MAY/CORBYN BREXIT SELLOUT: Slog vindicated as PM trails her Big Deal for Labour

Both the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday splash with the “news” that Theresa May is to put an inclusive Brino deal to Jeremy Corbyn this week. But The Slog was ahead of both titles.

corbmay3 corbmaydeal4 Having initially had doubts about whether the LABoraTORY talks were going anywhere, The Slog was the first news source to reveal that Olly Robbins and hardline Tory Remainiacs were leaning on the Prime Minister to rope Labour in before the May 22nd deadline. It was the first to report that Tory negotiators had begun to shift position, and the Labour side was more opimistic. And it suggested yesterday that Corbyn was under pressure from the Keir Starmer tendency, in the light of the local election results, to “get on with it” and play a part in a final deal to complete the transmutation of Brexit into Brino (Brexit In Name Only). 

Tinfoil Theresa writes a direct plea to Corbyn in a piece in today’s Mail on Sunday (fittingly, a paper that he never reads) making it abundantly clear that the Labour élite is going to get pretty much everything it wants:

‘To the Leader of the Opposition, I say this: let’s listen to what the voters said in the local elections and put our differences aside for a moment. Let’s do a deal.’ 

It was only a matter of time before the Prime Minister began to hear voices, and they’re saying to her that the electorate wants to do a deal. Any deal. This is not what the polls show – viz, that No Deal WTO is still the biggest single preference – but then polls don’t have voices, and so Mrs May can’t hear them.

The Sunday Times suggests that, this Tuesday, her negotiating team ‘will agree that Britain will also align with a wider range of EU single market regulations on goods. Finally, they will enshrine in law that the UK will mirror all EU legislation on workers’ rights’. 

I have always maintained that ‘wider range’ is a euphemism for ‘creeping customs union’. In turn, it is bound to come with strings about trade deals we can do elsewhere; while the workers’ rights thing (which personally I favour in general) is also a Trojan Horse allowing the European Court of Justice (and Human Rights) to retain hegemony in British Law.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that May will use only a partial Customs Union to argue that middle-way Conservative Remain and Leave MPs can get behind any deal that emerges….and also give Labour ranks enough reasons to support the deal.

What all this comes down to now is a question of Relative Fear: what does Labour most want to avoid – looking obdurate and thus negative among Remainers (who continue to swallow the No Deal Disaster nonsense) or appearing anti-People and anti-Democracy among committed Leavers?

Jesus of Islington is in a harder place than Mother Theresa. There is a very real danger that Tom Watson will quit the Shadow Cabinet if he backs away from her deal.

Nigel Farage has been quick to take a soundbite out of this fudge by saying that any such pact would be “a coalition of the politicians against the People”. It’s not exactly original, but it does sum up a growing feeling among the electorate rather well.

ERG and other Tory Brexiteer MPs are predicting that doing such a deal with Labour “will split the Conservative Party for a generation”. I think, however, it is now clear that the Prime Minister doesn’t give a damn about the future of the Party: she sees the future of politics as being bloc-geopolitical, not national. She is and always has been an Alt State NWO believer….and she will remain such an animal whether or not she pulls off a deal on Tuesday.

Stay tuned.