A Tory Party torn between fear of death and hatred of Brexit

metodayIn the latest profoundly meaningless Meaningful Debate, the Fatuous Five managed once more to say as little as possible, with the exception of Rory Stewart who always has far too much to say. In another display of quite staggering disdain for the electorate, the Parody Candidate declared he would “not allow a damaging and unnecessary no-deal exit against the consent of Parliament”.

Rory Boy’s English is almost as bad as his logic. Parliament did not give its consent to anything,  it illegally demanded “No No Deal” (having done a U-turn on what it had overwhelmingly made the default option two years earlier) and also ignoring the statements of many Leave speakers during the Referendum that we should leave without a deal if the EU played dirty. Which it did, of course.

BoJo has three times more votes than the nearest follower (the Big Money candidate Jeremy Hunt) and is expected to pick up most of the eliminated Dominic Raab’s votes. In a tribute to his utter stupidity, Stewart’s vote doubled. The fact that the best candidate was eliminated while Boris increased his lead, and the most severely unpleasant leapt forward tells us an awful lot about how the Conservative Party is both desperate not to be vapourised over Brexit but how little it really wants it.

I’m travelling at the moment, so posts will probably be short and sporadic.