BREXIT MELTDOWN: how other agendas have now taken over

The Eunatics have Britain exactly where they want it: in a state of anarchic chaos. We need a General Election with intelligent voting.


This is a sad, sad time for Britain. Three years of grubby lies, broken promises and false witness are now morphing into a scene from the fall of the Roman empire: the barbarian controllers are at the gates, but all the senators do is play dice to see who can get what from the dying body of State.

Everyone involved now has an agenda: none of them has anything to do with putting the freedom of the British People first. A tooth-grating cacophony of socialist, nationalist, neoliberal, neocon, blocist, technocratic but above all selfish goals are in play; none of the players are contributing anything to the economic health and infrastructural investment of the United Kingdom.

English socialists and Scottish nationalists are actively working on a deal to collapse the government of Boris Johnson and form a Parliamentary pact that will force both a General Election and reassure Brussels than No Deal is off the table.

The socialist is a long-term failed and somewhat sinister Hard Left man who privately detests the EU and is prepared to sell Scottish Labour down the river, and the Nationalist a woman whose Party lost the Scottish independence referendum by a thumping majority and has been told many times that Brussels is not interested in Scotland as an independent EU member.

Whitehall’s technocrats still have their man Sir Mark Sedwill in place, a situation BoJo now bizarrely rationalises as “continuity”. Sedwill has given the new PM “categorical assurances” that he will be fully supportive of Johnson’s aims – a promise about as valuable as the ones we got from Theresa May three years ago. Sedwill is a snake who heads up both the Civil & Security Services and the political Cabinet Office….a combo of absolute power dedicated to NATO, blocist neocon security paranoia and a federal Europe along the lines of Common Purpose. Either Boris has committed a cardinal error of judgement in allowing him to stay, or he too wants to stay in power come what may. Neither Truth is especially attractive to real Brexiteers.

Brussels federal Eunatics and Irish rentboy Leo Varadkar are joined at the hip in a surreal “we’re closed but we’re open” stance that belongs in a Dave Allen joke about Irish drinking hours. Both have been told that no Irish backstop plus Berlin-composed concerto of Withdrawal is ever going to be acceptable to a British Parliament, but both ignore this obvious reality. Why? Brussels knows that Brexit will be the beginning of the end of its nasty little chocolate empire of the Night, and Varadkar knows that a UK trading independently for its food imports would collapse the Irish farming sector.

Within hours yesterday, Varadkar confirmed that the Irish backstop was not open for discussion, and then restated his invitation for BoJo to go to Dublin for talks on the basis of “no pre-conditions”. The man is a frightened, duplicitous idiot.

UK Europhiles dependent on EU income/pensions or the support of globalists have in turn other plans in mind. The cynical sharing of bodily fluids among this disgusting ménage (which includes Dominic Grieve, Lord Heseltine, Lord Mandelson, Philip Hammond, Tony Blair and of late Jeremy Hunt) represent a veritable house of ill-repute unequalled in British history. They are committed to an unremittingly globalist world in general, and a Britain with legs ever-open to the demands of that world.

The Brexit Party and its leader Nigel Farage meanwhile prance about in a triumphalist manner on the (largely English) political stage, blissfully ignorant of what it takes to win seats under the First Past the Post electoral system, rebuffing any and all offers of cooperation….effectively the vehicle for Farage’s engorged ego. He has reduced the likely support from Labour, persistently refused to come out in favour of Waspi/2020 state pensioners, alienated the MSM still further, and shown on many occasions over the years (ranging from Murdoch to Banks) that he is quite happy for the pernicious influence of corporate money in politics to continue unmolested. Mr Farage is a financialiser and a City lifer: he claims to be egalitarian, but there is little or no evidence of that. He is many things – many of them good – but he has no plan for Britain beyond power for him.


That last observation above applies to all the players involved on the stage of this black comedy. I happen to believe that it applies least to Boris Johnson, but all things are relative. My faith in him was never that strong, but it is crumbling with every day.

My view is not being infuenced by the UK’s slavishly corporacratic media set, but one is bound to observe that they remain a U-Boat pack around Johnson’s food supply ship:


At times, the storm of negativity makes America’s anti-Trump media seem benign by comparison: the Queen will have to sack him? Gravest crisis since Charles I? He faces prosecution? It is relentless, misleading and in and of itself a symptom of the problem many Western countries face: there is an unholy alliance in place between the media and ideology.

In that alliance, there is no room for either Truth or The People

We the People are being led – directly and indirectly – by arse-watchers looking backwards. What we desperately need is grounded constitutional radicals looking ahead.

The Philosophy outlined on The Slog’s Home Page ends with these words:

‘Intolerant religious, sovereign, bloc, corporate and economic cultures close minds, close ranks, and open hostilities. Their first concern is to gain and retain power. Their last concern is the potential of the individual.

They pervert language in order to hide this, by the misappropriation of words like liberal, progressive, reformed, correct and settled. 

They are the irrational, immovable objects denying the unstoppable force of emotionally intelligent exploration’

I wrote them some seven years ago. I think they become a more obvious problem with every year.

Five weeks ago, I posted this piece  positing that Johnson and Farage were no more than a means to an end. One key paragraph opined:

‘Since last February I have stuck doggedly to the conclusion that only a general election dramatically changing the House of Commons’ make-up can give a new, more Brexit-determined administration the room it needs to make Brussels face reality.  Without it, I foresee only filibuster, foul play, fiddled rules and more Verhofstadt.’

The events of the last week have reaffirmed my belief in the urgent need for that. My problem is that, whereas the vassalist whores are quickly learning the lesson of tactics and alliances, those who believe in The People are all over the place. In that context, the electorate faces a choice: vote from inside the stockade, or vote for a future in which we don’t need a stockade.

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