BREXIT JOSTLING: Robbins, May & Labour looking to a Withdrawal Act passage before May 22nd

me1511172 While the Momentum Left bothers itself with undergraduate political issues, the alchemists turning Brexit to Brino and then NoBall are applying secret pressure to leading UK politicians whom (they know) are in something of a communal hole. Whitehall remains hopeful of leaving the EU without leaving before the Euro elections. This will leave Nigel Farage beached, and Theresa May in Downing Street. The Slog weighs the odds for and against the passage of the May Deal.


In the midst of quadrophonic Tory meltdown and Brexit-to-Brino transubstantiation, it was fun late this afternoon to watch Owen Jones and an unidentified US Clintonite lady having a row on Sly News.

I joined the session late (this probably added to the hilarious anarchy of it all) but suffice to say it was a heated debate about the best way to stop, protest about and spew hatred against an infantile idiot for whom the American People, in their wisdom, voted two and a half years ago.

I refer of course to the indefatigable Donald Trump, a man who should neither be US President nor exist, but – much to the chagrin of the Earnestly Correct – is and does. Once again, somebody vaguely associated with Whitehall, NATO, the Tory Party, the Palace or Billy Smart’s Circus has decided that it would be a good idea to really rub Leftlib noses in the mire of their own making by inviting the POTUS to the UK on a State visit. As the progressive tendency’s primary weapon is denialism, Jones the Red Manc is head of the People’s Front for Smashing the Revisionist Windsor Plot to Inflict a Racist Rapist on the Peave Loving People’s Republic of Londonstan.

One of the unconscious ironies of Kay Burley’s afternoon show is her trick of showing irrelevant and small-minded people magnified by giant screens, and then walking up and down in front of them in the manner of a Gestapo interrogator. As Owen’s prepubertal face came up on my TV set, he was in the middle of a riff about rape during wars – “an incredibly important subject we should never forget” – and so, clearly bored, Burley walked over to the equally stern-faced US anti-Trump goblin and asked her for a comment.

Cut off in mid rant, the Boy Wonder swiveled his eyes in confusion and pouted as American Get-Trump Woman asked “shirley this kind of yer know well meaning manifestation of disgust in the face of regressive forces only turns innoo small ‘l’ liberal rituals that merely bring down the full force of hippercridigal meedyer ire onnoo those involved, whereas the aim oughda be ter yer know larrbee those who think this was like  a good ideeyer in the first place”.

I don’t think she meant to call Owen Jones Shirley, but I did nearly fall off the sofa laughing as the Pink Sovyet tried to focus on the lady’s preppy accent – as indeed no doubt she had struggled with his Mancunian burr earlier.

Neither of Ice Queen Kay’s guests seemed to grasp just how completely peripheral Trump’s visit will be to the vast majority of both Brits and Americans. Unable to get over national toy-free pram anger about the twin vicarious victories of Brexit and Trump, they remain two nations separated by the same syntax of irrefutable certainty that theirs is the one true way.

I still feel that (unless the Democrats find a viable candidate soon) The Donald will be reelected in 2020. Only a tiny percentage of liberal American voters have a clue how and why Trump happened to them, so they are unlikely to learn from the experience any time soon. Neither (it has to be said) do most Labour Remainers grasp what an own-goal they are scoring for the underprivileged by working 24/7 to overturn the democratic decision by 52% of Brits to jump off the SS Eutanic.

Even funnier (albeit in the narrowest of senses) is the UK Libleft’s mind-boggling ignorance about why Brexit is turning to Brino. They obviously think it’s down to their tireless work on behalf of the mass bourgeois superiority complex. In fact, of course, it is down to the sort of ruthless Establishment determination they claim to despise….on behalf of ordinary voters they claim to represent.

The profoundly despicable nature of that State sociopathy is working more efficiently than many UK observers realise.


The official line on the Labour-Tory “impasse” talks is that they were adjourned during the Easter recess, while our 600+ useless legislators went off to get some R&R after “all their hard work” by variously rolling Easter eggs, being photographed with their families at Church fetes, and indulging their eclectic appetites for gross moral turpitude.

Strictly speaking, the physical adjournment was accurate; but all the MPs and civil servants involved worked nonstop during the break. I greeted these talks a fortnight ago with an air of disdain for all things both hopeless and harmful.

Today I remain reasonably happy with that opinion. Although some spin has been trying to suggest that a great deal of progress has been made, all of it is coming from the benches that groan under the weight of May-supporting bottoms. Labour sources now seem to be preparing the media for a withdrawal by Corbyn in the not too distant future. (Acrimony broke out with accusations of foot-dragging by both sides this afternoon).

This might be thought to spell near inevitable disaster for Tinfoil Theresa. As I write, the 1922 Committee under Graham Brady is meeting to discuss a change in Leadership challenge rules to get rid of the Prime Minister. And we are now but nine days away from the local “rotten borough” elections that may well provide further humiliation for her.

But Mrs May seems to almost relish opprobrium. Further, nobody should underestimate the newly-gained power amassed by the bureaucrats around Olly Robbins. And finally, her main objective is to get out of the EU with a Withdrawal Bill passed before May 22nd….because that and only that will save the Conservative Party from ceding MEP power to Nigel Farage, while handing the rest of it to the Labour Party.

It is alleged by some that Mr Brady went to see the PM this afternoon. If he did, then it was via the tradesman’s entrance. My hunch is that his 1922 Committee may be split on the issue. Ultimately, the Tory Party is haunted more than any other thing by the spectre of a General Election wipe-out on the scale of the Liberal Party defeat that consigned them to history in, um, 1922.

Conservatives would dearly love to kick that electoral reckoning as far down the road as possible. But they cannot do that if the May Withdrawal Agreement fails to pass.

Robbins and Co (backed offstage by the unpleasant Philip Hammond) will I suspect try to bounce May into overt concessions to Labour that make it difficult for Saint Jeremy to pull out. To do so would produce a NoBall (Not Brexit at all) to which the Commons can sign up, and kick a Second Referendum into touch.

There will be consequences for so doing. But then, the Whitehall Putchists won’t be bothered by that: they foresee a golden age in which technocracy reigns and meaningful elections become a thing of the past. For just as UK local elections matter very little now, once we are a region of the EU Reich, Westminster elections will have roughly the same bearing on events as Euroelections have on EU Commission plans today: very little at all.