THE SUNDAY ESSAY: one soldier in a ruthless enemy army has gone. Let’s not get carried away

mesmile We are better off without Theresa May; but this is just one country, and Brexit is just one issue. In this essay, The Slog examines the size of the task and the proposes an optimal solution that would be more cultural, constitutional and international than politically parochial. Dislodging the 3% from power is going to require focus, organisation, originality and a bottom-up approach.


Theresa May left Downing Street as she entered it: uttering lies about honouring a Brexit she never wanted, and claiming to want a Britain of real equality while denying a basic civil right to 3.64 million female pensioners.

She lied about there being no money-tree, and then offered a quite staggering €39 billion to Brussels…without reason, advantage, or legal need.

She lied about leaving the EU on March 29th, and then blamed MPs when it didn’t happen.

She lied about saying she’d prefer No Deal to a bad deal.

She lied about there being only one alternative to her “deal” – No Deal – and then tried to dilute that diktat further still.

She lied to Brussels about the chances of selling the Diktat to Westminster.

She then began lying (alongside her allies in the Labour Party) about the “dire disaster” that would follow departure without a deal.

She lied about the desire to have an election: she didn’t want a “stronger bargaining position with Brussels”, she wanted a bigger majority to force Brino through the House of Commons. She lost.

Facing obduracy from MPs, she turned to her Home Office chums in Whitehall, and stood by to watch unconstitutional action piled upon illegal subterfuge as unelected Alt States colluded in England, Belgium, Germany and France to undermine clean, sovereign Brexit.

She lied about saying she would never accept a Second Referendum, and then openly offered one to a bunch of scheming, anti-democratic IS Marxists across the corridor.

She lied about leaving the customs union, saying it “had never been an assumption” during the Referendum campaign…an untruth upon which the likes of Jess Philips greedily fed.


This ghastly woman is gone, but it may still be too little too late: Britain has badly let down other EU nations struggling to evade the slimy tentacles of a Federalist bureaucracy gone mad.

The myth that “the vast majority” of Europeans are pro-Brussels is found out every week of every year along many dimensions. Yet another study conducted here last week showed that only 53% of the French approve of the EU’s current direction, and fully 63% of all Union citizens say they believe (1) the the EU is run for the rich, and (2) they see no value in further federalisation.

Down here – a massive farming area – the majority against Brussels and Paris (but pro Gilets Jaunes) is considerably larger. 68% of respondents to a national survey, after EU hard man Macron summarised his ‘great debate’ conclusions to pacify the GJs, said they ‘did not find the President credible’.

I walked into my local here yesterday lunchtime, and the barmaid said, “Ah John, ça va?” to which I replied, “Oui, formidable….parce qu’enfin, la biche est morte”*.

*I’m on top of the world because at last, the bitch is dead.

The entire bar broke into wild applause. I have made no secret of my Brexiteer allegiance here, and also carry a prominently displayed yellow vest in the car. The ordinary French folk beyond the metro-victims understood May’s game perfectly, and detest Macron. “Aux ‘s’Anglaises,” said the owner Enriqué, offering me a free beer, “Toujours difficiles, mais toujours durs! “*

*Never easy to deal with, but always tough.

All well and good, but all is not well that ends well – because the escape of Britain from failed vassal status (and the achievement of real freedom in Western Europe) is far from complete.


We now begin to tread deeper waters. In Brussels and Strasbourg, the usual diplomatic spin was being played out: “there is now a near-certainty of No Deal, there is no way the British can get their act together in time, there is no way we will reopen the Withdrawal Agreement”. Same old same old.

But this is the political class at the only job they know: lying. Its perspective is as far distant from the views of manufacturing industry as it is from the average worker, family and entrepreneur on the ground.

Today, the political class in the West has but one psychographic ally: the ideologue who believes in Big State…..and not far below the surface, despises the ordinary citizen.

This ally comes in two packaging forms: the military-surveillance-globalist-bureaucrat-energy-banking nexus of greed that supports neoliberal Might is Right as a default approach to human existence; and the Internationalist-Heavenly-catechismic-belief priesthood of certainty selling socialism, feminism and Islamism as the answer to everything.

Both tendencies within this Big State ally end every utterance with two implied words: “Or else”.

The politician’s role for at least 35 years has been solely that of facilitator. To gain access to power, he or she must get one or both of two things above any other: money and votes. In 2019, legislatures are more and more likely to be talking shops for mediocre big-mouths to garner votes, and a reception aperture for the money that pours in via donors and lobbyists.

So it is that our governments currently serve the interests of those least likely to have any kind of civilised view of culture, free speech, scientific advance and open-minded philosophy.

Those most likely to have a grounded, pragmatic and realistic goal of the greatest possible fulfilment of individuals, families and communities in this Earthly existence are ignored….and casually dismissed as (variously) intellectuals, incorrect, reactionary, deviant, capitalist, nationalist, Hard-Right, climate-deniers and off-message.

Not only does this produce a terrifying situation in which almost every Western society is multiply split: the very likelihood of that split turning to anarchy becomes the excuse of choice for the introduction of both physical and thought repression by the State.

The British and French police are becoming more politicised, and Signora Federica Mogherini has her EU army – which didn’t exist and of course never would…but oh goodness me look, now it does.


This is the only analysis I can come up with that explains the odd oil-and-water belief alliances that now exist. (If you have another one that fits better, do please tell: I am, as a trained researcher, always willing to see better interpretations….even if that means accepting that people lie when answering survey questions – which of course, they do).

Alliances that seem at first sight like chemical suspensions include feminists apologising for Islamist misogyny, minority activists preaching anti-Semitism, socialists defending the illegally financialised capitalism of superstates, liberals ignoring rape-grooming and prostitutional constructs, or young ‘social democrat’ students trotting out things like, “you can’t say things like that today” about dysfunctional cultures.

But the bottom line in all such cognitive dissonance is this: dissonance cannot be excused – it can only be explained by rigid adherence to a flawed ideo-religious belief system.

And this represents the real battlefield of thought. As I have written before, it is the struggle between the open mind of philosophy and investigation versus the closed ranks of self-perpetuating priesthoods.

It is, if you will, Spiked, OffGuardian, Orphans of Liberty, Craig Murray et al versus Paul Mason, Jess Philips, Guy Verhofstadt, Jean-Claude Juncker, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Guardian, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton and Theresa May.

To be even more precise, it is a war between those who discern that conformity in education is a curse, and those who secretly believe its resultant banality proves that the ants have nothing useful to contribute.

Neoliberal globalists, IS socialists, fundamentalist Islamics, radical feminists and geopolitical blocheads thus find themselves on the same side: the side that uses propaganda to auto-fulfil their prophecies.

You can see, perhaps, why I say there is still a great deal to do.


I would be the first one to admit that “we” – if I can sort of rope some of you into this mission – are hugely outnumbered and outgunned. And the five forms of real fascism I enumerate in that last but one paragraph are not going to just melt away.

We are outnumbered by the conformist generation coming through. We are outnumbered by those too tired, desperate, old, disinterested, apathetic, lazy and drunk or doped to care any more. We are outnumbered by the smug, comfortable 15% who think “I’m alright Jack” and happily do the bidding of the foul 3% running things. And we are outnumbered by the vast majority of Leftlib-leaning teachers in the education system, peddling their regimented political correctness.

We are outgunned by the Establishment and online “social” media who have sold out almost entirely in the Anglophone world, plus France, Germany, Frankfurt, China and to a large extent Russia. We are outgunned by riot police, National Guard, the “Justice” system, the surveillance agencies and the technology now available to tell Them 24/7 where We are. And we are outgunned by extreme Trotskyist activists like Momentum, Antifa and Muslim Defence….if for no other reason that they can hurl bricks and bottles without any intervention by what is supposed to be a civil police force.

A victory for pragmatic reason, emotional intelligence, empiricism, disciplined compassion, culturo-constitutionl reform and non-violence doesn’t look likely when you tot that lot up. But it doesn’t end there, I’m afraid: criss-crossed over these multitudes are well meaning but essentially gullible folk who imagine (for example) that a Labour government would restore their pension rights, a Brexit Party government would not do a deal with the Tories, wholesale nationalisation would create productive jobs, the EU would allow anything even approaching radical socialism, and a Boris Johnson in Number Ten would be a different one to the chap who covered up phone hacking, covered up Elm House, used thugs to help his London redevelopment schemes and lied about vehicle emissions to help his mate Tim Yeo sell ecologically unsound taxis.

We live an epoque today where there is an almost obssessive desire by the electorate to find The Saviour. Not only is this unhealthy for liberty restoration, it is almost Monty Pythonic in its determination to see holiness where there is only a veil full of holes likely to produce a vale of tears in very short order. We’ve had Cameron, Clegg, Farage, Corbyn and now perhaps Johnson. All of them are men of straw no better than the State whore now leaving the stage.

All is confusion and muddle….and the environment of hatred sharpened by intolerance, Brexit, financialised economics and divisive narcissism has created an infertile soil in which to try and grow any kind of unity……or even contented acceptance of what is. Life is being ideologically politicised; and trust me, there’s no market for it. Where there should be strategically sound export planning, there is only hot air and high dudgeon.


Doom and gloom, perhaps. But I would say, “Reality”. And that reality continues to convince me that only two possibilities can save us.

The first (and more positive) of the two is the creation of genuine, ground-up minority Movements across the World designed to build cultures where PDC – Personal Destiny Control – can flourish.

Veteran Sloggers will know by now that I do not advocate forming a political Party – at least, not at this stage and in these already fractured times. Farage’s outfit is there to fulfil a short-term need, an we should let him get on with it.

Rather, what we need is a Gilets Jaunes style of operation, but one that acts primarily as an instrument of attitudinal, educational and structural change. As time goes on, it is becoming increasingly obvious that mass demonstrations like we see every weekend in France by the GJs are too easy to infiltrate and demonise. Also, trying to grasp any agenda more profound in their aims than fiscal justice is rather like lassoing ether. They continue to offer the most effective resistance to Macronisation….but as with The Brexit Party, its immediacy is its weakness.

I will throw into this “plan” once more (for luck) the availability of Web3 – still untainted by the Forces of Darkness, and another aperture (like bitcoin, P2P banking, borderless credit cards and so forth) by which citizens around the planet can wean themselves off the apparent need for State channels.

There is, I admit, an element of “starve the beast” in all this. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to get into the detail of it on the open internet.

The second aid to salvation is, I have thought for over ten years now, the likelihood that the ideologues, Alt States, soldiers, religious fanatics, oilmen and financial interests will sooner rather than later start squabbling among themselves.

I do not accept the idea of one, secret and undivided New World Order planning the demise of humanity for the simple reason that I cannot find a shred of credible evidence of it.

But I do think it is obvious that many within the 3% have shared goals, and cooperate to some degree at various gatherings on all continents where the security is tighter than a stickleback’s bottom, and only the most trusted, depraved media owners are invited.

Despite the obvious high IQ of such psychopaths, such people never think through the consequences, always underestimate the competition, and are mentally incapable of long-term, constructive formation of strategic outcomes. Equally obvious, of course, is the likelihood of war resulting from their megalomania. But war comes in more benign forms in the 21st century: apart from those Jihadists intent on getting stuck into the 77 Virgins upstairs, nuclear strikes are not seen a viable option.

Let me close with a glimmer of optimism.

In early 1941, Nazi Germany looked set to have a Thousand Year future. In 1961, the USSR seemed about to dominate space and create a permanent global duopoly with the United States. In 1999, as it launched the euro, the European Commission was gathering new members, discord was minimal and its future looked assured.

Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. It is often darkest just before the dawn. Nothing is forever. All things must pass.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.

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