GETTING REAL: Bloodlust, sexual gore, selfish pride and the shallow psychologist


No, it isn’t me


We open proceedings with the 3rd movement from Grieg’s Concerto for Chainsaw & Machete, Opus N° 138 in the key of blood, ‘Sadistica’….


Geordie Grieg’s Daily Mail has taken Paul Dacre’s socially bitter bigotry and added a dimension of psycho-sexual murderama that is breathtaking in its overt willingness to destroy civilisation in return for munneee.

Between large tits and minute thongs on the one hand – and Rippers dismembering their owners on the other – there is room only for a stream of mendacious fear designed to make readers convinced that Brexit could well cause them to become victims of deranged bloodlust……committed by those understandably sent mad by denial of a Second Referendum. There is thus no room in the Daily Grisly for pieces about things like helping others, or working in the ecumenical sector: unless, of course, such saints have been discovered in pieces hidden in trunks, car boots and lavatories.

The best counsel I can offer about Geordie the Gore is this: if you’re ever motoring around at leisure and in search of lodgings for the evening, and you see a sign saying ‘Grieg Motel’, drive past in the certainty that you have had a lucky escape….and maybe you didn’t need a shower that much anyway.


Talking of needing a shower, trending on Twitter tonight is #imLGBTQandproud. 

I strongly recommend you to go there before it disappears up several orifices depending on which one is favoured by the persons Presenting As They – or whatever, perm any any three from eleven – this week.

Let me explain why I find the people there sad, repulsive, unsettling and lacking in some key basic cornerstones of socialisation.

Whatever ‘phobe’ troll visitors to The Slog may wish to attach to me, sorry – you’re not paying attention: I don’t have anything against their sexuality. This is what I have against them:

  1. A self-obsession with boundaries out in deep space way beyond narcissism
  2. A dearth of engaging ways to express themselves
  3. A complete absence of love in their being

1 and 2 are nothing new. 3 is the one that really worries me. And based on my own current and past gay friends, I’d be willing to bet most of them would reject it as well.

The recurring – in fact, incessant – feature of these Twitter trendsetters is sensationalism. I don’t mean that in the sociopathic sense of Mammon’s media (see above): I mean the search for intensity of self-pleasure. To be coarse, the pursuit of sexual partners whose sole interest for the seeker is that of being a useful wank-puppet.

Six days ago, I posted here at the last ‘Getting Real’ column on the rise of one Nadia Bokody, who labels herself a “sex influencer”……viz: a sort of trend-spotting opinion leader when it comes to all things involving the exhange of bodily fluids. Ms Bokody highlighted the bright future for what she calls ‘self love’, and what I call narcissism in the sense of heavy mirror usage, and wanking in the sexual arena.

A lot of blokes I once knew, it seemed to me at the time, saw sex with their wives and partners as masturbation with another. The folks at #imLGBTQandproud  tonight are very obviously into sex with themselves.

I look at their woeful efforts, and mutter to myself “WhatTF have these adult children got to be proud about?”

Just before we leave this wearisome subject, let me if I may bring in the coming general election. Two Parties at Westminster – Labour and the LibDems – put the LGBT community full centre stage under chrome-yellow spotlight as a vital social subject for voters to consider. Neither of them are remotely interested in 3.64 million traditional women cheated out of their promised State pensions: nor indeed is the Party in power, whose leader wrote the Waspi/Backto60 SPA “reform” victims a letter saying it was a closed subject.

That paragraph tells you what’s wrong with our political values. The Twitter trend #imLGBTQandproud tells you what’s horribly wrong with our culturo-sexual values.


A lady with whom I had a mercilessly brief friendship told me (three days after we met) “You never talk or write about anything other than Brexit politics….what will you write about when Brexit is over?”

There were and are three answers to her observations:

  1. I don’t write about Brexit politics, I write about human social civilisation. The first just happens to be the main obsession at the moment
  2. If those opposed to Brexit get their way, Brexit will never happen, let alone be over.
  3. The fact that 2 is a certainty means that democracy and liberty are under threat as never before.

She did not reject those last two existential states as matters of importance, for that would be to appear both selfish and braindead. Rather (she affirmed) her life strategy was to keep her head down, and sail gracefully through it all.

See Germany 1933-45 for further information.

Definition of a psychotherapist: Someone whose cash flow depends on patients not getting better.

Enjoy the rest of the week.