.