NEWS ANALYSIS: Slogans for our time

mesmile PC Plod not pc drivel, Make Money Making War, Nuke Russia next week, Don’t Fly Drunk, Brexit means Double Dutch, Culturally appropriate a Karaoke Singer, Eat a Vegan. The inane slogan isn’t dead, it’s just engaged in mass diaspora. Discuss.



Most of the UK newspapers lead this morning on the long-overdue outburst from a senior policewoman suggesting that the PC LGBT FTBE FOS alphabetti rainbow should naff off and stop wasting police time with their complaints about hate, phobia, and tit-brushing incidents 37 years ago. The cops should, she insists, be tackling violent crime not narcissistic violets.

This will either mark the end of the top cop’s career, or the beginning of the end of Britain’s Insanity of Sexuality.

As if to make the lady’s point, the tabloids splash on the decision to ban early drinking at UK airports, the authorities having at last made the connection between Mammon and air-rage.

Dominic Raab says there will be a deal on Brexit by November the 21st, or he’s a Dutchman. “Je hebt mijn woord daarvoor,” Dom added. The EC ignored his remarks and said they were still 99.9999% expecting a NoDeal Brexit, which kind of comes under the heading of they would say that: the more fear the better has, from Giorno Uno, been their motto. Only time will tell whether Truth is stranger than Friction.

All those insisting that the NATO-driving-Mogherini’s Barmy Arm narrative is a myth should look away now. Off Guardian reports on NATO’s military war preparations targeting Russia. Exercises are being coordinated, and infrastructure facilities that are being built, expanded, and modernised. Last week the construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar at Estonia’s Amari Air Base, the first military project fully funded by the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) was completed. Federica Mogherini reportedly orgasmed during the opening ceremony. The OG piece is well worth a read.

InvestorPlace (which perhaps should be renamed Bates Motel) writes to advise us that ‘every other week we hear about some scandal or international row. In this crisis of diplomacy, the markets are signaling an opportunity….I see even more geopolitical tensions rising.

‘Not only that, the paradigm for defense stocks has shifted. We have a new era of warfare, along with new customers and theaters of operation that were not prevalent during the 20th century. All this is a net positive for the military-contractor industry. Here are 10 defense stocks to buy in this rapidly-changing world.’

So now you know. Personally, I’m very much of the view that, over the next five years, the dead female State pensioner sector will rise substantially, and as none of them can afford a funeral, this seems to me the perfect time to get in on the ground floor. I am long in Amalgamated Retirement Dwelling Fumigation Services.

The latest victim of the anti “cultural appropriation” machine is the Dutch spa and body care brand, Ritual, which just ran a campaign showing white women cast in the traditional clothing of various nationalities.

When James O. Young published his book Cultural Appropriation in the Arts ten years ago, I remember very clearly thinking it was a spoof. But Young went on to culturally appropriate a veritable Everest of money on the back of its publication. To this day I think it highly likely that the bloke is an idiot, but what disturbed me most over the last ten years is how the victim narcissists turned this ridiculous CA concept into a major weapon to be wielded by those with no sense of either proportion or importance hierarchy.

Japanese people wear trousers and Burberry and copy Western car design, but don’t seem worried that millions of birdbrains have appropriated Karaoke. I’ve yet to meet an African market trader pissed off about his ability to sell African clothing colour schemes. Art has been influenced by other cultures since the time of the Ming Dynasty, and it’s a two way street. Drivel about that making it “derivative” is not worth a microsecond of anyone’s time. If the Germans decide at some point to deconstruct the Akropolis and turn it into a Berlin sex shop, I will get very angry. But even then, there would still be up to 50+ other global tensions, issues, ideological lunacies and social problems that would be far higher up the list.

We need more than a market correction in the coming year or so: we need a huge cull of  divisive identity politics, and a return to the triumph of grounded wisdom over space cadet thinking.

But that’s just me culturally appropriating the past. I am not fit to call myself a human being and I honestly don’t know how I could even imagine doing such a thing. Please crucify me without anaesthetic before I revive something else. Like empathy, ethics, and the rights of the individual.

Do try to have a good day. If you have the time, offend a vegan. You’ll feel better.