Defending the male of the species by offending every mad female I can find. An occasional series. Perhaps.



There’s an FBPE bird on Twitter this morning proving my long-held belief that pro-EU persons are a left cortex short of a brain:


Frances Barber has 39,600 followers, a frightening statistic in itself. I think she’s something in movies, but that’s not important right now. In fact, it’s not important at all: what’s important here is that she fancies Donald Tusk “massively” and is prepared to admit to the fact in public.

She has (like all good socialists) a Polish cleaner, but I would strongly advise her never to repeat her admission of tertiary Tuskomania when actually visiting Poland itself. The Poles are never short of things to do with the leftovers of the tomato crop.

I know a lot of Poles, and enjoy their company immensely – perhaps because they’re the only nation of people I’ve ever encountered who drink more than I do. Their almost universal facility in English, however, suggests that Donald Tusk really must be as stupid as he looks to reach 60 and not speak a word of the language.

While Barber may have a reasonable chance of a privileged place in Hell, the Labour MP Jess Phillips booked her place there many years ago. I watched Fatty Boulton interviewing her yesterday on Sly News about her Brexit “views”, and it confirmed the sense I’ve built up, ever since she entered Parliament, that Phillips is a FemiNazi who relishes the chance to tell everyone just how irredeemably arrogant and dismissive she is of any opposing viewpoint.

“My constituents don’t agree wiv me on Brexit,” she said, adding with a sneer, “and yer know what? I’ll live with that”. Bolt-On found this richly amusing. Perhaps he fancies her massively.

Normally, an MP’s job is not to be mandated by constituents’ opinions. A lot of Brexiteers think it is, but they’re wrong: constitutionally, MPs are elected to support their Party’s manifesto. The sovereign body of the United Kingdom is Parliament, not The People.

In the case of the 2016 referendum, however, that doesn’t apply. The sovereign body (Parliament) voted in overwhelming numbers to give The People a referendum on EU membership…which Cameron made abundantly clear would be binding. The People voted to leave. All MPs are thus mandated to facilitate the process of fulfilling the Executive’s promise.

Jess Phillips was sexually assaulted at the age of nineteen. As it happens, so was I. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it hasn’t turned me into a homophobe. When it comes to debates about men as rapists – and the exoneration of cultures that are heavily implicated in it – her cognitive dissonance is unsurpassed. She says all men want to rape women all the time, and there is no difference in that alleged predeliction between white Brits and Islamic Pakistanis. She drivels on endlessly about fgm, but makes no connection at all between this abhorrent practice and Muslim culture.

As it happens, she holds the record on Twitter for receiving, or being tagged on, six hundred rape threats in a 36 hour period. Nobody deserves that; but watch the lady in action the next chance you get. Exposure to unhinged arrogance for any length of time is not good for the blood pressure.

Jess Phillips is a sexist woman in precisely the same way that David Lammy is a black racist. So it pleases me to report that she is also a hypocrite. On top of her twice-increased MPs salary, in 2018 she added £8000 to the cash mountain. This she earned for two hours work per month as deputy editor of the Commons magazine In House. The periodical is owned by Conservative Party donor and former Tory vice-chairman Michael Ashcroft.

The most exciting news of the hour on Wimminwatch is the decision of Hillary Clinton not to stand for President in 2020. It’s exciting because Hillary answered a question saying she wouldn’t run, and then within six hours told other media that she hadn’t ruled out running and was “surprised at the way her answer had been seen as a definitive ‘no'”.

Let’s face it, Ms Clinton and her hubby Slick Willy were absolutely made for each other. He pioneered the craft skill of credible deniability, and she honed it into a licence to be crafty at all times. She is, she now says, waiting for the outcome of the Mueller Report before making a final decision. That’s fine, but 65% of registered Democrats have already taken the decision for her, in that they’d much rather have Joe Biden than her. This is a bit like being beaten into second place by a paraplegic in a sack race.

Hillary Clinton has never been less than a thoroughly divisive and dysfunctional influence in American politics. Setting aside the dismal reality of her key role in rendering the once-majority popular vote Democratic Party an unelectable grab-bag of Islamophile LGBT pc stormtroopers, she has set back any positive plans by the US Leftlibbers to challenge Trump with something positive beyond sour grapes. Not only did she leave her dejected supporters on election night to console themselves without her presence, when she did finally emerge with a graceless acceptance of Trump’s election, she blamed her defeat on the “glass ceiling” erected by men to keep Wimmin down.

The parallels between UK anti-Brexit sabotage and the reaction of American liberals to  The Donald’s triumph are too obvious to require pointing out.

Another thing requiring no pointing out whatsoever is Anne Widdecombe – if only because, in any crowd, she single-handedly takes up half the space available. Even her surname is suggestive of being an entire community all on her own. For reasons only she could fathom, the former MP and part-time Devon coastal resort has been slagging off those she left penniless during her stint as Conservative Minister for pensions.

Widders this week referred to 2020/Waspi women as “self-indulgent and entitled”. Lest anyone should forget, astronomically huge Anne was the initial criminal responsible for piloting the changes to the state pension age through a disgracefully complicit House of Commons – brainless “first in, first out” legislation that has left 3.8 million women waiting up to six years for what they were promised in 1955.

Although Anne is massive, it seems unlikely she is massively fancied – not even by Donald Tusk. She probably consumes enough daily calories to keep all the female pensionless pensioners in Widdecombe in foie gras pies for a week. As if that wasn’t sad enough, don’t waste your time looking to other Wimmin like Jess Phillips, Diane Abbott and Harriet Harman to defend our grannies from vice-signalling Tories: there has not been a peep from any of them on the subject.

Despite my name being at the head of this vicious piece, Sloggers should not assume that the views expressed in it are my own. Like most of our elected reprehensibles, I reserve the right to evade responsibility for my utterances at all times. Any resemblance to opinions previously expressed by me are purely coincidental.