The Brussels squid slithers ever onwards


Do Britons really understand the full enormity of what’s at stake next weekend?



coup de disgrace from the EC today more predictable than the Guardian’s next illiberal pc headline: the Johnson proposals are far too complex to be finalised in time for the EU Summit this week….if the UK is sincere in its desire for a deal, an extension of at least two months will be required to complete an agreement.

Just fancy that.

Johnson beached, Brexit bleached, palms greased by the EU in the next phase of They Shall Not Leave.

For there will be a General Election in Britain. There is a growing mood for a Second Referendum. The Illiberal Demagogue’s Party will back this…and respect the result, assuming it goes their way.

I wonder if any reasonably well-informed Brit thinks the Johnson-Cummings-Symonds Troika didn’t see this coming: that is, dumping a not-even-in-principle-Deal on Team Boris to force him into the humiliation of a Parliamentary mauling – and a grovelling request to extend UK membership of the EU into 2020.

One has to hope they did. I think they probably did. And thus – as outlined in a recent Slogpost – there could still be surprises when Super Saturday Sitting Solids hit variously-directed fans this coming weekend.

It seems that some Cabinet Ministers admit a BoJo capitulation is now inevitable. Are they in the loop? Is there a loop?

We don’t know. But we do care, because this ridiculous nonsense has been going on for forty months. Whatever lies the Führerin dishes out, German business is irate, the French economy is in dire straits, Italy is a basket case and the euro’s next eighteeen months will make or break it.

We are now – all of us, be it in Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Moscow, Beijing or London – directly affected by this massive distraction from infinitely more important stuff: issues of huge ecological, cultural, social, fiscal and economic concern as neoliberal capitalism robs the consumer, pensioner, disabled person and underpaid employee blind.

In last night’s piece here, I tried to expand on the subject of why almost every personal citizen issue is today is directly connected to policy decisions by the self-appointed élites. The example I chose (applying for a replacement passport) has become far more expensive, far more of a hassle and a hugely frustrating process…as indeed has the entire process of flying. The Civil Aviation Authority has introduced strict anti-terrorist rules. They did so because Islamists bomb planes.

Islamists bomb planes because they can, and because they are appeased by Western governments. US and EU foreign policy on Middle East energy has ensured easy recruits for Jihadism. That means oil and petrol. But better policies imposed on global business would have taken us past fossil fuel energy use decades ago. Geopolitical interest in the Middle East would be homoaeopathic if business and travel wasn’t still oil dependent.

Tens of millions of Westerners took winter sun holidays in North Africa thirty years ago – adding massively to the wealth of the region. Today they visit other destinations free from atrocity. The whole situation – affecting a planet of 8 billion people – has been created and exacerbated by the actions of probably no more than 20,000 people working in oil, defence industries, the secret services, politics and the hypocritical bankrolling of Jihadism.

The Brexit issue – to my mind, one of self-determination and opposition to Big Process totalitarian dictatorship – is what it is (in two words, a mess) because of even fewer engorged egos with insane ideas about 21st century empires, one currency for 27 hugely differing economies, making life even easier for multinational business, and making life difficult for any small concern pursuing genuinely job-creating capitalism. (See the excellent comment thread at the piece linked to above).

You may think daily frustrations, crossing borders and taking holidays to be not that important; but every one of us needs to sit down and think about how a tiny proportion of feather-bedded power junkies degrade our lives.

We get no interest on savings because of banker greed subsidised by the State. We have less money for welfare and the NHS because fiscal injustice is the only way governments can bribe voters. We have colossal tax evasion by the corporate sector because politicians need their money more than they need our votes. Every year we pay more and more money to get less and less in the way of services. Female State pensions are embezzled to impress the markets with political skills in monetarist management.

And now, no real preparations are being made for life without the EU (and living with a major econo-financial crash) because some 380 MPs refuse to obey the People’s will as stated in June 2016.

There is no random accident or unfortunate coincidence driving this trend. And until we achieve genuine independence from blocist alliances forged by paranoid maniacs, the interference in our lives will get more intolerable every year.

As I keep on writing, this coming Saturday is about so much more than Brexit.