THE DEATH OF BREXIT: sidelined ministers, a neutered Cabinet, a jubilant Whitehall and the collapse of journalism

mesmile Following Wednesday’s record-breaking post on the Whitehall and EU-inspired coup d’état in Britain, The Slog broadens its search for the plotters, and adds flesh to the evidence of how process was used to pervert the UK Constitution and cheat the electorate. Although the subject matter here is Brexit, the real point of writing these exposés is to show just how incredibly easy it is to ride a coach and horses through our Rule of Law…whether it be about SPA reform, bombing Syria, or our role in Europe. 


I can’t resist sharing with you this piece of BBCTass nonsense in relation to new Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay’s “role” in the Brexit Surrender Waltz:

‘A No 10 spokesman indicated that Mr Barclay would focus on the domestic preparations rather than negotiations’

Based on yesterday’s Slogpost revealing where the real Brexit power lies, poor Stephen’s “job” seems to be Mr Mushroom, receiver of the Whitehall manure and occasional Brussels equestrian ejaculate – while being kept in a dark place out in the cold.

Meanwhile, every tinpot EU member cynic from Madrid to Berlin is determined to pick at the carcass of British sovereignty. Well, you read it here first….over two years ago.

But significantly, two parallel anti-Brexit, anti-democracy and anti-Freedom strategies are in play here: a Brussels desire to make the UK look like missing its Article 50 deadline….and a five-to-midnight rush to bounce us into Greek-style vassal status “because the clock is ticking”, with Theresa Laval robotically repeating that it’s a signed done-deal, only without the signed and done part. As such.

Today, I continue trawling the swamp of those unelected Living Dead Remainers out to ditch democracy and flail freedom in the name of neoliberal bloc globalism.


The Daily Mail might seem an odd place to look for a liberal fascist federalist ‘Sleeper’. But then, things have changed somewhat over at the propaganda centre formerly known as the Daily Dacrethon.

Serial Leftie-basher Paul Dacre is no more. In his stead, a date-stamped and hallmarked member of the Chamberlainite Establishment called Geordie Grieg is now in charge.

Mr Greig (left) is the son of the late Sir Carron Greig and Monica Stourton, granddaughter of the 24th Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton. Members of his father’s family have been royal courtiers for three generations. His sister Laura was a lady-in-waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales. He attended Eton College and St Peter’s College, Oxford.

“He is the very model of a muddled liberal Englishman” as a G&S operetta might assert, and his history suggests a certain accuracy in that accusation of cognitive dissonance. Appointed editor of the London Evening Standard in February 2009, he supported various worthy causes – a track record that found favour with the Ruski at the top, and led to him becoming editor of the Independent titles too after 2012. Those of you familiar with the tripe churned out by the Indiens over that period will perhaps gain some idea of the cut of Geordie’s gib.

Since his accession two months ago, the Mail has undergone the sort of U-Turn to be admired by all those who are for turning: from a slavering foam of xenophobic spittle, the Harmsworth Hitlerist has transformed itself into a slavish devotee of the Mayflower Europhile strategy. Hardly surprising given that Grieg is a Notting Hillbilly, but startling for those of us subjected previously to a quarter century of rabble-rousing bigotry.

Sadly, under his captaincy, the reformed Daily Mail’s grip on reality is just as feeble. Thus in the last two hours, the paper says “The [withdrawal] document includes a vow to respect the UK’s ‘independent trade policy’ after Brexit process is complete. Fears are now receding that the crunch EU summit on Sunday could be called off amid furious horse-trading.”

Were there ever any fears in the first place? Do we have any respect at all for a vow from the two-faced lying bullies in Brussels and Frankfurt? Have we spotted that there is now no end-date at all to the Irish border issue?

This is a thoroughly mendacious editorial policy. The briefest of looks at the ‘Declaration’ between the UK and the EU issued today confirms a string of non-legal woffle about future intentions that commit the EU to nothing……while the UK is going to be tied down like Gulliver by the legal side of things. May, of course, won’t be in a hurry to publish the latter. If Olly Robbins had his way, the chances are it’d never be published.

Meanwhile, the minute he was in the Mail driving seat, this is what Geordie had to say:

“What possible good can Tory Brexiteers hope to serve at this hugely sensitive moment in the talks, by wielding their daggers against Theresa May? Chequers is the only blueprint for Brexit on the table”.

Deception, distortion and distraction all in one brief, dissembling paragraph. And very much in the Harmswworth tradition of spineless appeasement.


I wonder how many Brits know that in the last 15 months, over 600 civil servants moved out of were purged from the Department for Brexit? This was part of Olly Robbins’ desire to clear out anyone with any wisdom or genuine desire for Brexit, coinciding as it does with his appointment to be the Mayniac’s supreme leader on Earth in the rival to Dexeu, Olly’s Europe Unit.

The age bias, I am told, is astonishing: the average age of those working in Dexeu is now 32: the heartland of Remain voters.

Fifty percent of the department has gone. Fully twenty senior and influential pro-Brexiteers have been pushed out. And the Oily One has poached those who share his federalist dream from Dexeu to Eurun

So Tory Brexiteers have been, shall we say, somewhat outspoken about this attempt to beat Stalin’s record of disappearing 43 generals in a single week of 1937 and set up a pro-Brussels unit to undermine the elected Dexeu folks like David Davis and Dominic Raab and Stephen Barclay and whoever comes next.

One senior pinstripe says, “We had a functioning, serious, tightly co-ordinated system . . . Throwing it away has contributed to the policy shambles we have since seen. Whitehall is not functioning well on Brexit, and other capitals well know it.”

But Grieg of the Mail was ready. He pointed out that “attacks on Whitehall were not in the national interest” (good luck selling that one to the electorate) and “Politicians should not attack those who can’t answer for themselves as Whitehall officials have to remain neutral”. Sorry, my bladder sphincter just gave way: it’s an age thing. The trouble with Whitehall today is that most of them are not answerable to anyone.

Ask around in Whitehall, for instance, about who Robbins has bonded best with in the Brexit process, and the answer is a startling one: Sabine Weyand, a German eurocrat. She’s working or the other side. They “take long walks together” it seems.

However, let us not be too beastly to Mr Robbins. He is not, after all, the only snake in the long grass of Sir Humphreyville. Last June, the IfG (Institute for Government) issued a report on the Brexit process hinting strongly at “security measures” designed to keep the plans of ‘coup’ Mandarins away from the eyes of those keen to carry out the electorate’s wishes. Rejecting Whitehall pleas that the secrecy was needed to protect its negotiating position with the EU, the IfG opined that secrecy “is being fuelled by cabinet splits over the direction of Brexit and the need to avoid domestic political embarrassment” and concluded that the drive to restrict information “has made effective co-ordination of Brexit work across government impossible”.

The aim was to keep Brexiteers out of the loop. The following paragraph in particular was a clear attempt to raise the alarm about an unconstitutional takeover bid by senior unelected officials:

‘A culture of extraordinary secrecy has developed. This goes well beyond documents that contain sensitive negotiating material, with even rudimentary planning guidance kept locked away and largely inaccessible to the teams – all across government – that need to use it. Key documents are over-classified, important information is not being shared between departments and those with a legitimate reason to be informed, such as parliament, are kept in the dark.’

There can be little doubt that the late Jeremy Heywood (who was close to Olly Robbins) approved of this approach. Like Robbins, he was a committed eunatic, and joined him in threatening the Guardian over the Snowden affair. While Cabinet Secretary, he also approved and wrote several “statements” for the media that were not so much economical with the truth as containing a homoaeopathic level of it.

Indeed, even as he stepped down to get his lung cancer treated (Heywood died of it three weeks ago) the top official referred to as “May’s enforcer” evoked outbursts from several eurosceptic MPs about the obsessive secrecy of his staff.

But probably the clearest sign that Heywood was a Fifth Columnist working for the EU is that, after his early death, Alastair Campbell described the former Cabinet Secretary as “the best of British”. Such words from toxic Ali represent a case of praising the man with unintended damnation.


To be honest, I could do a post a day like this until next March and still not run out of material. It would be tedious for me and boring for you, but most of all it would be pointless: Whitehall is massively anti-Brexit, Westminster is 75% europhile, and the media are somewhere inbetween. Senior civil servants have undermined the rule of Law over Brexit, and like all bureaucrats, the European Union is the nearest they’ll get to a wet dream. Westminster is overwhelmingly lobbied (and bunged) by globalist business in both Houses. And the Press plus the BBC are controlled in turn by major advertisers and former bankers.

All such people in favour of blanket-bombing Brexit to destruction are fundamentally élitist and cynically anti-democratic. It is therefore hardly surprising that they adore an EU where unelected Commissioners bark orders to a corrupt Parliament of gravy-trainers….and would do anything to ensure its survival.

Elective democracy at a senior policy level is dying slowly in Europe. A massive new study by a Brussels thinktank showed that citizens want more say in, um, senior policy decisions; the Commission’s response is to give them less and less of it.

Having lived with Brexit on both sides of the Channel now for the best part of a decade, I can assert with some confidence that, on the Leave side, there are many different motives for wanting sovereign independence. I don’t support all of them, but I do think that if we stay in the EU’s orbit, our political system will be a controlling and increasingly illegal sham within a decade at most….and our fiscal position could be irreparably damaged once the EU’s own multivariate implosion starts to take shape.

Were we to regain full Brexit sovereignty, there is a slim chance that the current Establishment might collapse and give power back to the People. That will not happen under Corbyn-to-Momentum Labour, because they are just as controlling and fascist as the neoliberals. But it happen outside of that possibility. I will therefore continue to support meaningful Brexit as the best option among slim chances.

Enjoy your Friday night, and make the most of your families over the weekend.