THE SUNDAY ESSAY: there’s a global compulsion to normalise the abnormal

me11117(2).PNG The biggest single econo-political and technological tendency of the last three decades has been the growing desire to leave reality behind, accept dubious social mores as absolute values, and conform at all costs to the “findings” of bad science. It has given centre stage to ID narcissists, made naked greed acceptable, and elevated the European Union to a level bearing no relation at all to its grubby, undemocratic practices. It is breeding illiberal belief systems and a refusal to tolerate the counterargument. We need to find a way to reverse it as soon as possible.


Do you know the difference between gay and queer?  No, I don’t either. More to the point, I don’t care. I don’t even think I should care. The whole LGBTQ fiesta vaguely irritates me – not least because, having already purloined the word ‘gay’ thirty years ago, they’ve now decided ‘pride’ is pink too. They’re trying hard to grab ‘rainbow’ as well, and they’ve already got five out of twenty-six letters of the alphabet.

But there’s a long way to go before they Have It All, so why stop at five? C for Cavorter, D for Dame, P for Proctologist, N for Necrophiliac…I mean why not? Does the dead person feel abused?

What have they got to be proud about, and what other rights do they need? They have the right to marry – and the right to be treated as married in law – the right to show affection in public, the same right as straights to be protected from assault, and the right every year to take over every capital city and march. What are they marching about? The right to be proud to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tranvestite and Queer. Why are they proud? Go back to the beginning and try again.

Ten years ago I wrote this mantra in a blog at NotBornYesterday: ‘An uncivilised society criminalises harmless minority sexuality. An insane society glorifies it’. I don’t see any reason to change my mind about that, but I now have a third sentence to add: ‘A self-obsessed, narcissistic society goes on about it until everyone else is bored to death.’

I don’t like Stonewall, I think it’s fascist and opportunistic. I don’t like All-Gay hotels, I think they’re exclusional. I’m not interested in ‘queer’ suddenly being OK again. I can’t abide the leftwing bib and brace brigade. The number of real bisexuals in society is massively exaggerated – and please don’t take me up on that one, because as a researcher many years ago working on the AIDs account, I proved it beyond any doubt. I abhor the pc line in schools that there is nothing “abnormal” in homosexuality, because it’s a lie: it’s not abhorrent to me, but it is aberrent. The bumhole was fashioned to emit excrement, not welcome an engorged penis. Sexually immature children are not equipped physically or mentally for such invasion either: the only difference between paedophilia and male homosexuality is that the former is appallingly destructive on several levels, and by and large guy-on-guy sex isn’t. So the first requires legal penalties and the second doesn’t. But neither are natural.

Of course, that makes me homophobic, right? ‘Homophobic’ is another pc idiocy word that doesn’t describe anyone I know. In my entire life, I have only ever met one bloke who was genuinely scared of homosexual men, although I have to admit that some of the lesbians at Liberal Conspiracy are pretty scarey.

I deplore every aspect of identity politics: it is divisive, up itself and sorry for itself. Anyone who demands identification on the basis of their sexuality, ethnicity, gender, politics, religion and nationality needs to get a life…..and try harder to get past mirrors. I would like Jess Phillips to be a good MP, not a high IQ twit of no emotional intelligence. I would like Dianne Abbott to represent all her constituents, not hide behind her colour. I would like Mayor Kahn to care about London’s serious social problems, not be a hypocrite about his stone age religion on the one hand and Gay Pride marches on the other.


The Guardian would doubtless dismiss the foregoing as a ‘rant’, but I am happy with it as a cogent defence of a socially rational position on a subject at the forefront of attacks on free speech, and the current species desire to run a mile from any kind of natural reaction.

People imagining that Homo sapiens is in a good place at the moment need to go away somewhere with lots of time and books, take notes, think for themselves, and then return refreshed for the fray. The first thing they will notice is that things are even worse than when they went away to the monastic library of knowledge.

They might, for instance, find themselves in shock to come back and see that the contest for leadership of the UK Conservative Party is between a blond goat and a bland stoat. They would surely be horrified to discover that – while the main talking points of the campaign have involved rows with a girlfriend, attendance at church, eating foie gras and fox hunting – nobody has yet (except The Slog) delved into the histories of serial calumny suggesting that both men should be subjected to a lengthy period on the stocks and then Witch Trial by Water. Perhaps the renewing return from retreat could also act as a catalyst to evoke some astonishment about the lack of anyone in the media (except The Slog) addressing the rogue bull elephant in the room: Boris may well have to prorogue Parliament if he wants the Real Deal with our “friends” in Brussels….and if necessary, call an all-or-nothing General Election.

My own action on greeting the prodigally returned Learner Driver of life would be to show him or her the foaming spittle of Monsieur Guy Verhofstadt about Greece, Brexit, Hungary, EU armies and African neocolonialism. The only risk in that tactic would be the possibility of a decision by him or her to return forever to the monastery or nunnery depending on his or her gender and sexuality identification – especially if I then exposed that person to the fluffy, happy-clappy drivel robotically blathered by Remainers talking about “EU democratic values”.


Having fired a gattling gun at ID nonsense and contemporary Western politics, I feel the need now to move on to the world of fiscality, finance and economics. You may be wondering where this essay is going, but do bear with me: the common factor is our extraordinarily dysfunctional ability to confuse the dangerously depraved with the socially acceptable. More simply, the pretence that madness will have no consequences.

The segue here is the unmissable correlation between exaggerated social injustices and EU politics on the one hand, and global blocism on the other.

Ten days ago, Standard & Poors reported (as if we didn’t know already) that the U.S. and China are the eurozone’s two largest trading partners. But as the eurozone generally has lower trade tariffs than the US, the general slowdown in world trade has affected it quite badly: beyond Germany and Poland, EU exports are both expensive and of dubious quality, so there is a big deficit between Brusseliana and the rest of the world. Trade tensions between China and the US could dampen both US growth and China’s willingness to import from Europe. “We are concerned that second-round effects from U.S. tariffs may be contributing to a weakening in business investment and consumer spending,” S&P opines.

They’re not the only ones. I now doubt very much if Draghi’s European Central Bank (it won’t be his for much longer) will raise rates before mid-2021 at the earliest. I also expect the Fed’s rate-cutting optimism to fade as the summer turns to autumn….unless of course the varietal anti-Trump forces in the States decide to spike his reelection hopes by continuing to pretend that interest rates can be “normalised”. I don’t like to think what FruFru LaGarde will do in this area, but a Frank Sinatra song comes to mind. No, not My Way. Rather, Sumthin’ stoopid.

The Slog has been saying since late 2015 that, under the current perverted form of globalist financialised capitalism, rates cannot be normalised. The entire relationship between bourses and on-the-ground economies is so abnormally disconnected – a situation made worse to the point of surreality by QE and Zirp – “normal rates” is an oxymoron. Let’s face it, normal rates would collapse everything from sovereign treasuries to the banking system in the current environment.

Bank bailouts have been banned by the lady with the sausage habit in Berlin, and sovereign treasuries have far more limited supplies of QE firepower than they did in 2011. The logical approach would be for the élites, the gigarich, the politicians and the markets in general to accept that the Bull(shit) Run is over, take the hit, and then wait for things to get back to something approaching real capitalism. But megalomania, votecentric democracy, greed and power-lust will combine to ensure that such sensibilities are dismissed as some kind of tree-hugging, wet-legged fairy tale not to be confused with the myth of trickle-down wealth.

These are not the only terrors for the Top Dogs who fear their hegemony may be under threat: a further nightmare for the U.S. financial sector, for example, is that a tech company—whether from China or a homegrown juggernaut such as Amazon or Facebook—replicates the success of Alipay and WeChat in America. The stakes are enormous, potentially carving away billions of dollars in annual revenue from major banks and other firms. We are back in the previously discussed territory of PDC (Personal Destiny Control) wherein savvy people are seeking out every which way of avoiding bloodsucking Establishments.

Over the last few weeks – as more and more investors get the IABATO* feeling – the price of gold has stopped galumping through quicksand in lead boots, and begun a steady climb in price….but not without pretty obvious attempts by the larger banking firms and central bankers to peg it back.

Wherever you look – at the older end of the internet, at the riskier end of the bourses, in digital currencies, at the cutting edge of online news, and on the ground in nation State elections – brighter, more concerned citizens can see what’s coming down the road: a hastily cobbled-together attempt to imprison us in a stockade that works solely for the 3%. Be they collectivist Zil-laners or neolib/neocon hoarders, the goal is still the same – a populace that has no choice but to cooperate with a controlling, totalitarian style of government, resistance to which is futile.

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official


We have reached a point where minorities, opinion leaders, business commentators and political leaders are engaged in persuading us that abnormal is normal.

The trouble with watersheds is that our species doesn’t like them, is often frightened by them, and thus devotes a great deal of important time to insisting they aren’t happening. This is about as big a waste of Time as it is possible to imagine, but it is in the nature of us to do such things. We are, let’s get real here, only human: the biggest problem is persuading rigid ideologues that we aren’t exactly the best raw material with which to create Nirvana….or anything remotely approaching that ideal.

Go to any business site, and it won’t be long before you encounter the word ‘normalise’. It seems we need to normalise growth, normalise rates, normalise bourse/economy fits, normalise Middle Eastern politics and normalise energy prices…but nobody seems to have any real ideas about how to do that (because to do that would cause pain to the Masters of the Universe) and so the stance taken – especially by the Financial Times – is that all this abnormality is perfectly normal, so what’s all the fuss about?

While most thinkers believe that normality can only be assessed on a subject by subject basis, I don’t. I generally cleave to the Buddhist idea that separation is an illusion, and everything is connected. Further, my experience (and a great deal of empirical evidence) has long convinced me that every attempt to suggest that the natural is not the normal – and vice versa – is the sort of thinking that has a mendacious agenda….hidden or otherwise.

It is normal and natural for a pack species to aim for maximum fulfilment from Alpha to Gamma. It is normal and natural for tribe members to be wary of dysfunctional sexuality. It is normal and natural for most citizens to cooperate for a greater good. It is normal and natural for electorates to expect their governments to work for them, the taxpayers….not rich minorities who pay lackeys to help them evade tax. It is normal and natural for community members to desire a broad measure of freedom in deciding how they will support the families they love. It is normal and natural for investors approaching old age to expect an income from their carefully accumulated savings. It is normal and natural for the less privileged in society to expect – nay, demand – that the people they pay to run society should keep their word on State pensions.

I am acutely aware at times of the degree to which internet ISPs and social media regard me (a miniscule influence) as a contrarian renegade. I can only respond to that by saying that I am a generally normal sort of bloke with a gift for pointing out that which is unnatural. I am blessed and lucky to be in a position to spend my days defending open-minded, creative free speech against arid ideological process.

For me, normality is not conformity. Conformists in 2019 embrace abnormality without having the remotest idea what social anthropology tells us is natural. As the strapline of this blog promises, I am a cognitive dissident. Right now, that is the only way to be responsible on behalf of our grandchildren.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.