The only thing missing from the utter disgrace of the last ten days has been the taxpaying voters who keep all these arrogant poseurs in a job. It is time we had our say.


Yesterday’s antics in Parliament have convinced the ever-gullible old media in Britain that somehow, an historic victory for ordinary MPs over the Executive power of Cabinet government has been achieved. The vote – to first of all stop the government behaving like a bunch of brainless Bourbons and release the full legal advice on May’s Brexit “deal” – was swiftly followed by another one finding the Executive in contempt of Parliament….a first. Both brought defeats for the Prime Minister.

It was, opined Sky News, “historic”. With that, I cannot argue. But within hours, the most determined enemy of popular democracy in the Commons, Dominic Grieve, inflicted an even bigger defeat on May when his amendment was carried. What Grieve did wasn’t historic: it was and is a cunning plan to rewrite history. On the surface, it too increases the power of backbench MPs to amend proposed new approaches to Brexit if the risibly termed ‘meaningful vote’ is also defeated next Tuesday, the 11th December. But in reality, it hands the final say to Remainers in both Houses of Parliament on all future negotiations with the EU: as the Guardian succinctly puts it, ‘Whatever motion the government brings back to parliament will now have to be amendable.’

This too is unique in the history of negotiations with a foreign power….and utterly impractical, because no Government democratic or otherwise can stare down a dictator across the table, and then come back to face 600 argumentative toerags with other agendas on returning to Britain.

Worse still, however, there is no limit to the scope and number of amendments once the May Star Chamber cobbles together another capitulation. Thus one or more of the following likelihoods now rise over the horizon:

  1. A vote by the Commons to abandon, withdraw or cancel Article 50
  2. A vote to simply ignore the referendum result – all too conveniently supplied by the European Court of “Justice” during yesterday. In effect, permission from an unelected body to allow an unelected Commission to tell elected MPs that under EU Law, they have a right to break a promise to their elective citizens. Ignoring the 2016 vote, by the way, means having the freedom to stop Brexit and ask Brussels to let us go back to how things were the day before Article 50 was issued.
  3. A vote to allow a “People’s Vote” on the final decision of Parliament
  4. A vote to hold a Second Referendum. (Grieve will fight tooth and nail to stop this, because he is smart enough to see he would probably lose again).

Any vote to go for a NoDeal Brexit is of course highly unlikely, given that 75+% of MPs are Remainers.

But throughout all this catalogue of Whitehall apparatchiks, a devious Prime Minister, Brussels, EU judges, Macron and Remainer legislators telling us what to do over the last ten days, one element is completely absent: what we The People want.


There is an old German joke that runs like this: “How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? Nobody knows, because it’s never been tried”.

After nearly two and a half years of obfuscation, filibuster, corrupt censorship, broken pledges and endless black lies, the conclusion of the ordinary Briton must now surely be that nobody knows if Sovereign Brexit could have been achieved, because it was never attempted.

Only now will the gullible perhaps see, with the benefit of hindsight, that from June 2016 onwards, my own country’s self determination has been dragged through the mire, buggered and then crucified by coup upon coup upon coup.

The immediate decision of the US globalists and NATO to subvert Brexit, the invasion of the unelected and the foreign busybodies from Campbell to Millar all keen to yell “We are the 48%”, the attempt by business and liberal media across the globe to denigrate UK voters as ‘uneducated’, the obdurate time wasting and media rants of bullies like Verhofstadt, Barnier and Juncker to block any attempt at a deal, the Robbins coup against David Davis and his department, the witch hunt to banish Boris Johnson from Conservative ranks….and now the coup by 400 or so élite dodos to ensure that no stone will be left unturned in the bid to ensure that the people they work for hahahahaha don’t get a look in. What a sorry farrago of unspeakable fascists they all are, this ring of the usual suspects – big business, the military, lobbyists, the media barons, the Sprouts, the bureaucrats and the Westminster whores.


One thing, however, seems at least to be clear: only a General Election where Leave voters punish Remain MPs and create a Front for Sovereign Brexit now stands any chance of getting what we voted for in 2016.

Will a General Election produce tactical voting to achieve that? I don’t know, I increasingly doubt it, and to be blunt….I no longer give a damn.

Do not hold your breath waiting for spineless Conservative tribalists to depose their unelected Leader. Do not expect anything honourable or principled from the Corbynistas. The sole ambition both these disparate groups share is their naked lust to retain and achieve power respectively.

Today – as part of a long-planned strategy – Nigel Farage decided to leave UKIP. That he has been planning the launch of a new pro-Brexit Party is Britain’s worst kept secret. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Tories to declare for him and join the new bandwagon.

I don’t like or trust the bloke, but he is the one chance a disparate group of disenfranchised and cheated Brits – the disabled, the 50’s born SPA victims, small business, genuinely ambitious exporters and those who prefer Sovereign independence from any and all blocs – will get (even under our iniquitous FPTP system) to help create one movement capable, at long last, of stopping our polite promenade through the dark gates of dictatorship.

For those who genuinely want to do that, I would suggest that a no-holds-barred, To Hell With Party Allegiances approach is the only alternative to such a sorry end to a once great country. Every MP that comes round to the idea of forcing an election is a step in the right direction, whatever part of our useless legislature they sit in.

As I have written many times, this stopped being about Brexit months ago. From here on, it’s a fight for citizen sovereignty and accountable government.

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