ANALYSIS: Why the cult of Certainty is demographically divisive


We live in an age that confuses certainty with unity. The disunity that inevitably follows plays into the hands of the Unelected State.




There is something about 21st century Man that requires certainty as never before. It drives many EU Remainers, unites globalist neoliberals, enables ageing Communists to defend the indefensible, helps the Left sexuality spectrum to refute biological fact, and persuades both conservative and liberal activists that all will be well with the odd tweak here and there.

Many people might regard the following visual as in appallingly bad taste. I prefer to think of it as a kick up the backside of fluffies everywhere:


I ask a simple question here: do we think – I mean, really think – that necronarcissism on this scale is of any socio-political importance?

The very act of exhibitionists wishing to award themselves some sort of special identity is intrinsically divisive. And yet, those in favour of such ridiculous self indulgence remain dedicated to the idea of accusing their opponents of the same intent:

Swinsonshit.PNG I agree with Ms Swinson that Tommy Robinson’s tone and manner are not conducive to a society at ease with itself. But while he isn’t my cup of tea, he is calling out the dubious nature of multiculturalism: he tells it as he sees it, and his view on the issue is shared by millions of Britons too cowed by politically correct blind eyes to speak out.

The LibDem leader talks of poisoning our communities. Does she stop for a moment to think about just how culturally poisonous male Muslim vice gangs are? And yes, I use the descriptor ‘male Muslim’ because the perpetrators tried and convicted over the last eight years are massively congruent with that group term.

Finally, the playground logic of Robinson backing Johnson does not say anything about the nature of the Tory Party. For all I know, Marine Le Pen is an enthusiastic backer of BoJo’s Tory Party: but they have done nothing to encourage either her or Tommy Robinson. I abhor many of the values of contemporary Toryism, but Swinson is engaging in brainless smear tactics on this one.


I’m afraid I must return to a familiar theme – viz, the carcinogenic nature of ideology.

Ideology demands certainty and obedience.

It attracts the fearful mentality in favour of No Change: the Chicken Lickens who insist that the sky will fall in if we admit that the Earth is a sphere, it goes round the sun, the EU is an anthropological nonsense, forced equality is the enemy of fulfilment, and the theory of any kind of cultural diversity bonus beyond genetics is totally unsupported hogwash.

To believe in the unbelievable is divisive, and conducive to violence. Whether the agent of it is the Spanish Inquisition, Nazism, Marxism, Jihadism or neoliberal monetarism, those who are on the receiving end of such fantasies and/or can interrogate the illogic ruthlessly will always represent an opposition whose frustration simmers beneath the surface.

One Certainty Group in a given society can be controlled. Two such groups inevitably disenfranchise the decent and reasonable citizens. Four groups can only lead to anarchy. The UK today contains eight: Race ID, Sexuality ID, Nationality ID, radical Greens,  Feminists, Remainers, Neoliberals and Communists. That is far too divisive to deliver any form of social stability.

All of them have activists or fringe radicals demonising one demographic group or another in their relentless search for devotees – baby boomers, capitalists, men, traditionalists, Leavers, whites, the wealthy, ‘homophobes’, ‘Little Englanders’,  ‘hate speakers’ and a dozen other invented but clearly Orwellian terms.

I wonder if anyone can put their hand up and argue cogently that the following people have any interest at all in a contented, tolerant entity called Britain: David Lammy, Owen Jones, Jo Swinson, Dominic Grieve, Jess Phillips, John McDonnell, Ian Blackford, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Hillary Benn, Yvette Cooper, Amber Rudd, Harriet Harman, John Bercow, Diane Abbott, George Osborne, Nicola Sturgeon, Alastair Campbell and Gina Miller.

If that list reads like a Who’s Who of the politico-pressure group class over the last decade, it’s because that is precisely what it is.


And yet, overseeing all these needy demagogues united by their certainty of rectitude and demands for privilege is the real power in the Land: the Unelected State, rubbing its hands with glee.

The central bankers, the secret policemen, the media moguls, the multinational giants, the Bilderbergers, the Judiciary, the blocist bureaucrats….the 3%, whose only commonality is unqualified disdain for the citizenry.

In 2019, they operate at will, no longer even bothering to cover their tracks. It’s why I find the term Deep State both melodramatic and inaccurate. These people are operating in open ground: they are about as ‘deep’ or hidden as the proverbial elephant in the room.

They kill the Epsteins, the NATO whistleblowers, the unlucky Ambassadors, the rogue civil servants, the information rebels and the honest cops. They create enemies with money, blackmail every leader with a foible, infiltrate every mainstream medium, feed fake security dangers to impeachers, and supply every collaborator with all the lies and untraceable slush funds they need.

The Unelected State loves ideology. It identifies with it, and uses it casually to persuade every unwitting recruit that it is perfectly logical – indeed, radically ethical – to kill another human being in order to achieve the end objective of universal World Peace.

Just observe the syntax of totalitarian régimes over the last century: proletarian power, work makes free, People’s Republic, Democratic Socialist Republic, peace loving peoples….all of it dressed in acceptable Hooray terms to disguise the Boo life given to the citizens unlucky enough to be living under the all-knowing tillers who Never Make Mistakes.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the United States rebrands itself as The Correctly Liberal Gender-Equal Federated Mandatory States of Libertarian America. Maybe one day soon, the European Union will morph one final time into the United Multicultural Supine People’s Republic of Free Europe.

But all they will be is blocs. Faceless, unyielding, arrogant corporocratic blocs – in which all creative, entrepreneurial, communal or contrarian thinking is condemned on the grounds of not being progressive.

Progressive as in destroying WOMD, creating an Arab Spring of democracy, learning to love an EU that has brought us peace, and ‘Free Trade’….this alleged bonus that has led only to frenetic mercantilism, international tensions, and the driving down of wages.

And what is the mangled term that has been invented to dismiss any nation that seeks nothing more than self sufficiency? Fortress economy.

Ideology demands certainty. Certainty creates social division. Social division hands power to the unelected and unelectable.

No wonder Lenin rejoiced in the extistence of a political class stuffed with “useful idiots”.