Brexit’s Leave v Remain melodrama has been a dogged battle. But the war to defeat the wannabe slave-owners goes on.


I’ve been accused here and there of defeatist cynicism over the last few days. I hope this post can clear up any misconceptions about where I’m going.


“The beauty of the British Constitution,” said one verbose, donnish Peer this morning, “is that it is so flexible, and thus is able to deal with great nimbleness to create new conventions as and when required. It is like the Quantum, it consists of waves and particles”.

Great and manifest is the tosh that has been served up over the last two years in support of the insupportable, but this old boy’s nonsense was the clear leader of the pack.

The Constitution he so admires (which was to be replaced, said Cameron while in Opposition, by a fully written one) is now being shown by ruthless technocrats to be the sort of Weimar palace gates one could drive a coach and six through without touching the sides….even if Prince Philip was the man at the reins.

Allow me to list some of the more appalling behaviours that have whistled through those gates in recent months:

  • The UK bombed a foreign power with whom we are not at war without recalling Parliament to obtain approval for the action
  • The long-tolerated but pointless Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) each Wednesday has now finally turned into Prime Minister’s Evasions. This lunchtime, Theresa May once again dismissed, ignored or dodged every yes/no answer to valid questions posed by Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn.
  • For the second time out of the last three, a Prime Minister has been appointed not as the result of an election, but by subterfuge, with the aid of blackmail, and by evading their own internal Party rules on democratic election
  • The bureaucracy misled, isolated and then engineered the resignation of three senior elected officials engaged in Sovereignty negotiations with a potentially aggressive foreign superpower
  • The leader of that bureaucratic coup d’état – a federalist EU technocrat since his Oxbridge days – engaged in an outrageous capitulation to Brussels…a fait accompli which excluded any real elected legislator presence, and which was then signed without demur by a never elected (and once electorally humiliated) Prime Minister before either Cabinet or Parliament had read a word of it
  • The Speaker of the House of Commons engaged regularly in private meetings with the leader of the Tory Remain group, and on several occasions gave rulings that were clearly favourable to the Remain cause. (The archaic law that gives him the sole say as the what amendments shall be selected for debate is completely idiotic)
  • Finding the Executive’s faux-Brexit far too “hard” for their liking, the lower House of a Parliament (whose Upper House remains unreformed) have snatched executive power from a divided Cabinet, and are now busily engaged in onanism involving indicatory votes that are a thinly disguised wheeze designed to whittle the options down to an ever-softer Brexit
  • A binding and Statutory Law of the Land has been reversed on the basis of one Frenchman’s decision that there was “no time” to complete Brexit by March 29th – and then by the proposed use of a Legal Instrument (something itself intrduced into our legal system by the EU in the 1990s) which, as I write, has neither been applied nor the legal advice about it released to the Commons
  • And of course, a binding sovereign referendum of The People has been diluted, dishonoured and then increasingly ignored by the legislature ordered by the electorate to fulfil its wishes.

These undeniable facts are never pointed out in the old media. Instead, the televisual media simply follow events, take opinion from the opinionated, run footage of Mrs May variously attending Church and getting into and out of limousines, and then invite self-appointed experts into the studio to bicker, lie and parrot endlessly about People’s votes, crashing out, No Deal catastrophe, fantasy Brexits, unicorns and whatever other puerile soundbite Campbell the Spinning Electron has come up with in Blair bunkerland.


I return yet again to the wise words of Kate Hoey from nearly three years ago. For there is a higher order of issue at stake here that trumps any Brexit debate. To be blunt, Brexit and its proper achievement by the sane British majority is not of any great import: the EU will most probably implode along with its laughable currency at some point over the next decade. As long as we stay firmly out of the euro, it really isn’t going to make a ha’porth of difference to the fortunes of our increasingly disunited Kingdom either way….because much bigger typhoons will eventually develop to render Brexit the breaking wind (however malodorous) it always was by comparison.

It is the dual or tripartite world  that succeeds the European Union – with its self-confessed aims of dictatorial corporatocracy defended by standing armies – that is the historical crossroad lying ahead. China is already a member of the club, and the United States is shedding its veiled membership in a grisly strip-tease. Russia and or China might establish further hegemony in a collapsing South America or disease-riddled Africa.

Brexit is a mere skirmish. The War we are engaged in here is between the individual citizen’s right to control a creative personal destiny, and the totalitarian systemic processes of the insane corporacrats.

Responsible, pragmatic and decent individuals can produce devolved communitarian self-determination that guards against threats to the one ecosphere we have.

Extreme, dogmatic and amoral narcissist ideologues will crush personal freedom, and ignore threats to Planet Earth.

Introspective and emotionally intelligent human beings can rescue and nurture the personal fulfilment that 3-dimensional physical life offers every species.

The cold and sterile megalomanic systemics of the infinitessimally tiny minority of zombie believers would destroy all of that.

This is a war between open-minded philosophy and the closed ranks of ideological despots.

Ground-level digital technology could still bring power back to the compassionate majority. There are many of us out here working to that end: looking, in fact, for approachably intuitive software that can give power back to those who have no desire to abuse it.

Stay hopeful, and stay tuned.