At the End of the Day

win_20190127_120036 As often as not, this regular column is a farrago of pot-pourri comprising bits that never became posts in their own right. But tonight, I’ve chosen three potentially random news events that seem to me highly related, and disturbingly symptomatic. Enjoy…or not, as is your right.


Today the US Black activist Malcolm X is 94. Or rather, he would’ve been had the poor bloke not been assassinated in New York at the age of 39 by members of a rival Islamic sect. Yes, fifty-five years ago, Muslim sects were already killing each other.

X (born Malcolm Little) did not have an easy life. His dad was murdered and his mother incarcerated. Almost inevitably, he got hooked up in petty crime, and served an alarmingly long prison sentence. Inside the pokey, he was recruited by Nation of Islam, and naively signed up for the whole ten yards of hating all white people and demanding a segregated USA in which black supremacy would be declared as the right of those with Roots.

However, X was hugely intelligent and erudite (he once wrote, ‘those who won’t stand up for justice will fall for anything’) and soon became disenchanted with dumb ideas. He switched to becoming a Sunni Muslim, and advocated equality for all in a shared America. Until three Jihadi lunatics shot him at a Manhattan rally in 1964.

Had he lived, it seems likely that at some point he could have become the first Black American President. My opinion is that he would have been a far better one than Barack Obama, that he would’ve regarded the narcissism of today’s black activists as divisively self-obsessed, and would almost certainly have opposed both neocon Middle East US foreign policy and Islamic fundamentalism. No doubt, his reward for doing this would have been a roasting at the hands of the American MSM, a fatwah from Iran, and a Grassy Knoll courtesy of the US Alt States.

Alternative history is always fascinating, and a good way to sell lots of books. So I offer the above free to anyone who fancies it as a plot-line.


Fast forward from 1964 to 2019, where an anti-Islamic British nationalist called Tommy Robinson is campaigning to become an MEP in Strasbourg. Because all Muslims must be defended to the hilt and their every dysfunctional cultural eccentricity tolerated, Mr Robinson is being accused by the “liberal” press today of incitement because he turned up to address a meeting.

It seems that our Tommy – without uttering a word – goaded hooded Muslim youths to throw rocks, bricks, bottles and stones at him over the heads of police….who did nothing. The young folks then sat on a nearby wall, gave ISIS salutes and screamed abuse at Robinson’s supporters.

Having read the reports and watched the videos, I fell to wondering what might have happened if Tommy Robinson was gay, and the Islamists involved (who came from the Muslim Defence League, but included elements of Momentum and Antifa) had chanted “homophobic” remarks. It would, I fancy, have been an ideologically testing time for the boys and girls in Blue.

Later, the local police condemned social media for discussing and debating what happened.

Where to start with all this?

Robinson and his supporters organised a rally legally. The missile-throwing was overwhelmingly undertaken by those who wished to deprive the candidate of his lawful right to hold a legal meeting.

British Muslims of both the ic and ist varieties of Islam condemn all homosexuals. Their leaders are at best equivocal about democracy, and condemn any speech or writing that criticises their culture and religion.

Robinson (I do not know how many times I have to say this) shows no signs of being a “racist”; his dislike of Islam is base entirely on its intolerance, and the multiply proven predeliction of Pakistani elements for grooming white prostitutes.

It is possible that Robinson is a closet racist, and if somebody shows me irrefutable evidence of this, I will be the first to condemn him. But he appears to have negroid, Asian and Jewish friends.

I don’t like his style of spitting out words. But it is his inalienable right to deliver thoughts in that manner.

I need someone to explain why, when the missile-hurling began, the police did nothing. It was a clear and obvious breach of the peace. Under the current legislation (which, as it happens, I don’t support) it is also a criminal offence to give vocal approval, carry banners and give salutes supporting terrorist organisations.

This is now the third time in two months that a senior police officer has recommended media censorship as an approach to avoiding socio-political tensions. Quite why freedom of speech should be based upon policing problems eludes me. But PC Plod would do well to remember that the Rotherham scandal was excused on similar grounds.

Our police are a civil force. They are turning into a Gestapo-lite as a result of pandering to the arrogance, ignorance and muddled mores of the political class.

And yes – once again – I am sick to death of supporting the Rights of somebody I don’t like that much. But someone has to do it.


I do not doubt that Saturday’s events in Oldham will evoke endless interpretations of videos, culpability and other eventcentric nonsense. And in the midst of that, some chic agitpropista from Muswell Hill will spout “fake news” the minute the medical hammerhead hits his knee.

Leading the charge on fake news from Day 1 has been the chosen role for The Guardian….a paper that awards itself the title of The World’s biggest liberal Voice (based on zero evidence or gongs) and then two lines later begs for money because nobody reads it any more.

Late last week, however, the DCV driver’s favourite organ was caught out on the subject of conspiracy to produce counterfeit manipulation of reality.

An internal email cruised majestically around Big G’s Southside HQ from Katherine Viner, the Executive Group Editor no less. Viner pulls down a salary of £304,000, plus pension contributions coughed up by the struggling newspaper Group of £32,000. Only The Guardian’s chief financial officer Richard Kerr (on £409,000) earns more. Money, root of all evil, nests, feathers, etc etc. 

This is the “guidance” that Katherine the Great somewhat single-mindedly gave to all hacks writing on the subject of climate change:


Crisis not change, heating not warming. Oh dear. Wildlife suggesting “all of it”. Fish populations, because they lend themselves to frightening numbers rather than sobering percentages. And denier of Flat Earth proportions in preference to balanced sceptic.

Project Fear, Smear and Sneer laid out for all to see.

I rang a largely empty Guardian building last night and asked for confirmation that the leaked email was genuine. It had been on the internet for some time, so I must assume that – in the absence of any denial either at the time or 24 hours ago – it is indeed the Real Thing called media exaggeration policy.

If you don’t find this worrying, then this is the wrong site for you. It is (not that we needed it really) the final proof that The Guardian has morphed from impeccable home of journalism and required reading for intelligent humanists to propagandist Pravda lie-sheet catechism in one generation.