At the End of the Day


It’s all in a day’s work for bloggers….if you genuinely believe in giving oxygen to open debate.  Below is a thread exchange resulting from previous blogs about Jeremy of Galilee-sur-Nazareth. I thought some of you might find it an intriguing guide to the Left-of-Centre mindset.




Who is JW to denigrate JC? Why is JW determined to depict JC as a non entity? JW cannot deny that JC stands up for vulnerable, down trodden people. Does JW believe that anything other than socialism or communism can save this world – because if he has an answer, then let’s hear it.

My Reply

I realise that such a degree of proactive research doesn’t come easily to you, but here are some guidelines about my answer, which you obviously refuse to either see or hear:
1. Go to ‘Philosophy’ and ‘AIMS’ at The Slog (Home page above the header, large letters for the hard of searching) and there you can read about my answer. Sun headline: dump ideology, try updated communitarian mutualist capitalism.
2. I’m opposed to Socialist AND Neoliberal globalism because both ignore the nature of us as a species. I want to scale down community sizes, abolish both national and global, distant, mendacious fascist government structures and – as Nye Bevan said – “give power back to the People”.
3. My goal is to help stop braindead, corrupt bureaucratic process from destroying fragile creativity….and to help reverse robotisation in favour of giving back to citizens the dignity of skilled craft activities and socially functional entrepreneurialism.
As to your opening diatribe, I am a politics graduate who has seen Corbynite economics fail 23 times across the world. I am not determined to depict Jesus of Islington as a nonentity, but rather as a rigid & cynical Stalinist. Again, see Slog search engine, type in ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ and read content. I don’t deny that Jezzer wants to the votes of the downtrodden, nor do I deny that he is a better man that 90+% of MPs at Westminster. I merely point out that his track record is NOT one of tolerant democracy…and his election machine (Momentum) is not even allowed Labour Party affiliation because it refuses to eschew political violence.
It has taken me 25 minutes to compose this rebuttal of your accusatory questions. If you can in turn prove them to be inaccurate, right wing, Nazi or destructive (there are some long words in there, but I’m assuming you had a proper* education) then go to it and I will give them the oxygen of publicity here.
* By “proper” I mean one gained (like mine) from a beneficent State before 1970….one which allowed the son of a working class father to proceed to a level of understanding light years beyond anything available today under either Labour or Tory “comprehensively equalised drone production” preparing them only for membership of the Queue for the Showers.