BREXIT….The one specific outcome of this afternoon’s woffle session in the Commons: GENERAL ELECTION NOW


On a point of order, I think Mrs May was out of order by pitching up at the House of Commons this afternoon in contempt of a demand by said House that she must come up with a Plan B on Brexit within three days of Plan A being rejected by the wafer-thin majority of 230 votes in the aforesaid House. 


She lost the vote on Tuesday 15th. Weekends don’t count as working days for our lucky MPs, but she breezed into the Commons today with nothing.

First Prize in spotting this goes to largely unsung but devastatingly sexy Tory MP for South Cambs, Heidi Allen.

However, I must be even-handed and also mention Labour Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves, who was the one and only person in the Chamber of Horrors to mention the term Canada + Deal, which is (as loyal Sloggers already know) by far my favourite proposal with which to arm Theresa the Termite when she next burrows into the wooden bureaucrats of Brussels in search of something sensible.

Finally, I cannot leave out the quickly dismissed but nevertheless revealing intervention of former environmentalist Owen Paterson, who quite rightly pointed out that – if we fuck off out of the EU with a degree of subtlety – the current Lisbon rules say that we can enjoy ten years of tariff-free trade with the Sprouts of Brussels.

I do think Paterson to be a fine man, if only because he was the only Tory prepared to unmask Messrs Johnson and Yeo as unspeakable Green cheats on the issue of London taxi emissions.

But all this is neither here nor there. The issue before us is Whither Brexit? Or perhaps even, Wither Brexit?

Today’s time-wasting and pointless debate (the Prime Minister was on her ample feet of clay for two hours and neither said nor heard anything new) has nevertheless highlighted one thing above anything else: only the radically unthinkable is going to get us out of this morass at the bottom of an elephant trap into which we so eagerly leapt by not negotiating fearlessly with Brussels to deliver the best possible Brexit deal for Britain.


If today’s earlier Slogpost seemed rather more replete than usual with insults, this is merely a reflection of the simple fact that very few élitists in politics, Whitehall or the media have anything constructive to say about the Brexit process – which, to be fair, is not something particularly worthy of praise anyway.

To summarise, Britain has taken a simple decision of the majority of the voting electorate, diluted it, then failed to negotiate anything better than further dilution of it with Brussels, then tried to sell an unsaleably homoaeopathic version of it to Parliament, then tried to make not accepting it some kind of offence, after which Parliament seized power from the Executive, demanded a Plan B from the Prime Minister, and which, this afternoon, the Executive blatantly ignored in term of content.

The half-baked Plan B involves the attempt to get Brussels to drop the Irish Backstop. It contains the fatal flaw that both Eire and the EU will say no to it. So we are wasting more time by presenting to Parliament at some point the plan to explore a doomed plan, which is ironically mad when you think about it, as the Grieve amendment was designed to save time rather than waste it….or rather, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.


As I’ve been saying for three weeks now, the only solution is to have a General Election, because that is the only chance The People will have of expressing their disrespect for these self-appointed perverters of what was billed as a binding Referendum whose will would be carried out regardless.

It may not solve anything to do with Brexit, because of the nature of our Parties in 2019 – viz, clapped-out, corruption-riddled, half-blind, vacuous, bombastic and treasonable tribes who think that somehow trying to invert Bagheot will produce anything beyond an even bigger squabble.

Whether that happens is now down to We the People. We need to accept several realities.

First, the Westminster Party-power duopoly no longer applies: neither Leader can control their MPs, and the Parties themselves are split about what Brexit, Socialism and Conservatism are. With perhaps a dozen or so very honourable exceptions, they have nothing but contempt for the People: and the People themselves return the feeling in spades.

Second, it is the end of the line for Right v Left, but those on the gravy train have yet to realise that. Only a General Election in which the electorate votes intelligently stands a chance of finally getting this through their thick heads.

Third, following the election, there is one possibility that would make such behaviour well worthwhile: that is, a proper Coalition comprising everyone prepared to sign up to either No Deal Brexit now or a much tougher, pro-UK Deal in the near future.

This would deliver two massive bonuses.

First, we would restore the proper balance of Executive and Legislature. The Grieve-Letwin-Bercow plots to reverse normal procedure are both egotistical and dangerous. The voters don’t want more power for the Commons, they want both Commons and Cabinet to fulfil their promises to protect the People, and enact that which they have demanded. A Cabinet led by a confirmed Leaver with the support of a majority in Parliament for British sovereignty (as opposed to EU autocracy) will send the clearest message possible to the European Commission.

Second, the ball really would then be firmly back in Brussels’ court….only this time, we make it clear that the clock is ticking for them….as indeed, their own industrial base will, by that time, be stating in a suitably vociferous manner – with the Euro Elections due a month later to further concentrate their minds.

A General Election will put the biggest responsibility in history upon the electorate: that of emerging from the stockades and putting European freedom first….just as their grandparents did in 1940. This is our one and only chance not just for Brexit, but for something much bigger: the reversal of the historical drift that I outlined so depressingly three days ago.

Please don’t dismiss this as Pie in the Sky. Picture if you will the following alliance:

  • Delivery of full Sovereign Brexit
  • Justice for SPA Reform pension victims
  • Places in the Cabinet for Labour Leavers
  • A Tory Leaver Prime Minister
  • Targeted tactical voting against pernicious Remainer MPs
  • Independence Party led by Nigel Farage
  • Electoral Coop agreement between Tory Leavers & Faragists

There is still a lot in terms of developments to emerge between now and March 29th. Don’t lose hope. Don’t get distracted. Real Brexit is Sovereign Brexit. The Brussels clique is doomed. Hold that close to your hearts and minds.