THE SATURDAY ESSAY: a future based on lies will bring us neither prosperity nor fulfilment

methoughtfulBrexit fearmongering, May’s dirty tricks, Hunt’s hypocritical mendacity, wishful obesity fantasies and Lottery myths are all signs of our civilisational malady. We would rather tolerate criminal double standards and false morality than face the reality of falling standards. 



The Chinese may well have discovered the dark side of the Moon, and the Germans a third gender, but there is no end to the dangers discovered by those who would like to stop Brexit. Their latest blag is the repetition of the term ‘forty per cent’. It offers some relief from the mathematically dyslexic 48% of two years ago, but as always it is being used as a rhythmic (perhaps even algorithmic) chant designed to terrify the the commercially gullible among us. The Sky anchor today had a field day with it, but was unfortunate enough to find himself tackling a smiley but no-nonsense Tory lady MP who made him appear to be a moron – which he probably is.

A: But Michael Gove says we may face tariffs of 40%.

TL: Michael is a great friend but he is quite wrong about this, bec….

A: Yes, but 40%.

TL: I cannot imagine the German car industry wanting to face retaliatory tariffs of 40%, given…

A: “Yes but under WTO rules we could have 40% slapped on our exports.”

TL: Australia has been trading under WTO rules now since 1977 and it doesn’t face 40% tariffs from anyone….

A: But 40% is allowable under WTO rules.

TL: It is frowned upon by WTO rules. We have an enormous trade with the United States, and we do not face any 40% tariffs except those set in retaliation against the European Union…..which we are leaving….

A: Yes but 40% would….

TL: Look, trade is a two-way thing….Ireland wants to buy our beef and we want to buy their Guinness…..

A: So why did Michael Gove….

TL: I am not Michael’s keeper, but Michael is a huge supporter of the Prime Minister’s exit deal, and as such I would expect him to support her arguments.

It was cringe-inducing stuff. But convinced that he had Tory Lady on the run, Sky anchor leapt into the trap set for him….

A: Well now, over 50% of Tory Party members around the country say they’d prefer no deal to Mrs May’s deal, so what do you say to that?

TL: I say they’re right. What would you say?

Game, set and match. Which segues nicely into an early confirmation of my Bah Humbug piece of three days ago: viz, New Year celebrations are the triumph of thirst for alcohol over intelligent experience. We have moved on to 2019, but there has been no qualitative change in either the Brexit issue (or thinking about it) whatsoever. There has been a Parliamentary recess –  As Corbyn pointed out, disgracefully long given the political stakes involved – but Mrs May remains up the Orinoco minus only guides, a paddle, and a watertight canoe.

To switch metaphors if I may, in fact Mother Theresa is like a person who remains convinced that the way to bludgeon Britain into Remexit is to drive a car with square wheels. But try as she may, the car just doesn’t move….but the Lobby fodder fear a General Election in which the Party’s unpopularity kicks them off the gravy train. So nothing moves at all. One might call this process Groundhog May.

Over 50% of the Tory membership preferring no deal to her deal explains why, during  her proclamation in 2016, the then Home Secretary pulled every dirty trick in the book to avoid facing the Conservative activists – because her own polls showed that they wanted a Leaver leader.

They are not, of course, “relevant” to her strategy because they will have no say if May keeps debate on the deal firmly within Westminster….where there is a 75% majority for some form of disguised Remain outcome. But it is another symptomatic signal of her ingrained élite arrogance – and one with which survivalist backbenches emphatically do not want to be associated come the Day of Electoral Judgement.

This is the nub of the Party’s situation: behind them are the Pinkerton guys, and in front of them is a sheer drop into a raging torrent 250 feet below.


Anti-Brexit propaganda has – along with anti-Russian jingoism – Britain in its grip. And with every week that passes, it seems to me that Jeremy Taiping-Errrah is more and more using his high profile position as Foreign Secretary to further both causes….very much in his own cause, which is to be Prime Minister one day in the not too distant future.

Some of you will perhaps have seen his despicable performance in Singapore yesterday, an absolute masterclass of arse-licking and black propaganda. His description of the Crimean annexation (approved by 87% of the population) was a travesty wrapped tightly in half-truths presented as irrefutable facts. And his description of Britain and Snigapore as “joined at the hip” was a triumph of hypocrisy in denouncing one dubious dictatorship while approving another.

Two months ago, Singapore was ranked 149th out of 157 nation States in terms of equality. Russia was in 80th position, one ahead of China (a country Hunt falls over his wet knickers in a bid to do business there) and miles ahead of India at 147. Given the comparatively huge amount of wealth per head generated by Singapore over that time, for it to score lower than India (with whom Jeremy is also desperate to trade) is truly disgusting.

Not only is Singapore’s rich/poor divide growing (yet more of that trickle-down wealth, I guess) its utter lack of genuine democracy, rule of law and free media make it – in my eyes at least – an international pariah. It is effectively a corporate fascist State, much admired by Boris Johnson – who openly admits he would like to model London on it.

Hunt is very happy to join the Brussels thugs condemning Viktor Orban’s “lack of democratic values”, but even more keen to spread Britain’s legs for Singapore and China. The bloke is the archetype of that greedy, cynical Remainer busy persuading Fluffies on the British Left that the equally Corporate Suprastate is jolly nice really.

But in the West as a whole, the sad truth – yes, it’s official – is that obesity now kills more people than starvation.


We have known for many years that over 80% of Westminster MPs suffer from cerebral obesity, a tragic condition that inevitably leads them towards a profession where the possession of a fat head is more or less de rigueur. But in the last few weeks, the problem of obesity of the bum, belly, thighs and face has suddenly became An Issue.

It’s one of those issues thrust upon us (by the media/corporate/political axis) designed to increase our level of Information Overload, and as such it is perfect: there are a dozen theories as to the cause and probably another dozen forms of it, to which can be added hundreds of talking middle class heads (all attractively slim) churning out clichéd psychology  – almost always in American and Australian accents.

The upshot of all this upweighted attention is to persuade sufferers that obesity is a disease, and thus they must not be blamed.

Now before anyone jumps on my head, let me point something out. As an occasional sufferer from depressive anxiety and recovered former OCD patient, I am not in any way a member of the “pull yourself together” brigade. In turn, when it comes to eating disorders, I have experienced both family and close friend tragedies over three decades. Trust me, I know those people were blameless, and I know what they had was a serious mental illness.

But throwing the security blanket definition of “disease” over every person who is obese is so obviously wrong that somebody needs to step into this storm of blame evasion and say “IABATO”*

First up, I have many “foodie” friends who are obese because they eschew exercise, like to cook, and – even more – like to eat what they cook. They accept they are obese, and have no desire to change their lifestyle habits. One cod shrink on BBC news today blithely opined, “Obesity is a disease, not a lifestyle choice”. That is unscientific drivel on a par with ‘All Jews are Communists’.

Second, there are very clear hormonal and psychological differences between men and women when it comes to obesity. Studies show that women gorge chocolate more than men, and men gorge bread and meat combos more than women. Such behaviour can be longterm or shortlived, and is usually associated with reactive depression to a life event which, once absorbed and accepted, leads to a rapid recovery from bingeing.

Third, the hypothesis being floated in a lot of this codswallop is that lack of money forces poor people to buy only “cheaper” junk food. Go to any supermarket price study you please, and it will show conclusively that that junk food is vastly more expensive than fresh ingredients to be cooked later. High junk food consumption is largely the result of poor culinary skills, and poor comprehension among parents of the damage done to their children by consuming pizzas and burgers. That is the result of feminist destruction of cookery as a syllabus subject in schools – and the triumph of knee jerk league-table judgements of educational standards over the need for more civically eclectic approaches in our system of education. Further, it is also a function of lower intelligence….but of course, we mustn’t say that – as that is eugenic and Nazi and thus altogether unacceptably nasty.

Finally, I note that Nestlé is virtue signalling by calling for even more obligatory controls on those products that “fuel obesity”. But the focus of the Nestlé PR is on savoury fast food outlets, not high-sugar countlines sold in CTNs and supermarkets. Beware of any corporate set-up trying to look holy. Their agenda is often wholly full of holes.

Morbid obesity at the higher end of the munchies scale is, without question, the result of the need for pleasure-centre stimulation among those whose lives lack emotional, material, and healthy aspirational elements. For these people, the condition is a form of ill-health. But the use of the word “disease” in relation to all forms of obesity is a further attempt by the Left to absolve everyone of any personal responsibility for anything. Only by pulling off that Orwellian trick can patronising Big State Socialism take responsibility for everything….and thus achieve the sort of absolute power that would terrify all those Useful Idiots who have never lived under a totalitarian régime.

As it happens, the wife in the Ulster couple who won £115 million on the Lottery rollover is quite obviously obese. But the last thing she struck me as during the press conference  was a victim.


Whatever they’ve been in the past, the multi-millionaire O’Connells are, however, about to become victims.

They struck me as a likeable couple, and far from dense – but nevertheless in shock about the sheer amount of money they’d won.

I gained the distinct impression that the Euromillions Lottery marketing people had applied subtle pressure to persuade them that going public was infinitely more “honest” than being secretive about their win. If that was the case, then the folk at Euromillions are clearly a conscience short of a moral compass.

Six decades of Game of Chance in the UK demonstrate conclusively that, without the right counselling, a sizeable minority of jackpot winners end up alienated, abused and even longing for the days before their win. Counselling appears to have been woefully absent in this case. It was overwhelmed by Mammon’s desire to demonstrate that it Could Be You-Hoo.


There is a thread running through this essay. It offers a lesson as old as the hills: in the end, cheats do not prosper.

But they will prosper – through falsehood, distortion, deception and distraction – if the culture involved lacks a robust Rule of Law to bring the cheats to justice.

The European Union, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, fanciful propagandists and dubious business will prosper if we all sit back, indulge in braindead entertainment, and let blind justice be shot at dawn.

*IABATO  – It’s all bollocks and that’s official