TRUMP vs the MIC: Is the Donald winning?


The Jeffrey Epstein enigma is part of an ongoing tug-of-war between the elected US President and the unelected Alt State



US director of national intelligence Dan Coats has been eased out of office by Trump loyalists in the White House. Trump trustee John Ratcliffe, a Texan Republican, is to replace the MIC veteran Coats, with whom the President has been at odds about foreign policy towards Russia, North Korea and Iran. This is a polite, MSM way of saying that Donald Trump suspected (and probably had proof) that Coats and his CIA/Pentagon chums have been actively destabilising what they regard as his ‘maverick’ approach to enemies, in that he doesn’t share their rabid desire to blow up the World.

Millions of Trump detractors around the globe will regard that informed opinion about him as evidence of a rapid slide into madness on my part, but their idée fixe about the US President insists that you can’t separate the private individual from the public politician. I am not and never have been a Trump fan, but he is not Alt State: if he was, there wouldn’t be so many MIC lifers in America determined to spike his wheels. Being a rum sort of cove, I would rather have relatively harmless shits in power than globally homicidal hawks.

The US and European media refer to President Trump’s regular revolving doors as ‘mistakes’, but closer examination reveals a man – albeit a neurotically impulsive man –  dumping those who were foisted upon him by the alternative US State. People too easily forget that the Republicans didn’t adopt Trump as their candidate, he simply beat everyone they wanted out of sight. He reverse took over the GOP, and none of the Texas-Pentagon-Wall Street-State Dept axis, liberal idiot media or Big Beast Democrats saw it coming.

The unelected barons of America do not have The Donald where they want him: the last place any of them want him is in the White House. The Mueller Inquiry has turned into a complete shambles of invented collusion between Trump and the Russians, while the noose is slowly closing on the Clinton Foundation’s circle of depravity. But the most telling development of this summer so far has without question been the disinterrment of the corpse formerly known as The Case Against Jeffrey Epstein.


The life and career of Jeffrey Epstein is, in almost every respect, a micro reflection of our times….and yet spookily reminiscent of the character Captain Edgar Grimes in Evelyn Waugh’s novel Decline & Fall published in 1928.

Mr Epstein reflects the current epoch through the media of depravity, heartless peddling, and ass-covering so mendacious as to make him more difficult to lasso than ether.

Just like Grimes, Epstein was serially asked to leave varietal employments, having been both a shady soldier of fortune and an academic facing perpetual accusations of misdemeanours with minors. Unlike Grimes, however, the former intimate of the powerful was anything but a victim of his impulses: far from suffering blackmail, Jeffrey Epstein made a living by blackmailing power.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that he evaded capture, hardship and justice via connections to at least two security services. The Ghislaine Maxwell connection ties him firmly (along with previous falsified passports) to Saudi Arabia and Mossad; his Iran Contra associations suggest at the very least freelance employment from the CIA.

Time after time, Epstein wangled himself short sentences in minimal security/maximum comfort prisons.

But all this came to an end when, on 6th July last, he was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on sex trafficking charges. And things got rather more serious a week ago today when Epstein was found injured and semiconscious at 1:30 a.m. on the floor of his cell, with marks around his neck that were suspected to be from either a suicide attempt….or an assault.

His cellmate, former New York City police officer Nicholas Tartaglione, is facing four counts of murder. He denied any knowledge of what happened to Epstein. Prison cells are small and lacking in shady places. It seems unlikely that even an NYPD cop could cohabit with this mysterious individual and not notice anything happening to him.

Equally hard to explain is how Tartaglione was found to be in possession of a contrabant smartphone.

It’s obvious to me that influential people want Jeffrey Epstein to testify about something, and other equally influential people don’t want him to do that.

Here’s something that may represent a clue. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump was sued by an anonymous woman who claimed he raped her at an Epstein party when she was 13 years old. Journalists investigating the allegations were unanimous in their view that Trump was innocent, and probably the victim of a sting.

Shortly before the election, the accuser withdrew her allegation. In fact, far from having anything to fear from Epstein, Donald Trump has a record of dismissing Epstein-generated accusations. In 2009 for example, Brad Edwards, an attorney who has represented various Epstein victims, served the future President with a subpoena for testimony in a case against Epstein. Far from finding Trump a devious witness, Edwards said during a recent interview, “I have served subpoenas on many [Epstein] connected people, and Trump is the only person who picked up the phone and said, ‘Let’s just talk. I’ll give you as much time as you want.’”

President Donald Trump seems to have nothing to fear from any future Jeremy Epstein testimony. It is unlikely that his arrest came as a surprise to the White House.

The growing feeling in Washington is that Epstein has damaging things to say about the Clintons, not the President.

What the exact nature of those revelations might be remains anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned.