OPINION: Why the putchists behind the British coup d’état keep on winning

metoday Brexit and Huawei are not just “news stories”: they are connected staging posts along a path being followed, variously, by technocrats, intelligence chiefs, surveillance agencies and globalist business. In this, Part 1 of a double OpEd, The Slog analyses the factors that are making their task far too easy. Part 2 – an examination of loyalties – will follow tomorrow.


It seems that nobody likes Gavin Williamson. Allegedly, they never did: he was a nasty old Whip, trod on a lot of faces and eats babies for a hobby. Good riddance, and all that.

Most if not all of that may be true. But Number Ten was laying it on with a dumper-truck last night. In fact, Wiliamson is that rare thing, an MP who had a successful business career before becoming an MP. Although he voted Remain, privately he accepts that the EU is in need of radical reform, and Britain should be free to export more widely. In his maiden speech nine years ago, he told the Commons, “We do not sing enough the praises of our designers, engineers and manufacturers. We need to change that ethos and have a similar one to that of Germany or Japan. We will have a truly vibrant economy only when we recreate the Victorian spirit of ingenuity and inventiveness that made Britain such a vibrant country, as I am sure it will be again”.

His most important feature, however – largely skimmed over by the serially obedient British MSM – is that he was one of the first onto the Theresa May gravy train. He became her campaign manager, and supported her through thick and thin. Over the last two years, Williamson has been the nearest thing to Martin Bormann for the Prime Minister.

That won’t endear him to anyone (least of all me) but I’m afraid the sacked Minister’s character and preferences are not what’s at stake here. The issue is that he was sacked because he did not trust the motives or judgement of Sir Mark Sedwill….and everything he represents.


I have my beady eye on Sir Mark Sedwill. Five days ago, I posted about – among other things – what makes him a rather disturbing individual for anyone who cares about free speech democracy:

For the first time, one unelected official combines the roles of both the political and security roles of Britain’s Chief Executive body. 

This man now runs the National Security Council and the Cabinet Office. Never before has one unelected official (let alone a long-trained FCO spook) held both roles. Both he and the NSC are accountable to nobody.

This man is Martin Bormann. If you’re Martin Bormann and somebody else got there before you, that someone has to go. So Gavin Williamson has gone.

There has been a stream of bollocks in the UK MSM all day. But at least part of what we are witnessing here is a turf-war between the military version of defence, and the Secret State’s cyber surveillance version of it.

But it is bigger even than that.

This is the second time in a year that completely unconstitutional scheming (and plotting to exclude elected officials from vital information) has happened at the most senior level in British government. More bold type follows.

On matters involving sovereign independence (Brexit) and National Security (HuaweiG5) the aims and desires of The People have been hijacked by two shadowy Whitehall figures who support a Federal Europe and neocon foreign policy respectively.

Those two figures are Oliver Robbins and Sir Mark Sedwill. They have in turn pushed David Davis and Gavin Williamson to one side, in favour of their own agenda – an agenda which is without either legal instrument or Parliamentary statute to support it. And yet more bold type:

They are doing this in the service of a Prime Minister who has misled Parliament, kept Parliament out of the loop, tried to bribe Parliament, and ridden roughshod over an Act of Law (the Article 50 Act) despite fully justified points of order raised by senior Parlimentatarians. And this has been allowed to happen because the Speaker and a senior pro-Federalist Tory have conspired to ensure that the Establishment got its way.

Bold type can be tedious if overdone. It reflects my personal frustration at trying to display the obvious to the multitude in the Kingdom of the Blind.

Which bit of what’s going on in Whiteminster at the moment do the blind not see as a blatant coup d’état?

Why are we, as a nation, so unwilling to see what is happening? It is the task of this post to answer that question, and try (*sighs*) to persuade readers that such is the analysis of a trained Constitutional historian, not a nutjob conspiracist.


Some of the factors have been covered elsewhere ad nauseam on this site: educational superficiality and conformity, distractional neoliberal and socialist ideology, media spin presenting news events minus any honest or objective analysis, materialist obsession among the electorate, braindead entertainment distraction, poverty, desperation, tiredness, laziness, debt concerns, naive acceptance of legislation based on narrow minds and corrupt characters, fear created by demonised bogeymen….on and on it goes.

But if you asked me to reduce those symptoms to one severe disease, it would be this: violently selfish intolerance.

Britain today is indeed divided. But it is divided in the sense that the various parts of the body politic, social and economic no longer have any respect for the head as an instrument of calm investigation, discernment, empiricism, pragmatism and mutual citizen respect.

There is no central heart of Britain beating equally on behalf of every finger, muscle and organ. And there is no soul to explain why head and heart are equally important.

Thus, if you have no respect for anyone else’s opinion, lifestyle, religion, laws, aspirations, freedom and right to electoral influence, you will not defend any of those Civil Rights once the multivariate sociopathic élites start to remove them.

Look back over the events of this century from the Iraq War via Hackgate to paedophile cover-ups, politicised cops, the bombing of Syria and the betrayal of Brexit. There is a diluted Rule of Law in 2019 Britain, and the concept of equality before the Law is an obscene joke.

At all levels of society and among every group of narcissist self-important control freaks, what rules in the contemporary United Kingdom is the protection of privilege, the amassing of power, and the influence of wealth.

This is why the ideas of One Nation, equality of opportunity, public probity and personal responsibility have become the targets of cynicism and puerile humour.

And this is why the power of corporations, bureaucrats, MSM media owners, ISPs, surveillance agencies, geopolitical blocs and data gathered by social media proceed unchecked by the political class.

It is time for a benign sector of the thinking population to focus its collective mind on how (if at all) this creeping cancer can be first of all stopped, and then eradicated.

Millions of the apathetic and smug among us need to be shaken awake and given some extra-strong coffee.

The starting point, I would suggest, is to assemble a very cold and harsh analysis of the governing class, and decide which side the main institutions, players and key hopefuls are on: that of citizen liberty, or taking liberties at the expense of the citizen.

Everyone will have their own version of this: indeed, that’s a major part of the problem. You can read mine in Part 2 tomorrow.

Some of it will shock you. Some of you may unfollow this site out of disagreement with it. But this is not a popularity contest: either way, I urge you not to miss it.