At the End of the Day





“In the kingdom of the blind,” the old saying has it, “the one-eyed man is King”.

Who is the monarch in the kingdom of the insane?

Using the blindness analogy, one could conclude that the Emperor would be the sufferer from reactive anxious depression….that is to say, the citizen who grasps just how bad things really are. But these are not – in the tradition of  rule by Divine Right – the requirements for cultural stability…..especially if ample supplies of an SSRNI drug are not available. George III (poor man) informs us re that dilemma.

Maybe ‘insane’ is far too general (and extreme) a term….and something of a dustbin diagnosis anyway.

So how about somewhere called the kingdom of the deaf who have blind noses? As in, that unimaginable place where people can smell wretch-inducing shit, but lack the ability to either identify the source of the stink, or listen to what others have to say about it.

It would be a place where a huge proportion of the innocent People felt alone, alienated, incapable, uncertain and disenfranchised. But one where the guilty ideologues were in their element: that is to say, they could use mass media sign language to persuade the tramline thinkers that not only is shit really sugar, everyone else agrees with that analysis.

The Kingdom I’m describing is the less than United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Discuss.


Now here is a very funny thing. The media – much of it neoliberal in domestic policy and neocon in its foreign coverage – has reached Warp Factor 9 in its desire to suggest that the Prime Minister was once shagging Jennifer Arcuri while he was London Mayor…and in that less than wholesome context, conferred favours upon her.

He probably did both. *Awaits letter from Fookwrytte, Tryle & Errah*

However, let us contrast and compare such prurient weaponry with the well-established case of Saint Jeremy of Hamas-sur-Irasaelington who, during his male menopause, shagged the well-known abacus of Diane…and has ever since been rewarding her with high Shadow offices of State for which she is quite clearly unready.

I have yet to see signs of Ms Arcuri being touted as a future Minister of Home Office Commonwealth Development. Equally, I can find no record of Bojo inviting mates up to his boudoir, there to dramatically unveil the latest inter-racial fuck.

How very odd it is when misogynist hypocrite haut-bourgeois Leaver-Stayer Stalinist dissemblers are left alone, while equally unpleasant pseudo-aristo Casanovas are pilloried.

How should we describe this syndrome? Would a suitable term be IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And that’s Official? Discuss.


Adrian Hill has posted this at the very fine website Conservative Woman:

‘I meet and deal with Germans every day including their diplomats. They’re very cocky, already think they’ve won, that they can advance further and further, sweep aside all resistance in Britain, force us to stay in the EU whether we like it or not. They are the economic sun, we’re just a big planet. Sooner rather than later we’ll see sense, that escape is impossible – real gravity economics is highly political and has nothing to do with free trade.

What they’re actually doing is showing the ordinary British voters that if we think our version of representative democracy needs a bomb under it and radical replacement, the version in Europe is for the bin. Our judges of the Supreme Court have revealed themselves as the kind of well-meaning old folk who take for ever to get through the check-out at Waitrose: lovely people, harmless really, but without a grain of common sense and thus easily used by the unscrupulous.

Falaise Gap will close when the British voters react. Sales of anything German will sink like a stone. Lidl and Aldi may sell up. BMW may try to close down, and Boris should get ready to take over their car plants. He could hand them to some of our bright engineering students: Cambridge University has plenty of young people who could transform our car industry. For the first time since 1973 they will be able to develop their ideas free from German regulation or hobbling – ask Sir James Dyson how they tweak the rules in their own favour and have done since the single market was created.

The most urgent reason for leaving the EU is a looming disaster, the implosion of the euro. When it crashes all member states are liable for a bill. Ours will be about 200billion euros. With luck euros will be worth a penny each but let’s not rely on luck. Let’s go – now!

Boris needs to stand back and stop spouting things he has no intention of doing. Of course, he can ignore the Supreme Court and the Benn Act. They are politically motivated on behalf of a foreign power. The Supreme Court order was against the Bill of Rights of 1689, part of the foundation of our democratic monarchy. Do these people want to start a civil war? One can be forgiven for thinking so. But then none of them know what life is like at the sharp end.

Boris should apply for an extension – one hour.

Landlords, apply for a pub extension for starting our leaving party at midnight GMT on October 31.’

I think this a brilliant post. Discuss.