Orban or not to ban: why decent people in the West support Hungary.

methink2Most MEPs, NATO, the European Commission, George Soros, the CIA and the vast majority of the West’s MSM support the European Union in its determination to get rid of Viktor Orban and bring Hungarian nationalism to heel. Those groups alone represent seven excellent reasons to support the government in Budapest. The Hungarians have been screwed royally by Versailles, the Germans, and the Russians over the last century. They are not going to give up their hard-fought freedom now.


One of the purposes of free speech in the blogosphere is to fill in the gaps left by whores working in the Western mainstream media. It’s important to do this while we still can, because – via various subterfuges – our mediocre bloc-leaders intend that we should either be told lies, or nothing at all. Neoliberal globalism is, we’re told, about choice.

Being neither neoliberal or socialist, but rather a person who prefers benign nationalism and democratically mutual localism to oppressive systemic ideologies, I continue to prefer cognitive dissidence to cognitive dissonance. That is my choice, and I will continue to exercise it until somebody shuts me up.

In another demonstration of its ability to goose-step on a human face, the European Parliament last Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to condemn the Hungarian majority Party Fidesz (and its leader Viktor Orban) for displaying “declining democratic values”.

It is impossible to overstate the obscene hypocrisy in this charge. Here we see an unelected power centre based in Brussels dictating its own version of facts as “directives”  – to MEPs often elected by the votes of under 50% of the electorate. These latter have absolutely no history of overruling their bureaucratic masters, but instead vote again and again to demand that EU citizens “think again” when they say “no” to the European Commission in referendums. At other times (in relation to Greece during 2010) elections are bluntly forbidden, and at other times still (Greece again) overwhelming votes by the populace are ignored, and undermined by the illegal use of the unaccountable powers vested in the European Central Bank.

So as nobody in the docile Western MSM is going to broadcast Viktor Orban’s response to the gang-rape of Hungarian values, there follows a key extract from it:

“I know that you have already formed your opinions. I know that the majority of you will vote in favour of the report….I also know that my contribution now will not sway your opinions. Yet still I have come here – because you are not about to denounce a government, but a country and a people….You will denounce the Hungary which rose and took up arms against the world’s largest army, against the Soviets, which made the highest sacrifice for freedom and democracy, and – when it was needed – opened its borders to its East German brothers and sisters in distress….What you are claiming is no less than saying that the Hungarian people are not sufficiently capable of being trusted to judge what is in their own interests. You think that you know the needs of the Hungarian people better than the Hungarian people themselves….” 

By contrast, the person they accuse of pursuing the decline in “democratic values” has been – via undisputed universal suffrage among  Hungarian citizens – recently been sworn in for the fourth time in five opportunities as the Prime Minister…with far more votes behind him than any other single Party.

Hungary is one of the few EU member States with a population smaller than that of Greece. For those who follow the the “democratic values” of the European Commission, it will come as no surprise to see that the two members Brussels has chosen to bully have two things in common: they choose to dissent from geopolitical neo-fascism, and they have little real economic power to flex against those who casually assume that Might is Right, and the “weak” must be punished.

Leading the social media charge of triumphalist control freaks against Orban is Guy Verhofstadt, a man who failed to declare Greek business interests when smearing Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras during 2011, and last week slandered the Hungarian PM without apology, at the same time condescendingly informing the Hungarian People that they “deserved better” than Viktor Orban. It is a very odd person indeed who – knowing little or nothing about Hungarian culture and history – would presume to preach to an electorate about whom it ought to deserve. But then, such has always been the way with the bubble-dwellers in Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin.


The struggle going on here has been relegated to the provincial theatre level because NATO, the EC and federal militarists like Federica Mogherini prefer it that way. They spin the facts to pin Orban’s wings to a notice-board that announces the latest list of those who are racist bigots. Even this is a fantastic lie disseminated with the aid of tainted Soros money. Viktor Orban is an empiricist and student of cultural history who offers two opinions, neither of which are racist: first, that he thinks Europe is hugely underestimating the potential damage of uncontrolled immigration from people who do not either respect or recognise European pluralist democracy; and second, the rise and rise of militant Islam is something a small nation like Hungary (given its past) is not prepared to let into its future.

But the real fight – on the geopolitical Stage where citizens only get into the crowd-scenes – is of far greater significance for the Human Race. Because Viktor Orban is not an illiberal anti-democratic East European bigot; on the contrary, he is a voice for Radical Reality on Earth. He thinks nothing but bad can come from either Communist or Neoliberal ideologies globally applied, because he grasps that compassion for people is more important than inflexible, intolerant systemics.

Orban tells crooked American banks to get the Hell out. He tells Soros and his Central European University dupes to get the Hell out. He tells Brussels europhile fiscal idiots to get the Hell out. And he shows up the Hungarian Opposition for what much of it is: the last remaining DNA of the Soviet Union apparatchiks who have blended so well into the European Union alongside the likes of Angela Merkel, José Manuel Barroso, and British MP Lord Mandelson….all three of whom were enthusiastic card-carrying Communists in their youth.

The fight that Hungary and its leader have on their hands is the fight to stop the triumph of SuperState process over national and community creativity. It is the fight to protect the vulnerable from the privileged, the average human from the stultifying effects of financialised global capitalism, and the Rule of Law from creeping politicisation.

Above all, I think, Viktor Orban is a man who dares to dissent from fanciful multiculturalism – an idea with an appalling track record from Ireland via Africa to India and Great Britain. He is a champion of good governance that promotes the greatest fulfillment of the greatest number. I have no idea if he is aware of the philosophy of Jeremy Bentham: but even as an unconscious Benthamite, he has my support.


As such, he deserves the support of all those nations engaged today in the unequal tug-of-war between citizen freedom on the one hand, and the increasingly concentrated ownership of politicians, bureaucrats and the media by multinational banking, big business and the security services on the other. And it is worth remembering that neither he nor others who share his vision can rely on the “liberal” Left: for they would happily defeat such a hegemony….only to replace it with their own.

If you are sick to death of being told that wealth trickles down, austerity promotes growth, for the community as a whole to flourish 3% of citizens must become obscenely rich, Communism has never been given a proper chance, Basshar Assad gases his own people for no reason, mass African migration into the EU promotes positive diversity, Putin is a bigger threat to world peace than Texan oil and the Pentagon, Brexit means Brexit, the Skripals were poisoned by Novichok, the EU is a paragon of democratic virtue, a global recovery is under way, Fed interest rates can be normalised without Third World fiscal disaster, Britain can survive and prosper with uncontrolled immigration and oil’s real value per barrel is $80, then Viktor Orban is on your side.

He is also, I believe, on the right side of history. He is on the same side as the Greek resistance, determined UK sovereign Brexiteers, Italians who know that migration and the euro have screwed them over, Americans who no longer trust their legislators in Congress, 1950s born UK women who’ve seen their pensions embezzled, and citizens everywhere who have at last come to realise that social media are nothing more or less than agents of the surveillance State.

All Hungarians ask is that, while maintaining friendly relations with their fellow EU States, Hungary is allowed to handle its own borders and internal affairs in a democratic manner….abeit more sensibly than the most other Union members. Verhofstadt published an outright lie when he tweeted last Thursday that Orban “is out to destroy the European project”: the Hungarian leader is on the record as telling the UK that, while he supports the electorate’s will in leaving the EU, he does not think we’re going about it in the right way. I would disagree with him on that issue, but at least I have the decency to accept constructive criticism. The Brussels Commission doesn’t – and in the end, this will be its downfall.

All Britain too wants is the right to manage its own borders and territories. On Hungarian radio two days ago, Prime Minister Orban spoke as follows:

“Brussels wants to take the gate keys away from us”

This observation is absolutely spot-on. The keys will then be given to Mogherini’s EUNATO army….and just as in the USSR, in the end they will be there to stop people leaving as well as arriving.