ANALYSIS: The beastly debollocking of a once bold Britain


Who ripped the balls out, uh? uh?



Last night’s London Evening Standard Oped (if not written by editor George Osborne, then certainly dictated by him) made this utterly ludicrous ending assertion about some research showing how opinion is drifting slightly towards remaining in the European Union [my emphases]:

Extremist Brexiteers continue to wail about betrayal, but these numbers show that the real betrayal of the People would be to allow the obsessions of a small minority to override the views of everyone else

Some of you may have guessed I was in London for much of last week. The overwhelming dominance of anti-Brexit poppycock in the old media there has once again overtaken the obsession with demonising Russia, Putin and Assad. It has reached such a stage that one might as well be reading the Völkischer Beobachter in 1939 Nazi Germany: then it was Jews and Poland, in 2018 it’s Leavers and Russians.

But there is more to the gradual debrexitisation of Britain than the exquisite linguistics of ‘extremist’, ‘obsessions’, ‘small minority’ and ‘everyone else’. This is merely the cultural 3-card trick of a former Chancellor who presented bailins as a bonus for the taxpayer: up is down and strength is joy and work makes free is the kind of obscene oxymoronic stealth that gets those who are hard of thinking rounded up ready for the abattoir.

Such has always been true of the Brits. Most of the Remain agitprop since 2016, however, has been based one thing: fear. And that was not present as a factor in the 1940s, when Britain had its finest hour. In the teenage years of the 21st century, we are (let’s face it) England and Wales, not Britain; the SNP Scots want independence from Westminster so badly, they’d even surrender it to Brussels.

What’s left of Britain is no longer bold

This is not just another Brexitophile issue. It’s about a crisis of cultural confidence. The retreat into 18th and 19th century economics on the Right and Left respectively is nothing more or less than fear of a future without ideological security blankets. There are no bold strokes attacking the root of problems any more; everything being suggested across the political spectrum is such a cowardly and tentative management of symptoms, it makes for the grinding of teeth during my sleep.

The terms Hard Left and Hard Right are bunk. There’s nothing ‘hard’ about pretending it’s 1760 or 1880. It’s simply more fear, period. The voyager gene once present in our seafaring tradition has been diluted by numerous factors too profound to discuss in detail here: war deaths, political votecentricity, welfare dependence, trade union greed, materialism, debt, simplistic economics, media distraction, ‘safety’ hypochondria, professional greed, divisive narcissism, the triumph of distribution and financialisation over manufacturing communities…..all these have played their part along with narrow, unambitious and conformist educational values.

But the political meme these days is Don’t Frighten the Horses

In his careful leaking process, Chancellor Hammond has let it be known that his forthcoming Autumn Budget may well levy a tax on globalist ISPs. But he isn’t doing this with any broad-ranging strategic goal in mind; he’s running this up the flagpole because (a) he wants to blame a tax shortfall on Brexit and (b) the focus groups say even Middle England is now sick of paying an average 17.3% tax rate when multinational giants get away with 8.5%.

Across the great divide, McDonnell and Corbyn are considering the proposal of a four-day week to counter the effect of technological job losses. There are millions of workers out there who’d give their eye teeth for a five-day week, actually: also, 1 in 3 council property renters are seriously in arrears, and trends suggest that property ownership among the young will plunge by 10% over next 15 years. Giving people who can’t afford to live as it is one less day to work isn’t the answer.

Both Parties are tweaking when they should be trashing. But fear in is the way: both are frightened of the reaction from core voters and special interest groups.

Although the Parliamentary Brexiteers claim to want Sovereign Brexit, they too are showing weakness in the face of Fake Fear weaponry. The call it “the ability to compromise”, but it won’t do: they appeared to concede over the weekend that they are unlikely to vote down the final deal when, as expected, it comes before MPs in a few weeks’ time. And they have agreed to EU officials manning the British exits to Europe.

Our legislators target the internet for “reform”, but the only thing they want to do is protect themselves against robust criticism. They aren’t prepared to root out the complicity of ISPs with sex and financial criminals, the cheating on hits, the scam sites, the marketing lies. And they turn a deaf ear to the alarming evidence of various mental and addictive disorders – OCD, hypochondria and so forth – clearly associated with 24/7 usage of phones, tablets and all the rest of the paraphernalia.

They won’t take a long hard look at the laughably entitled Special Relationship, despite all the deaths in wars and atrocities, the hatred of Britain and constant Jihadist violence that this has attracted. Similarly, they won’t deal properly with that violence because they fear the wrath of the Saudis.

Right now, the main thing Britain and Brexiteers need is bold action. But we aren’t going to get it from a cowardly, bought Establishment, and we don’t seem able to express our anger at the way we are treated.

The People’s marches for this and that indulged in by the Remainiacs are funded, kitted out and organised by activists both here and in Europe….and are largely attended by the usual suspects with the usual placards saying our this and love that and all the other counterfeit bilge that remains our one growth industry. It is not spontaneous.

But as the referendum winners, we seem unable to galvanise ourselves into demanding our civil rights as voters.


We shouldn’t be tinkering with a hopelessly unfair system of employment, we should be calling out neoliberalism and globalist banking for the Page One nonsense it is. We shouldn’t just be slashing immigration, should be investing massively in our own human assets through education and vocational training. We shouldn’t just keep chucking money at the NHS, we should be interrogating its goals rigorously with quality of life at the top of the list. We shouldn’t be reforming the internet for the good of élites and tax-evading crooks, we should be giving it back to the People and teaching it ethics. And above all for me, the British shouldn’t be just sitting there saying “we’ll really get angry… week” over the blatant theft of Brexit’s triumph.

The “United” Kingdom is now very close indeed to making a complete disgrace of itself in front of other European nations who have seen through the Commission claptrap, and are desperate to get away from the clutches of the utterly abhorrent bureaucrats in Brussels and bankers in Frankfurt.

We have lost our way when it comes to the love of independent freedom. And as of today, I do not see anyoe charismatic who owns a compass.