Theresa May is always happy to be photographed with our armed forces. But throughout 2018, she signed five separate EU military union directives that reliquished British control over them…..and kept Parliament in the dark about her neocon treachery. Secrecy has always been her preference. Her unconstitutional power-grab continues to march on, largely undetected by The People – and unreported by the mainstream British media.  

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Part 2: Theresa’s Euroarmy quickstep

It’s hard to believe that Theresa May is anything other than fully-signed up to the US Alt State’s neocon foreign policy. She will have developed contacts in it via MI6 while at the Home Office, and it’s clear she works well with them. Donald Trump is, on the whole, not part of that Alt State: he has criticised her Withdrawal Agreement as “a great deal for the EU”. As part and parcel of her bent towards NATO, energy geopolitics and keeping the Saudis happy, it is equally clear that she has zero respect for the British Constitution, flouting it at every turn.

On April 14th 2018 (a year ago yesterday) May ordered the RAF to take part in a completely unjustified bombing of Syria, neatly using the excuse of Parliament being away on Easter recess as the reason for not having it debated in the House. As the raid had been planned some 18 days previously, her excuse was and remains spurious: she involved the UK in an unprovoked attack on Syrian leader Assad – despite the complete lack of evidence of any genuine chemical weapons attack at all, let alone Basshar Assad’s involvement in it – and as such ignored a long-established constitutional precedent that, under such circumstances, Parliament must give its approval.

Her acquiescence in the secret formation of an EU army in concert with NATO represents another case in point. EU leaders have lied about their goal of creating such a standing army for years. In 2003 Tony Blair wrote in The Times, “There is no such concept as a European army”….and even during the 2016 referendum, both MSM and Remainers lied about it. The Guardian said, ‘Claims from the leave side about moves to unify Europe’s armed forces are nothing more than fantasy.’ Lord Ashdown said the idea of an EU army was ‘nonsense’ and ‘for the birds’. Nick Clegg insisted, “the idea we’re going to have a European air force, a European army is simply not true.”

It is inconceivable that Mrs May (and her close ally Michael Fallon) didn’t know this during the election: but both voted to remain. Once the referendum was over, Defence Secretary Fallon and others ministers rubber-stamped EU proposals for closer military integration. The EU Security and Defence Implementation Plan, the European Defence Action Plan vastly increased the powers and remit of the European Defence Agency and the European Defence Fund. Every last step towards tying the UK in militarily (taken by the six EU Councils since we voted to leave) binds us into EU military plans, Brexit or no Brexit.

This was done because, in October 2016, May instructed the Cabinet Office, Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence to lock us into the emerging European Defence Union. In June 2017, she attended the European Council where she approved the European Defence Fund, the European Defence Industrial Development Programme, and PESCO. But in her statement to Parliament the following week, she omitted all references to it. This too was unconstitutional.

Her utter dishonesty continued. Early in 2018, Alastair Brockbank, the Cabinet Office Europe Unit’s Defence Adviser, signed an agreement binding Britain into the Framework Partnership Agreement with the EU’s defence policy, structures and rulebook. But May’s government insisted we would not be part of it. Belatedly, the Government slid through a ‘Technical Note’ confirming that “The UK welcomes the agreement that future arrangements on CSFP [Common Security and Foreign Policy] and CSDP [Common Security and Defence Policy] could become effective during the Implementation Period.” Just one half of one page of the 600+pps Withdrawal Agreement quietly promises that the UK will, after Brexit, continue to contribute to “the European Defence Agency, the European Union Institute for Security Studies, and the European Union Satellite Centre, as well as to the costs of Common Security and Defence Policy operations”. The Commission’s own stats show that, during the period 2021-28, this will cost us €31.3 billion.

The United Kingdom will not have any vote or say (under Article 156 of the WA) in the policies pursued with that money. The EU could invade Hungary, and we’d have to stump up for it. Further, complying with EU directives on defence leaves us still under the control of the European Court of Justice. The madness continues into the Political Declaration, Article 80 of which calls for ‘a broad, comprehensive and balanced security partnership’. Article 104 confirms the ‘United Kingdom collaboration in relevant current and future projects of the European Defence Agency’.

The “big sticking point” in the Brexit negotiations has been the lack of time-limit on an Irish border backstop. None of the aforementioned signed agreements have any time limits on them. Yet as late as 27th November last year, Lord Hague claimed that May’s deal ensures “we are not expected to be a part of” more EU centralisation, including in the military context.

The former head of the Secret Intelligence Service Sir Richard Dearlove, Sir Rocco Forte, Martin Howe QC, Lord Lawson, Sir Paul Marshall, Major General Julian Thompson and Lord Trimble signed a declaration saying, “The ‘deal’ surrenders British national security by subordinating UK defence forces to Military EU control and compromising UK Intelligence capabilities.”

To lie to Parliament from the Despatch Box about “taking back control and honouring the 2016 decision of the British People” is also, of course, a clearcut contempt of Parliament and, in normal times, would result in the resignation of the perpetrator. But these are far from normal times, and the Constitution is being ignored on an almost weekly basis.

That is true of areas around Brexit that go well beyond military matters.

Olly Robbins is a trusted ally of Theresa May, and she directly connived in his Whitehall conspiracy to overshadow, obstruct and than displace David Davis as OIC Brexit bargaining. Steve Baker has given unvarnished and damning evidence to the Cash Brexit Committee alleging clear cases of civil servants wilfully ignoring action requests given by elected officials. Frustrated and humiliated, David Davis resigned in July 2018, telling the PM in his resignation letter that ‘the current trend of policy and tactics makes it less and less likely that the UK will leave the customs union and single market.’ How right he was. May claimed that she would now take over negotiations personally; this too was a lie. Working directly with his German counterpart and without any elected chaperone, Robbins put together a capitulation that was translated first into German, and then French, before being approved by Merkel and Macron….and only then presented to May.

For any senior Whitehall official to conduct foreign affairs in this manner is a crime beyond breaking the Constitution: it represents a coup d’état against the sovereign power of Parliament and its Executive. And Therasa May is very clearly implicated in it.

Since that moment, not one single word of the Diktat has been changed. Barnier lied about it having been “exhaustively negotiated”, and Theresa May was directly complicit in that lie.

Having bullied her Cabinet into accepting a Brino (Brexit in Name Only) Withdrawal Agreement, Mrs May then tried various threats, false “there is no alternative” claims and not a little bribery to push it through the Commons. MPs have rejected it three times. When told by Speaker Bercow that this was unconstitutional, May ignored the comment and told Parliament she would ask for an extension to March 29th as the leaving date. When Tory MPs Bill Cash and John Redwood told her in the House that only a full-on repeal of the Article 50 Act could render that legal, she ignored them too, took advice, and did it with a Legal Instrument. The advice has been kept secret from the House…..along with all of her sly defence commitments.

All those things too are unconstitutional. She should’ve been removed by Parliamentary vote. Instead, she is being protected by Tory MPs who are, equally unconstitutionally, trying to undermine and reverse a Brexit decision taken after a binding referendum. (And equally, the plan of Yvette Cooper and Hillary Benn to make No Deal illegal are every bit as reprehensible).

The new departure date of April 12th came and went. Mrs May flew to Brussels and grovelled for more time. Now she has an extension to October 31st 2019.

In the light of this, the British MSM have stuck firmly to the line that no onerous conditions are to be inflicted upon Britain during the extension period.

As the final instalment will demonstrate later today, this too is a complete lie.

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