OPINION: Theresa May’s departure with all speed must become a matter of principle, not timing or convenience

mesmile I don’t want Theresa May to disappear into well-deserved obscurity to save the Conservative Party. I want her dismissal to be a very important first step: the first step we take in abandoning denial of Alt State takeover, and starting the process of getting our free-speech Democracy back. That culture is under threat from narcissist ideologies, privileged power at all levels of society, and the curse of supranational bloc politics. Today I look at Theresa May’s disloyalty in the face of unelected globalism.


YouGov brings the news today that 1 in 2 Brits think Theresa May should go now, just over 1 in 4 think she should stay, and 1 in 5 don’t know. But yesterday, she told 1922 Committee Chairman Malcolm Brady that she would “probably” go in September….just prior to the Party Conference. One Westminster veteran tells me that Brady departed with a flea in his ear.

For myself, I’m rather more interested in why (and how) she was installed in 1O Downing Street in the first place, and why she has behaved in such a spinelessly devious manner since. I’ve posted several times before on that question, but on this occasion I wish to pose the question in a different way.

Imagine you are Theresa May. I realise it takes a superhuman effort, but just try.

You fudge your way into the Top Job without facing the Tory grassroots, and then try to get a bigger majority at a General Election. You turn it into a minority, when all you had to beat was a washed-up old Commie heading up a Party split every which way.

It’s pretty clear that nobody likes you much. But you’re a politician, and you know that (apart from nutjob diehards) most people outside Parliament have accepted the reality of Brexit. Further, they have begun to spot that Brussels is being invidious, starting to stonewall, leaking in bad faith, and behaving in its traditionally arrogant manner.

Thus, all you have to do is take a tough stance on the withdrawal negotiations, thrust Boris into the forefront of it all and then, when the gangsters remain obdurate, simply say “Take it or leave it, we’re off on March 29th 2019, come back to us with a deal and we’ll think about it”. This is, beyond any reasonable doubt, the quick way to get your ratings up, honour the Referendum, and then watch Labour pulling itself apart prior to Brussels having a change of heart. Britannia is victorious, the tabloids love it, and Theresa is Boadicea. Hurrah!

But you don’t do that. What you do is the thing most guaranteed to make even some Remainers angry, and the Leave majority incandescent with rage: you undermine the UK negotiating team, give the lead role to a fanatical federalist civil servant, and cave in to a diktat from Berlin. You split your Party, unite the Opposition, suffer six Cabinet resignations and three crushing defeats on the Withdrawal Bill, run down the clock with silly games about ‘getting real concessions’, and then miss the Leave date. Humiliated, you go to Brussels begging for an extension. You make Britain a laughing stock on the world stage. You become forever associated with, and complicit in, the greatest attempt to strangle democracy since Charles I dismissed Parliament.

Now ask yourselves, people: you are a politician who likes power because it lets you buy very expensive trousers, and yet you do everything to make the Conservative Party even more unpopular than it was, and lose every last iota of a chance you ever had of, one day, winning a General Election as Leader.

And in one final attempt to stab yourself to death, you open negotiations with the hated Opposition. Oliver Letwin says they’re going very well, and so naturally they go round in circles.

Does this seem to you like the behaviour of a politician in charge of her own destiny?


There are several potential explanations for her behaviour, but none of them involve politics as we know it. Forget any guff about “not wanting to damage Tory chances by splitting the Party”: she is close to ruining the Conservative Party, and is about to see it routed by Farage next month. Dismiss calls of  “she is genuinely worried about the economic consequences of No Deal”. With even a modicum of hard work against the Bluffers of Belgium, she could’ve secured a deal to sail majestically through the Commons. Ignore the idiots who tell you “she’s just incompetent and cowardly”: five minutes spent talking with former colleagues will quickly convince you she is a ruthless superbitch and almost devoid of human feelings. Don’t be taken in by those who insist she “has the country’s best interests at heart – it’s just misplaced patriotism”: nobody with a legal, commercial or traditionally British bent for ensuring future independence would ever have accepted her Withdrawal “Agreement”.

I am rather taken by The Conservative Woman’s hilarious habit of referring to her as ‘Kim May’….I presume, a reference to Kim Philby. As regular Sloggers will know, I concluded two months ago that there has been a coup d’état in Britain, but although a great many people have since come round to this view (site hits have doubled over that period) I am still baffled as to why the great majority of Brits do not have at least suspicions about her actions.

And no, I don’t think she’s a Russian agent: it’s just that ‘Kim’ as a nickname is spot on. Because – as Sherlock Holmes said – “If all the behaviours point that way and all other possibilities have been examined and dismissed, then the residue is the Truth of it”. To me, it’s bloody obvious she’s not working for us.

Examine the track record: seven years at the Home Office cannot but result in regular dealings with secret police, security committees, MI’s 5 and 6, NATO, EU security matters, the CIA and Europol. Now see who runs her bunker: Olly Robbins the lifelong federal fanatic, and Mark Sedwill – the first ever chief spook also running the Cabinet Office. 

What we have here is Whitehall taking over from a horrendously dumbed-down Westminster. And like it or not, a big chunk of Whitehall is and always has been The Secret State. Theresa May is not a double agent, she is an elected global technocrat. She isn’t working for the People, she’s working for the Bloc-heads: those euro-American élites who believe that the national unit is dead, and the fight now is for economic power and energy hegemony between the American sphere on one hand, and Sino-Russian interests on the other.

As Sedwill moved into the central role, a maverick Foreign Secretary was pushed into resignation, a truculent Defence Minister purged, and the Chief Brexit negotiator sidelined in favour of Robbins. The punch-up between her senior Ministers and MI6 over Huawei – allegedly a naked agent of Beijing – is part of this global game….and the arrival of Agent 666 John Bolton from the US today is a further dimension. Heaven alone knows what the squabble is about – some believe May is torn here between EU interests and American ones. But the game is about Who Runs the World.

Still doubtful? Watch Verhofstadt raving in the EU Parliament about expanding the European Empire into Africa. There he and his fellow lunatics will meet the Chinese heading north. Observe May’s behaviour towards Parliamentary points of usage, order and convention….or the clear need for a new Act to replace the existing Article 50, which she simply ignored. Remember how she saw MPs as a mass of donkeys to be bullied, rather than the People’s representatives.

In the Brave New World of blocs, there is no room for direct, free-speech democracy. There is no room for Presidents who defy the Military-Globalist-Surveillance State, or Prime Ministers who call a Referendum and then lose it, or Gilets Jaunes, or Italian Coalitions, or nationalists like Viktor Orban. The process that went rogue in 1963 is, over half a century later, completing its takeover. And – albeit on a small provincial stage – Theresa May is a member of the troupe.


That’s why my approach to the issue of Theresa May is different now. Henceforth, observers of politics have got to get into the nearest helicopter and get a whirlybird’s eye view of the real war in play. Not down a rabbit hole of half-baked conspiracy theory, but via the intelligent observation of behaviour that threatens everyone’s PDC – Personal Destiny Control.

We have to grasp exactly why May is so difficult to get rid of, which politicians are scared or have been nobbled, what the track record of every Whitehall poppinjay is, how the supranational agencies – the ISPs, the security agencies, the military top brass, and the media conglomerates – operate to change reality….and above all, when (if ever) this drift into Corporacratic Totalitarianism is going to stop.

As I wrote at the end of March, Brexit is a battle – no more. For me, the ideal goals in this war against blocs would be:

  • To change the human make-up of Parliament by intelligent voting
  • To move all monied donations and lobbying out of Government
  • To extract Britain from all miltary alliances and federalised groups
  • To focus on small business, high-margin creativity supplying the world beyond Europe in the longer term
  • To completely re-engineer the style and role of education, civil policing, media ownership and social responsibility
  • To pass a Constitution that values individual liberty and potential, and strengthens equality before the Law
  • To help restore European efficiency by removing the huge cost and dead process hands of the eurocrats, and stopping the development of an EU army.

‘War’ or not, no matter how bad things get, I will never embrace the use of violence. All we need to achieve can be set in motion by focused civil disobedience. The key things to overcome are distraction, apathy and the never-ending negativity that continues to dog Britain.

If Gandhi could do it against a global empire, so can we.